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By the Is, Italian-American girls were in school, socializing and preparing for white-collar jobs that would not begin until they were eighteen. Drawing on a range of sources from censuses to high school yearbooks, Miriam Cohen examines shifting patterns in the family roles, work lives, and schooling of two generations of Italian-American women. Paying particular attention to the importance of these women's pragmatic daily choices, she documents how major social and political changes helped create new opportunities and constraints for the second generation. While financial need was a powerful factor in determining the behavior of the first generation women, Cohen shows, they and their daughters succeeded in adapting family survival strategies to new work patterns.

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The Well Woman workshop & series

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This is true whether we speak of human progress or human security. ASEAN has been the repository of our most ardent aspirations forged in deep commonalities of culture, identity, and ways of transformation. The meeting expressed support to the Mindanao peace process.

Speakers and presenters included peace practitioners from ASEAN, Norway, Australia and the UN, sharing their experiences and unique points of view as peace negotiators, mediators, facilitators, peace researchers and peace activists.

The resource persons all noted that signing the peace agreement is the relatively easy part, and what is difficult, and certainly more important, is the implementation of the signed deal. It also discussed the importance of women and level of involvement of countries, as well as the perspective of the armed groups and emphasized the value of having both men and women work for peace.

Resource persons also presented information on women combatants, reintegration packages, combatants in large numbers and how to deal with them and stressed that with ASEAN-IPR, the region should be able to engage more and learn how people can change for the better. It was reiterated that a peace process is not mathematical in the sense that you can play around with it, but it a recipe that definitely needs to have the right ingredients in order for it to prosper.

It is also important to consider the worst case scenarios when negotiating for the peace, and put into place contingency plans in order to maintain the peace process. As for the practices that allowed the peace process to move forward resource persons it is important to give the armed groups assurances that they will not be destroyed when they come into a peace agreement.

It was noted that at times, peace practitioners often talk about the technical aspects of the peace process, but do not address the psychological aspect, where the fears of the combatants are addressed, where the combatants are assured that their dignity will not be taken away from them as a result of the peace process, then they will sit and talk.

The peace process must include political and security arrangements for the combatants, where they are given an opportunity to participate in the political arena, through non-violent and democratic means. It is also important to disarm, rehabilitate and reintegrate the former combatants into society. This can be done through training courses where the participants can get a common sense that living in peace within society is the better alternative to being a combatant in the jungle outside of society.

It was also mentioned that one of the reasons why implementing the peace process is difficult is because the entry point of the peace agreements is based on exclusion since inclusiveness is needed in order to sustain the momentum of the peace process. The Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process also proposed that ASEAN-IPR come up with a resolution creating an ASEAN network of women in peace and negotiation work given that women practitioners in the region are few, there is so much that they can learn from one another, as well as give each other the strength to move forward.

While it was generally agreed that implementation of the peace agreement is the more difficult part, negotiating for the peace is likewise difficult. Peace negotiations need a certain level of confidentiality, which means that the public is not made aware of certain compromises made at the negotiating table. When the time for implementation of the agreement comes, then this is the only time these compromises are made clear, and the public sometimes does not agree with them.

However, it was underscored that these compromises are necessary in order to move the process forward. It was emphasized that inclusive peace building is composite, having many parties involved in peacemaking and that UNSCR is the rubric by which the participation of women in peace processes is assessed. It was noted that the Plan is not an end unto itself, but is meant to achieve something, which is to create internal and external checklists and accountability mechanisms for increasing womens participation.

But the development of a National Action Plan is a way for countries to keep themselves accountable to this target. Resource persons also shared that one good example of a female negotiator is Ms. In the UN Secretary Generals report for , the UN had led some 11 negotiating processes and that a woman was part of every negotiating team. However, it was underscored that the UN has a long way to go and that more can be done to further implement the provisions of UNSCR The workshop also noted that despite some progress, women still continue to be underrepresented in decision-making bodies involved in conflict prevention, resolution, protection, and peacebuilding.

The session also discussed the challenges of mainstreaming, especially when it comes to funding. Resource persons noted that there already is fatigue on the part of donors on gender issues, and that funding support generally goes to other issues which are more prestigious and has better and faster return for investment.

