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Youtube man gets kicked by horse

My virgin foray onto the Internet happened at in the morning. This was back in the spring of '96 -- I was returning home from a night out drinking during which a college friend had casually mentioned exchanging e-mails with another of our friends at work. Wait, e-mails? What the hell are those? You guys can communicate through text instantaneously?

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My virgin foray onto the Internet happened at in the morning. This was back in the spring of '96 -- I was returning home from a night out drinking during which a college friend had casually mentioned exchanging e-mails with another of our friends at work.

Wait, e-mails? What the hell are those? You guys can communicate through text instantaneously? Hearing the whole thing explained, I almost felt like the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. I remember stumbling back to my house, stopping at the Store 24 for some pretzels, grabbing one of those stupid "Free AOL trial!

My life would never be the same. And if there was a video clip of the entire sequence, I would love to stick it on YouTube and show you. Wire Image There's crazy. There's insane. Then there's every moment Roddy Piper was on TV. After a decade of watching the Internet change everyone's lives including mine , it never ceases to amaze me. The Internet gave me a job and a career. I pay my bills online, follow stocks, buy DVDs and books, argue about the Celtics with complete strangers on a message board, send streaming video of my kid back home to my parents, get almost all my sports information, keep in touch with dozens and dozens of family members, friends, acquaintances and co-workers every week.

There's always some new way to kill time. But YouTube ranks among the greatest Internet developments ever, right up there with iTunes, Napster, free porn and e-mails with "Vegas? For instance, last week I was watching a YouTube clip of Rowdy Roddy Piper smashing a coconut against Superfly Snuka's skull on YouTube and marveling at the magnitude of the moment: Not that it was a defining TV moment of my adolescence, but that I only needed to type in the words "Piper's Pit" on YouTube's search engine and the clip popped right up on my laptop.

YouTube brings past memories to life and gives you new ones. But I watched all of those clips in the span of two hours last week. You name it, it's probably on YouTube. Party poopers. So screw it Here are 33 of my favorite YouTube clips in no particular order :. For some reason, I hadn't seen the video in ages and forgot the lineup of singers other than Bono who has the headscratching, "Well, tonight thank God it's them, instead of you! In the video, that line works even better because it follows the duet with Simon LeBon and Sting, and suddenly there's a young Bono standing behind them and wearing Uncle Jessie's haircut from "Full House" Even stranger, Sting never gets his own line -- he's just singing background for everyone else, which was insane because he was the biggest star there.

Here's what kills me about this video other than George Michael's haircut : Not only does Paul Young bat leadoff, they go back to him for another solo in the middle! Paul Young! They had the lead singer of the hottest band at the time Duran Duran's LeBon , the best singer of the entire decade Sting and a budding superstar Bono I was trying to think of a sports equivalent of this -- like John Starks getting named to the '92 Dream Team, then starting over MJ and Drexler -- but it's impossible.

It's too ludicrous. I watched this clip 10 times in two weeks and still couldn't figure it out. And you wonder what I do all day. And while we're here, the "We Are The World" video is equally fantastic, although every joke has been made at this point. Just know that Dan Aykroyd cracking the chorus group gets 3 percent funnier each year. Boom Goes the Dynamite I know, I know But we can't leave him off -- that would be like counting down the greatest announcing calls of all time and leaving off "do you believe in miracles?

Lex Luger vs. So he ended up falling out of the mainstream loop. Yes, it happens all the time in wrestling You need to watch this one a few times to fully appreciate it.

I'm convinced that half of the 25, funniest things that ever happened were somehow related to pro wrestling. Maybe that was for the best. Until it goes back up, we'll have to replace it with Van Halen's original "Jump" video that has aged so nicely -- most notably, Eddie's uncomfortable, possibly chemically altered grin and the over-the-top antics of bass player Michael Anthony, who rates right ahead of Jack Haley and right behind the guy who plays Turtle in "Entourage" on the I'm-Just-Happy-To-Be-Here-Getting-A-Paycheck Scale.

Can't you picture him sitting in a trailer right now and trying to convince some year-old girl that he used to be in Van Halen? Isn't it weird that the Reign Man's legacy became the drug problem and the "seven kids by six women" thing while Bo's legacy became Tecmo Bowl? Was there anyone even remotely like either of these guys? No way. You're wrong. He's dead-serious. Just look at the I'm-so-pleased-with-myself smile at the end, or the fact that the crowd wasn't laughing at any point.

My favorite part happens when the third Shatner comes in -- Wacky Shatner -- because that's the one part with "intentional comedy," only there's unintentional comedy in the intentional comedy.

It's like he took the whole concept to another level. I just don't think this will ever be topped. Even with "Trapped in the Closet," I still feel like R. Kelly is super-secretly in on the joke somehow. By the way, the cartoon "Family Guy" did a takeoff on the Shatner performance a few years ago -- apparently, some of the show's fans had no idea why it happened until they saw the Shatner clip on YouTube.

