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What to get your girlfriend on period

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Most women bleed every month. This you know. Knowing what to do when your girlfriend is on her period can feel like a shot in the dark. Our vaginas are bleeding and our emotions are on a roller coaster. We feel like laughing one minute and crying the next.

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9 Things To Do For Your Girl While On Her Period

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Email Address:. Your girl has PMS. What can you do to make her feel better? Check out these ideas to show her that you love and care about her. If you are in a relationship, PMS is not just her deal — it becomes yours too. And you want to do everything you can to make her feel better, and show her that you love and care about her.

But during those times, she may need, and will especially appreciate, your gestures of attention, appreciation and affection. So, what gifts can you get her? Perhaps they will add a few sparks to your own creativity! When she is cramping or feeling the PMS blues, oftentimes all she wants to do is lie in bed and watch her favorite movies or shows.

And every time I watch it, it reminds me of how sweet he is. Pretty clever on his part! Give her a little romance and a little laughter that will take her mind away from her worries and frustrations. Less is more.

Too much chocolate can worsen PMS symptoms, but a little can bring her pleasure and melt her heart. Heating pads work wonders when it comes to relieving cramps, stress, back and neck aches, and pains commonly associated with PMS. My favorite ones are those made of natural ingredients, such as rice or hemp, that are microwavable and come with soothing aromatherapy scents.

Massage is highly effective in relieving tension, relaxing the mind, and rejuvenating the body — things she needs most during PMS. Treat her to a massage if you can afford it.

The more affordable option is to buy her a Foot Spa Massager. In fact, orgasm has been the magic cure for PMS for centuries. So, one of the best gifts you can give your woman is a good orgasm , and of course all those sensual pleasures that prelude it.

As you see, creativity and budget are the only limits to what you can give her. The above are some of my ideas. What ideas do you have? Image source. Scented Candles. Sensual Massage Oil. Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager. Foot Spa Massager. Microwavable Animal Warmer. Prolonging Delay Spray for Men. Hi, This is Jing. I suffered and healed myself. I am proof you can too. My goal at Cycle Harmony is to make your healing journey easier.

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My Girlfriend Just Got Her Period. Now What?

It is difficult for men to understand what we women go through during our periods. But, there are a few little things that every man can do for his girl while she is going through this monthly pain and discomfort. Here are a few messages every girl wants to receive from her boyfriend when she is on her period!

When Aunt Flo comes to town, the initial instinct of even the most patient boyfriend may be to hide and wait for her to go away. Unfortunately, this may not always be the best course of action. For starters, your girl might actually need you around to keep her mind off the discomfort.

There is a reason though and that is her changing hormones and how they are affecting her brain and mood. On the first day of her period, levels of estrogen, progesterone and even testosterone are low which can lead to her feeling moody, confused and irritated about how she is thinking, feeling or behaving. She may also lose some self-esteem during this time of the month and feel unreasonably insecure about her body or appearance. Something that her boyfriend would normally be able to say to her, suddenly sets her off and she becomes angry at him.

6 ways to be an amazing boyfriend when your girl is on her period

If you have any ideas to add, please share below. Did you get anything from your mom or sister when you got your first period? Whether your girl is excited, happy, nervous or uncomfortable these ideas will reassure and support her. These items will help her navigate her whole cycle. These gifts will make her feel happy, beautiful, and confident about her body. These gift ideas are perfect for daughters, little sisters, nieces and best friends. We would start out with a special morning together at the house, lounging around and taking our time getting ready. We then went out to lunch to a fancy restaurant and proceeded to an afternoon of shopping to buy a new outfit for the new young woman. What I cherish most about the day I got my first period, though, was spending time with my mom and her talking about how this was a special time that should be celebrated. I wish my experience of getting my first period was like that!

How a Man Should Deal with a Woman on Her Period

We all know that sometimes maybe all the time , women get a little bit weird near their periods. In any case, the fact still remains that women may not act like themselves while on their periods. The real problem is navigating your relationship during this special time of the month, when your lovely girlfriend turns into, dare I say, a monster. Just don't. Just because women know they get a little crazy when Mother Nature's about to come knocking doesn't mean they're going to fess up to it when you ask.

Her uterus is starting a bar room brawl in her torso, and so she might be understandably grumpy for a few days. Period cramps, for most women, are generally the worst within the first day or two of their periods, and the following seven tips are mostly aimed at those first couple of days.

During the monthly flow, women have been known to have mood swings [This is not limited to just five days in a month though. Stay woke, guys. Or tampons or menstrual cups or whatever she uses. Know the size, the brand your girl likes.

10 Quick Ways to Make a Girl Feel Better on Her Period

Which should be a given. Never mind! Instead, 2.

Email Address:. Your girl has PMS. What can you do to make her feel better? Check out these ideas to show her that you love and care about her. If you are in a relationship, PMS is not just her deal — it becomes yours too.

20 Sweet Texts Every Girl On Her Period Wants From Her Guy!

Updated: March 29, Reader-Approved References. Women experience a range of symptoms during their periods: cramps, bloating, constipation, headaches, and mood swings. Watching someone close to you go through this can make you feel helpless, but there are some things you can do to make her feel better. Tackle some of her physical symptoms first by offering over-the-counter medications and fiber-rich foods. Then be there for her emotionally by being kind, supportive, and helpful around the house. Random Article. Home Random Terms of Use. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

Sep 16, - Ask Her What She Needs. Be patient! Don't blame her irritability on her period, but try to understand where she's coming from. Bring her the food she craves. Whether it's ice cream she's after or she's one of the rare women who crave a green juice, just go and get it. Be attentive. Give her a massage. Give her space.

We must admit that lots of arguments and issues may take place between a man and his woman due to her struggle and mood swings during her period. You may find your wife or girlfriend over sensitive while she's on her period, that's why you may have to be extra sweet and romantic with her. Pamper her with lots of hugs, kisses and also some sweet talk.

Girlfriend Has Her Period? Here’s How To Be Awesome

Each week Swoonie B will give her advice on anonymous topics submitted by readers. Want to Ask Swoonie B something related to dating and relationships? Fill out this form here — it's anonymous. Shortly after news came out that our favorite supermodel, Gigi Hadid, was pregnant with long-time boyfriend Zayn Malik, she retreated to her Instagram stories to make our favorite comfort food: pasta.

10 Best Gift Ideas for a Girl Getting Her First Period

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Gift Ideas for Women During PMS

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How to Deal With Your Girlfriend on Her Period

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