OPAPP also noted that in addition to donor-fatigue, there is also planning fatigue on the part of the implementers, pointing out that the Philippines has been trying to mainstream gender for many years and that there is no real understanding as to what mainstreaming really means.

She described the processes, mechanisms, and features of the Bangsamoro Peace Process that showed the empowerment and involvement of women. She also mentioned the efforts of the Government of the Philippines including the National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security that support these. A resource person from the Norwegian Special Envoy to the Philippine Peace Process with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines also shared best practices on Women, Peace, and Security and highlighted Norways work towards peace and reconciliation and enumerated the five principles that it works by: dialogue, long term perspective, ownership by the parties of the process, cross partnership, and inclusivity.

Workshop participants took note of the advice on how to involve women in Peace Processes such as recruitment, training, providing hands-on-experience, and appointing them to positions of influence. The possibility of involving women in Track 2 mechanisms was also raised, citing the examples of countries like Guatemala, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Syria.

She also cited the involvement of women in Track 1 activities in countries like Colombia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. In response to a question from the floor on the advantages and challenges of being a woman negotiator during the peace talks, Prof. Coronel-Ferrer responded that there were several strategies employed to be able to include gender elements in the Bangsamoro Basic Law, and that the negotiating team had to do it in different ways. As an example of a soft approach, Dr.

Coronel-Ferrer said that the women negotiators gave chocolates to the members of the other panel during Valentines Day, in order to get them to discuss the inclusion of meaningful participation of women in the political arena.

She said that there was a lot of pressure coming from all around in terms of negotiating for these provisions to be included in the peace agreement, but that they were able to move forward because they negotiated for these with the women directly. As for the advantage of being a woman negotiator, Prof. Coronel-Ferrer said that one advantage was that during the negotiations, the women were able to control their emotions when the emotional level at the discussions were going up.

She was quick to point out that the whole government panel worked as a team, and that both the men and the women contributed to the success of the negotiations. On the challenges, Prof.

Coronel-Ferrer said that they faced difficulties facing the recent setbacks to the peace process. She pointed out that the women negotiators had been demonized along with the peace process, but that the real challenge is communication and addressing biases and prejudices.

She said that there are a lot of things that have been misunderstood about the peace process. She said that as it is now election time in the Philippines and the negotiating team has a lot of work in terms of communication so that the biases and prejudices of the general public are not tweaked to suit certain political agendas.

Buensuceso advised the participants to actively get involved in translating these recommendations to actual implementation in view of the limited time and resources of the ASEAN-IPR which can then assist the project proponents by seeking funding and approval of the projects by relevant ASEAN bodies for implementation.

The participants also contributed additional recommendations as follows: Recognize the need to train the right women to be part of the peace processes; Encourage governments to take steps to appoint women in the peace process; Provide a roster of women negotiators specifically for Southeast Asia; Promote womens education through the universities, which could include training as peace process negotiators; Need to develop a knowledge hub in addition to capacity building; Explore the partnership the ASEAN-IPR and the UN on Women in Peace and Security; Amb.

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This is true whether we speak of human progress or human security. ASEAN has been the repository of our most ardent aspirations forged in deep commonalities of culture, identity, and ways of transformation.

We don't have a lot on the story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well mostly because it's not one of the "major" stories of the Bible that Rotation fans teach. That said, we've been collecting good ideas and invite you to add your own! John 4 4 Now he had to go through Samaria. It was about noon. Have children crumple newspapers and stuff into a large paper grocery bag.

4-Day Intensive Workshops

Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking cookies or similar technologies to understand your event preferences and provide you with a customized experience. By closing this banner or by continuing to use Eventbrite, you agree. For more information please review our cookie policy. She will explore the biblical story of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at Jacob's well in the gospel of John, Chapter 4. Karen Delcina Omosola of Exodus Family and Guidance Services will speak about their own triumphs over adversity and share valuable information regarding how our attendees can face and overcome their tests, trials and personal obstacles. Food will be served, catered by our sponsor, Pop's Down Home Grub. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map.

Samaritan Woman at the Well - Workshop Lessons and Ideas |

Gather the students. Welcome the students and introduce yourself. Have the students wear their nametags so that you can call them. The nametags are located in the tote box and the shepherds are responsible for handing them out. John Review the memory verse for this rotation using one of the tips in your folder.

