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Why guys need space after a fight

My boyfriend and I had a huge fight on Thursday night. As most of these things go, it started with something stupid at the end of an exhausting day. He kicked it off but I threw everything that annoys me at him. We were both in the wrong but I feel horrid for the things I said.

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What to Do When Your Man Pulls Away From You

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. So my boyfriend and I have been together for 1,5 years now. I come from a household where fighting and discussing is a sign of affection and an every day thing.

He sees any discussion as a personal attack and thinks fighting can only mean something bad. This of course makes for a lot of shitty fights. I have the need to talk it out, he has the need to shut me out.. Yesterday evening we had a fight that started after a discussion about what we would define as disliking someone or feeling neutral about someone. He was upset after the discussion because he said I was trying to impose my opinion on something that was subjective to him.

I said I only discuss because I respect his opinion and I want to explore our differences. This sadly just turned into more of a discussion. He obviously didn't like it, I kind of pushed him a bit to argue because I felt it was stupid that he can't have a simple discussion without being upset.

Then he said he was done, put on his headset and ignored me. I got more upset. Started crying a bit. He left the room. I went after him to tell him that I am sorry and it was stupid and let's just forget about it. At this point he didn't even want to acknowledge me.

He was looking at places to move out on his computer. This of course made me even more upset. And then we went to bed, woke up. I asked for a kiss and he gave me one, but other than that just tries to be alone. I just got a job I applied to. I told him cus I was very excited he said congratulations, with little enthusiasm. I asked if he was okay. He said yes. I asked if there is anything I can do, he said no. I asked do you just need time for yourself?

Now I know he doesn't sound like he hates me or anything, but I just can't deal with the fact that he is still ignoring me. Does it really take this long to cool off? In a bad spot with a friend lover I will always fight for the relationship. His way of communicating makes me feel like he is giving up on me and us. But maybe I just feel this way because this is what I would think if it were me who was ignoring him.

I just feel so lost because I don't understand his reactions. And I feel helpless because I can't do anything. Is the only thing I can do to wait? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Kingslayer Send a private message. You fight with someone every day as a sign of affection? Your BF is evaluating if whether or not he wants to be with someone who craves conflict, drama, and always feeling the need to nitpick and argue, and try to prove him wrong.

Who wants to deal with that on a regular basis? Because you care about him or the way he feels? Doubt it. I just think you like to bully. What you should do—give him his space. Edited on July 27, at UTC by the author. I have been so blind. You are so fucking right. I have been insisting to him for so long that fighting means affection, means caring about him. But it's complete bullshit. I only think this way because my parents are shitty people who either ignored me or bullied me, and I learned to prefer bullying because it was at least them caring at some fucked up level.

I sent him a long apology just laying completely flat and admitting all my wrongdoings. And how I sympathize with his wish for space after something like this.

I also told him that I would do everything I could to change. That I was a blind douchebag. I will also try to give him the space he needs and hopefully he will see my genuine effort and feelings towards him. Thank you so much for writing this. I really needed to hear it. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

It's already been said, but fighting is never a sign of affection you know that. On the other hand, couples do need to be able to discuss situations where they are in disagreement.

I must say that your last fight sounds ridiculous, and not a topic necessary for discussion. It sounds like you were pushy and argumentative. He shouldn't totally shut you out when you have a verbal disagreement. He needs to accept that.

If you continue in this relationship, you need to figure out how to discuss things while respecting each other and not falling into a fight. Of course, no one is perfect, but that should be your goal. If you really believe this, this is half your problem right there. From what you wrote it sounds like you just love to create drama over stupid things and he's finally had enough.

Why would any guy in his right mind want to be with you? I'll bet your Mom was exactly the same way. If your partner never wants to discuss about any differences or talk about things when there is an argument, that can be frustrating! I can only imagine how exhausted he must be, going thru this for so long. You need to see a therapist to help redefine what a healthy relationship is and how to fight fair Just let him be for now and do this for your own sake.

How is fighting a everyday thing a sign of affection? Why would you want to fight everyday? I cannot say I blame him for wanting to move out I would have already. I have an idea to fix this stop fighting all the time! I have been with my SO for almost 2 decades and we don't fight nor would I want to deal with that all the time HikerVeg Send a private message. You: fighting is a sign of affection Him: discussion is a personal attack.

You are both at such extremes. But fighting or "discussion" should not be a daily event. Who wants daily conflict and drama? He sounds tired of this dynamic. He may have been looking for a way out of the relationship cause he's just plain tired of it. And honestly you should consider letting this relationship go.

I know that will be very painful. But you have no long-term potential if you can't resolve your disagreements without them turning into huge dramatic events. Ask a New Question expand. Trending in Dating Anonymous Is he just telling me what I want to hear? Anonymous Why is it hard to find a boyfriend? Anonymous Alright, we haven't been hooking up so not just a hook up - he says he really likes me, plans cute picnic dates


Now, listen carefully: what you do after he asks you for space is super important. When guys get upset, they like to go into their shell to get some perspective on the issue at hand. If you spend tons of time with someone but you fight all the time, no one would call that a great relationship. But if your schedules conspire so that you can only spend a little time with each other, but that time is amazing — anyone can see that you have a great relationship. In this way, sometimes the best thing to do for a relationship is to spend less time together.

The anxiety of a man needing space. It can make you feel blinded by fear of the worst. Unfortunately and fortunately, this dizzy time of worry and stress is so important for the future of your relationship with this man.

I'm a small town woman from Rhode Island. My mission in life is to share knowledge and reach out to everyone of all races and sexes. After you argue, does your man go silent? Or when he is having a bad day, will he refuse to speak two words about what's bothering him? When this happens, many women immediately set off a relationship code red, locate a big red button that says "PANIC," and push it.

The One Perfect Thing to Say When a Man Says He Needs “Space”

Photo by Shutterstock. Why do men need space in relationships? Why do they get distant after sex or pull away when they are falling in love? Why do guys never know what they want? For women who date men, the male brain can sometimes seem like a total enigma. If you're having trouble understanding men in relationships, let's talk. There is no one way all men think in relationships.

Trying to stay sane – giving him space after a fight

Or hanging up the phone a little bit quicker than usual. Or emotionally open. So what should you do? Let him take the time he needs without you reaching out to him and re-inserting yourself into his life. Give him space to miss you.

It's completely normal — and healthy — for couples to argue. You're two separate people, and you're going to have different opinions sometimes.

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My boyfriend needs space after a fight, how do I deal with it? Is there anything I can do?

Even if you and your partner have come to an agreement, the arguing can really put a damper on things. It might take some time to restore the romance and affection. But if we all gave up after every fight, everyone would end up alone. When the dust has settled after a fight, your emotions might still be running high.

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12 Things You Should Never Do After a Fight With Your Partner

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Aug 2, - Learn what you should never do after after a fight with your partner so your relationship stays strong. If you need some space after a fight, that's completely fine, as long as you tell them. fighting with boyfriend / husband.

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Here’s Exactly What To Do When He Says He Needs Space

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How To Give Him Space So That He Misses You And Comes Back

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