Thought that was interesting. Everyone keeps telling me that I would love "Family Guy. I don't know anyone who wouldn't watch a steady stream of basebrawls for 60 solid minutes. Would wild horses be able to pull you from the TV? I didn't think so. Second, as much as I loved the Ryan-Ventura fight, I can't believe Roseboro-Marichal didn't get the top spot because that's the only recorded instance of a batter repeatedly creaming a catcher over the head with a baseball bat during a game.

That will never be topped, at least until Tampa Bay finally calls up Elijah Dukes. Third, Izzy Alcantara's kick of the catcher gets better every time; he shouldn't have been suspended, he should have been canonized. And then this happened. Len Bias Highlights Heartfelt segment on the Lenny Bias Era, including highlights of the famous UNC game when he made the jumper, stole the inbounds pass and reverse-dunked in one felt swoop. And yes, the year anniversary is coming up.

More Great Clips! Here are his five favorite findings from the past few months:. It's Hard Out There For A Mascot So there's just some guys, driving around, looking for something to eat, when out of nowhere, the Atlanta Hawks mascot drives by on a miniature motorcycle. And -- wouldn't you know it?

If you look quick, you'll even see Kenny Lofton. The Baseball Flop An Arkansas college baseball player, desperately trying to get on base, reels as if hit by an inside pitch, even though it missed him by about two feet. His Brando-esque performance convinces no one, but he still pleads his case to the point that the ump, mercifully, ejects him.

The best part is the announcer, still using his normal broadcasting voice. The amount of work that went into this is just another example of why the Internet is so terrifying. Now our culture has become sophisticated enough that you rarely see anyone walk into a comedy bear trap anymore, although there are always delightful exceptions like R. Kelly or Tom Cruise, to name two.

For wrestling purposes, everything peaked with "Fuji Vice," in which the Magnificent Muraco playing up his Hawaiian heritage and Mr.

The beauty of "Fuji Vice," and the reason why it brought so much joy to the wrestling community for the next two decades, was that Fuji and Muraco were dead serious in this thing. They're trying to act. Muraco even looks like someone promised him, "Hey, if this idea takes off, we might be able to turn it into a real show. That led to two decades of friendship and us re-enacting the handshakes between Macho Man Savage and Hulk Hogan every time we see one another.

I wish I was kidding. Which reminds me Two great things about this one: First, it still holds up -- even now -- and "Vice" is about as dated as it gets. Second, up until that point, there had never been anything on TV even remotely resembling that scene. Remember, this was the same era when A they were still freezing people's faces mid-laugh during the opening credits of any sitcom; and B nobody realized that you could use music to accentuate dramatic TV scenes. So this was like watching Bill Russell block someone's running hook shot in the mid-'50s for the first time.

And just like MJ, he keeps coming back. Yes, you need to watch it. Yes, your life will never be the same. Sadly, his National Anthem performance isn't on YouTube -- at least not yet. But this will suffice. It's almost as horrifying as You've seen him play goalie in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Too bad this couldn't have happened as Steven Seagal was running on a treadmill in the background.

Video shows woman slapping Kingston, Ont. police horse

These furry creatures already get enough attention without an official day period of dedication. You will not catch me cooing every time a furry four-legged beast comes my way. Cue the inevitable cries of shock, disgust, and terror. Supposedly, humanity rests in pet adoration.

After the launch of the first episode on his birthday, the upcoming series will be posted on the video-sharing platform every Thursday and Monday for four weeks, making it the first release from the band since completing their mandatory military term. P fulfilled their military duties earlier last year. He was set to make a highly anticipated appearance with the other three Big Bang members on stage at Coachella but was inevitably postponed due to the COVID pandemic.

If it goes well, you get to watch somebody experience the fleeting but hearty joy that only a particularly good YouTube video can offer. Ben Sinclair decided to have that experience over and over this summer, emailing his friends asking for YouTube video recommendations as research for a forthcoming episode of his HBO show, High Maintenance. The result is a crowdsourced Google spreadsheet of nearly videos. Sinclair also talked about the snap-judging that happens when you ask everybody you know, effectively, to reveal their true sense of humor.

Video shows woman slapping Kingston, Ont. police horse

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage is left red-faced after being pranked by a mischievous called on LBC who said he supported Brexit because he was 'kicked in the head by the horse'. Police examine scene where China's ambassador to Israel found dead. Motorcycle day trippers descend on Norfolk coastal town of Hunstanton. At least two dead after early morning Super 8 motel shooting. Visitor numbers to Southend-on-Sea small amid coronavirus lockdown. Firefighters rescue paraglider who broke both legs in Berkshire. Gove contradicts himself after 'guaranteeing' teachers will be safe. MasterChef judges address Ben Ungermann's disappearance from show. Erin Barnett begs for advice weighing herself three times a day. Megan Blake Irwin sparks engagement rumours by debuting ring.

