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What to get my artist girlfriend for christmas

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They are creative souls who enjoy a colorful life, usually. These gifts for artists will inspire you to find something to give that unique person in your life this year. Even if your friend is just a little bit artsy, these are great gift ideas ideas for artists, painters, crafters and those who love arts and crafts of all sort. This sketching wallet is easy for the traveling artist who enjoys having some supplies on hand. Most artists have their artistic mind going at all times, this wallet will allow them to sketch anywhere they go. Get it here.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Creative DIY Gift Ideas for Art Lovers - Christmas & Birthday Gifts Every Artist Will Appreciate!

Gifts for Artists

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Skip to main content Gifts for Artists. Currently unavailable. Soooo adorable. My artist sister adored these when she got them from me as a gift. I was very happy. See All Buying Options. In Stock. Beautifully made and a perfect "book" to use as a journal. I did not buy it for me but for a friend, who is planning on writing a children's book about her puppy.

She will be keeping the journal in her nightstand so that she can write as the spirit moves her. She was absolutely thrilled with the journal - it is beautifully constructed and perfect for any kind of journaling a person might want to do.

Thanks so much for creating such a lovely little "book! Add to cart. The children love this. I would recommend it. These are exactly what I was looking for! It is It is so handy for practicing brush strokessaves lots of paper.

Since it takes several minutes to disappear, it gives plenty of time to practice brush stokes and then replicate it on your paper. I am more of an art-supply geek than an actual artist, but I have been using individual Sakura Pigma pens for a couple of decades and was absolutely thrilled to come across this set.

The set comes with a strip of paper that has the item codes for each pen, and a little circle for you to fill in with the corresponding pen's marks. I did it right away so I could test each pen and try to decide which may favorites were. Turns out they're all my favorites. Art-journaling is pure joy with this beautiful set. I highly recommend it. Just editing to add a link to the photo I posted on Flickr that shows the swatches and the list of pens you get: [ Sackman Massachusetts.

Bright, vibrant colors on this and I love the saying. It's a gift so I didn't try it but it feels like its a good weight. Only 5 left in stock - order soon.

Lenmark Maple Grove, MN. I love this set of artist pens. The brush tip size of these pens is great for small spaces. I also like the box it came with to hold the pens. It makes choosing the colors easier. Looks exactly like the photo. For the price the material quality is very high. Pencil case. My artist daughter will love this!!!! Too cute for words.

It was bigger than I thought but I love it! It fits everything! I have colored pencils, two ended brush pens, my sketch pencils, gel pens, sharpie paint pens, sharpie markers. And it still has room left! Quality is fantastic and there is a pouch in the front that fit my gel pen refills. The kitty design is so cute and the color is great! I couldn't be happier!

Oh, and thanks for the little purple Dino that I found inside, I have it attached to another marker bag. Surprised by the quality for the price. I liked them so much I just ordered another set,. As a professional illustrator who's used leading brand tablets for 10 years, I was very impressed with Huion's H I would say the Huion H is practically the same.

The pressure sensitivity and surface texture are very nice; there's no noticeable lag; install was quick and easy I see no reason to spend more for a Wacom tablet when you can buy a Huion. Functionally, it works just as well. There are two small problems I've had with this tablet, so I've removed a star. I'm not sure what exactly I am not rating this product based on the quality of the paints or brushes.

I purchased it for my sister as a Christmas present and she loved it. It has everything that she might need to start painting. It includes a dozen 12ml paints in three varieties: watercolor, acrylic, and oil.

It has three brushes for each type of paint that means 9 total. It also includes 12 oil pastels, 12 watercolor pencils, and 12 chalk pastels. The variety of the colors is the same for each different type of paint. I like that it all comes in one case but each set is in its own compartment. I also liked the easel that is built into the case.

Its simple to put together. Once I figure out how to I will also include pictures so you know exactly what your getting. The only complaint I have about this There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Get free delivery with Amazon Prime.