This is a powerful declaration one woman came to believe after attending one of our Women at the Well 4-day Intensive Workshops!

Whether you are 18 or , married or single, acting out or shutting down, Women at the Well gives you the tools you need to find a healthy sexual and emotional balance once again. Those who have experienced any type of sexual, emotional, physical, mental, or verbal abuse in their childhood or adult years find this experience extremely freeing, as do those who have been betrayed or traumatized in any way. Individual counseling or coaching is incredibly valuable, but Shannon feels that group experiences provide an avenue for healing like nothing else. Expect laughter, tears, peace, joy, and freedom as sexual and emotional baggage from the past is unpacked, and hope for your future is cultivated.

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Corona Virus TeleHealth Services. Duken leads a peer to peer conversation circling around the impacts of opioid and alcohol use. Workshops are held throughout the year. Please email or call for more details.

Using an integrative approach the Well Woman Workshop inspires women to b. This is the perfect workshop for the women in your church, sorority or organization to work together to increase awareness on their areas of growth. These meaningful activities create an environment for self-coaching and collective healing. The activities we did led to connecting and sharing with one another in authentic ways, as well as getting better connected with self. I greatly enjoyed and would recommend to others. Engaging in the exercises.

Workshop on Strengthening Women’s Participation in Peace Process & Conflict Resolution

Шифр!. Сьюзан смотрела на эти буквы, и они расплывались перед ее слезящимися глазами. Под вертикальной панелью она заметила еще одну с пятью пустыми кнопками. Шифр из пяти букв, сказала она себе и сразу же поняла, каковы ее шансы его угадать: двадцать шесть в пятой степени, 11 881 376 вариантов. По одной секунде на вариант - получается девятнадцать недель… Когда она, задыхаясь от дыма, лежала на полу у дверцы лифта, ей вдруг вспомнились страстные слова коммандера: Я люблю тебя, Сьюзан.

There is obviously a stronger claim that women have over the house than over the not only urban women and plantation dwellers but peasant women as well - ‎Land tenure.

Поглощение огромных объемов информации сродни беспорядочным половым связям: какие меры предосторожности ни принимай, рано или поздно подхватишь какую-нибудь гадость. Чатрукьян просмотрел список и изумился еще. Все файлы прошли проверку, в них не было обнаружено ничего необычного, а это означало, что ТРАНСТЕКСТ безукоризненно чист.

Well Woman Workshop

Он задерживается. ГЛАВА 16 - Кольцо? - не веря своим ушам, переспросила Сьюзан.  - С руки Танкадо исчезло кольцо. - Да.

CAF-FIFA workshop lays foundations for new women’s football strategy in Africa

Если даже он выберется на улицу, у него нет оружия. Как он заставит Сьюзан пройти вместе с ним к автомобильной стоянке. Как он поведет машину, если они все же доберутся до. И тут в его памяти зазвучал голос одного из преподавателей Корпуса морской пехоты, подсказавший ему, что делать.

Но этого было достаточно.

Джабба сразу понял, что Сьюзан права. Энсей Танкадо сделал карьеру на простых числах. Простые числа - главные строительные блоки шифровальных алгоритмов, они обладали уникальной ценностью сами по. Эти числа отлично работают при создании шифров, потому что компьютеры не могут угадать их с помощью обычного числового дерева.

Women at the Well Intensive Workshops

Шифр, подумала. Кабинет постепенно утопал в дыму. Стало трудно дышать. Сьюзан бессильно прижалась к двери, за которой, всего в нескольких сантиметрах от нее, работала вентиляция, и упала, задыхаясь и судорожно хватая ртом воздух. Сьюзан закрыла глаза, но ее снова вывел из забытья голос Дэвида. Беги, Сьюзан.

Стратмор ответил ей тоном учителя, терпеливого и умеющего держать себя в руках: - Да, Сьюзан, ТРАНСТЕКСТ всегда найдет шифр, каким бы длинным он ни.  - Он выдержал длинную паузу.  - Если только… Сьюзан хотела что-то сказать, но поняла, что сейчас-то Стратмор и взорвет бомбу.

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