Love Island’s Luke T and Siannise tricked into promoting fake beauty product by YouTube prankster

Bad roblox raps. Bacon raps gold on my wrist. But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength ou and get that motivation to not give up And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse. See also: JustSomeLyrics 58 My grandma raps better than me.

He's spent years roasting the Love Islanders online before befriending them through Instagram and Twitter to gain their trust.

Published: May 12, On April 15, a man boarded a bus at Main and East Hastings streets in Vancouver, followed a short time later by two Asian women wearing protective masks. The man then began arguing with and threatening the woman who intervened, before kicking her in the leg. Transit Police have released smartphone footage that was filmed of the man, in hopes that the public can help identify him.

K-Pop Corner: Taeyang to release documentary on YouTube

Not even seconds later, the horse reacts by kicking him in the groin -- and down he goes. These types of interactions can happen in an instant," said Liz Davis, chief of interpretation and education with Assateague Island National Seashore. Outrage over viral video: 4th teen arrested in beating of girl with disabilities.

The fight, which led to one man being kicked in the head, spread from the bar onto the concourse. Police examine scene where China's ambassador to Israel found dead. Motorcycle day trippers descend on Norfolk coastal town of Hunstanton. At least two dead after early morning Super 8 motel shooting. Visitor numbers to Southend-on-Sea small amid coronavirus lockdown.

Christopher Reeve

On May 27, , Reeve was left quadriplegic after being thrown from a horse during an equestrian competition in Culpeper, Virginia. He used a wheelchair and needed a portable ventilator to breathe for the rest of his life. He lobbied on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries and for human embryonic stem cell research , founding the Christopher Reeve Foundation and co-founding the Reeve-Irvine Research Center. Reeve was mainly of English ancestry, with many family lines that had been in America since the early 17th century. Reeve's father was a Princeton University graduate studying for a master's degree in Russian at Columbia University before Christopher's birth. Despite being born wealthy, Franklin Reeve spent summers working at the docks with longshoremen. Reeve's mother had been a student at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie , but transferred to Barnard College to be closer to Franklin, whom she had met through a family connection.

comedy funny home video hilarious entertaining funniest movie extras blooper funny blooper funny acident Apr 16, - Uploaded by Swaminarayan Bhagwan.

Not even seconds later, the horse reacts by kicking him in the groin—and down he goes. These types of interactions can happen in an instant," said Liz Davis, chief of interpretation and education with Assateague Island National Seashore. Officials could not determine whether the incident captured on video happened on the part of the island owned by the state or federal government. More: Chincoteague ponies: A year of heartbreak and hope since last Pony Swim.

Video: Man gets kicked in the head at fight at Goodwood races

So much of life is about being in the right place at the right time. Though this sometimes means being in the right situation for personal gain, it can also mean having an opportunity to help someone else. That was the case in the video below when a good samaritan was able to perform a delicate animal rescue. A man was walking one day when he came upon a wooden bridge.

Video: Nigel Farage is pranked by a mischievous caller on LBC

Цифровая крепость оказалась фарсом, наживкой для Агентства национальной безопасности. Когда Стратмор предпринимал какой-либо шаг, Танкадо стоял за сценой, дергая за веревочки. - Я обошел программу Сквозь строй, - простонал коммандер.

Технология развивается в геометрической профессии, и рано или поздно алгоритмы, которыми пользуется общество, перестанут быть надежными. Понадобятся лучшие алгоритмы, чтобы противостоять компьютерам завтрашнего дня.

Наклонился и осмотрел пальцы левой руки. Лейтенант следил за его взглядом. - Ужасное уродство, правда. Но не искалеченная рука привлекла внимание Беккера. Он увидел кое-что другое.

Кроме того, он был фанатом всевозможных прибамбасов, и его автомобиль стал своего рода витриной: он установил в нем компьютерную систему глобального позиционирования, замки, приводящиеся в действие голосом, пятиконечный подавитель радаров и сотовый телефонфакс, благодаря которому всегда мог принимать сообщения на автоответчик. На номерном знаке авто была надпись МЕГАБАЙТ в обрамлении сиреневой неоновой трубки. Ранняя юность Грега Хейла не была омрачена криминальными историями, поскольку он провел ее в Корпусе морской пехоты США, где и познакомился с компьютером. Он стал лучшим программистом корпуса, и перед ним замаячила перспектива отличной военной карьеры. Но за два дня до окончания третьего боевого дежурства в его будущем произошел резкий зигзаг. В пьяной драке Хейл случайно убил сослуживца.

 Ключ находится в Испании, - еле слышно произнесла Сьюзан, и все повернулись к. Это были ее первые слова за очень долгое время. Сьюзан подняла голову. Глаза ее были затуманены.

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