33 Perfect Gifts For Artists Who Love To Paint & Draw

Tanner is a confirmed bachelor, happy with fleeting relationships, until one of those women ended up She's known for putting nuanced characters in emotional situations that surprise readers to laughter. Beloved by millions, her books have been translated into 28 languages. Susan lives in Washington with her husband, two cats, and a small poodle with delusions of grandeur. Visit her at SusanMallery.

This one is a useful yet cool little product to give to an artist. These paints are a way for your artist girlfriend to turn the whole household into her canvas.

RSS Feed. I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. As an artist myself, I can tell you that knowing people close to me support my decision to pursue art means everything , especially when one is just starting out. All this said, no matter how mysterious and complex people make us artists to be, we're honestly an easy bunch to buy presents for.

20 Creative Gifts for Artists That Are Inspiring and Useful

Noel Burun has synesthesia and hypermnesia: he sees words in vibrant explosions of colors and shapes, which collide and commingle to form a memory so bitingly perfect that he can remember everything, from the stories of The Arabian Nights to the color of his bib as a toddler. But for all his mnemonic abilities, he is confronted every day with a reality that is as sad as it is ironic: his beloved mother, Stella, is stricken with Alzheimer's disease, her memory slowly slipping into the quicksands of oblivion. The Memory Artists follows Noel, helped by a motley cast of friends, on his quest to find a cure for his mother's affliction. The results are at the same time darkly funny, quirkily inventive, and very moving. Alternating between third-person narratives and the diaries of Noel and Stella, Jeffrey Moore weaves a story filled with fantastic characters and a touch of suspense that gets at the very heart of what it means to remember and forget, and that is a testament to the uplifting power of family and friendship. I didn't like this book at all to begin with: words like 'glabrous' and 'pullulating' were used and it felt pretentious. But I'm glad I stuck with it, because it got a whole lot better once Noel's This is a quick and engaging book to read.

Gifts For Artists

The mind of an artist works a little differently from, say, your great uncle Ralph the plumber or cousin Liz the accountant with her collection of dog sweaters. Photoshop Toolbar Keychain. True power in the modern world lies with whoever can decipher the arcane symbols contained on this laser-engraved keychain. For those that harness the tools of PhotoShop can transform the fabric of digital reality itself.

Some of the best gifts for artists will appeal to their artistic and creative nature, or make their job a little more fun or comfortable.

Skip to main content Gifts for Artists. Currently unavailable. Soooo adorable.

Gifts For Artist Girlfriend | Useful, Funny & Cool Gifts For Her

Basically, you want to get something that makes it easier, or more pleasurable, for her to hone her craft like fresh art supplies, or great-looking storage items for her art studio. You could also choose a unique gift that feeds her hunger to master new techniques how about an online class with one of the most talented photographers in the world? Or maybe you just go for a fun gift that celebrates her love of color and texture, or that offers an unexpected solution for displaying her work in all its creative glory.

Want to send someone to art school without the financial commitment of actually sending them to art school? Either way, these gifts will encourage their creativity and celebrate their talent. This set contains everything the novice artists needs to start creating works of art. Pencils, pastels and watercolors are all here to help artistic vision flourish. And the slick case will keep everything neatly organized. Okay, that may be exaggerating, but it is pretty comprehensive…for a mug.

The Best Gifts for Artists, According to Artists

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Artists are known for having very good and particular taste, which usually requires a bit more thought than shopping for your L. Artist Daniele Frazier recommended a gift that she received last year and loved: Teflon-coated scissors. She suggests gifting this guidebook by illustrator Jordan Sondler, which contains advice for navigating loneliness, career, and self-love. Monkman also told us about this exhibition catalogue by Sasha Suda and Kirk Nickel, which would make a great gift for Rubens fans and those interested in the Old Masters.

This is the perfect gift for artists to help inspire them to draw on a daily basis. Get this here. This watercolor palette ornament can be hung up for christmas or on a.

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Gifts for Girlfriends

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