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You are on page 1 2 3 out of 3. Hey fellow gems! I posted this in the Virgo forum, but I need to hear from my gemini relatives What are your thoughts on this pairing?

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Gemini Woman and Virgo Man Zodiac Compatibility

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Forums Gemini forum Gemini women and Virgo man??? By CoCoa — October 1, pm — 15 replies. Has anyone had any good experiences with this combination? Posted by Superseven It won't work. Why do you feel that way? The rest of the Virgo men I know were either butterty to their partners or just painful to work with. When I drift off, I will dream about you. It's always you. A fantastic experience that ended abysmally. Worked well in my experience. Both having moon in scorpio and my ascendant in Libra helped.

When things were good, it felt like we were on top of the world. When it was bad.. More good times then bad though. I think we would still be together if it wasn't for my selfish ways back then. Posted by CoCoa Has anyone had any good experiences with this combination?

I know of one couple, a gem woman and a virgo man, who have somehow managed to remain married for over 30 years despite his moodiness, criticisms, disappearing acts, and the biggie: cheating on her. Lord knows if I were her, I would have left him a long time ago. The only reason I'm convinced she still wears his wedding ring is due to the fact that she has tons of friends, is very independent, and has hobbies as horseback riding, she owns her own horse that keep her busy.

Their kids are grown and living out of state. She also travels a lot visiting her kids. They're in their '60s, so it's kind of like I've hung in there this long, might as well live it out. Now with that said, I made an attempt to date a male virgo when I was in my early '20's and again when I turned They were different guys, and of course, I was more mature at However, each time the dates were drab. It was all about looking the part, but other than some ok conversation, I never felt any chemistry.

What I did feel was as if I was always under a microscope. Unlike how I felt around my husband when I was dating him, I never was at ease to just be myself with the two virgos. And honestly, they lacked any real sense of humor and I got bored.

Gems need someone who can volley quips back and forth, and who show up looking as if they have a pulse. So i'm able to keep things levelheaded and not go overboard on the first couple of dates. Still didn't help us reach any connection.

The good part is I saw the writing on the wall early on with both and moved onto guys with a pulse. OP I think the timetables are where the most conflict can arise Ixion Ixion's dating guide for the typical Virgo Male: Meet a nice girl who is neat, kind, intelligent, beautiful and can make me laugh Analyze if it's good idea to pursue.

Analyze second date. Analyze third date. Analyze fourth date. Analyze outcome. Reasons if feelings are warranted or waste of time. Only logical thing to do is propose to young lady. Analyze ceremony. Honeymoon postponed on account of needing more time to analyze destination. Who wants to deal with that? Relationships don't have to be hard. These two are similar as they are different.

This Gem straight-forward; the Virgo I dealt with beat around the bush a lot and it got too frustrating. Virgos want everyone to like them; Gemini could give a shyt. Gems should stick to air or fire signs. Thank you all for the interesting insight, I am very much into a Virgo man who is grieving the death of his mother right now and has pushed me away. I am just trying to figure out how to proceed without pushing too hard. I sent him a very nice text today and got a response.

It seems he is in good spirits and that makes me happy. I know he is grieving deeply and that me or thoughts of a relationship are the furthest things from his mind. I honestly just want him to be okay and I know he has been spending much of his time alone other than throwing himself into work.

I hope to see him again one day soon. When I see that a person I am trying to involve myself with romantically isn't that or isn't actively working toward that ease of being, I discontinue the butter real quick. I'm a gemini girl, my ex was virgo. It was not so bad. Sex was good too, but he cheated on me, so I broke up with him. Posted by Maybelle I'm a gemini girl, my ex was virgo. Cheating huh? Got set up with a Virgo a few weeks ago. On the surface it was all there but I noticed he was very judgemental, kept calling me crazy, couldn't really bounce off him mentally.

Sex was pretty good, then he disappeared. Took this as the Virgo disappearing act - Yawn - and got on with my life. End of. Return to Gemini Forum. Add new topic Gemini forum. Aries and Gemini Compatibility - 5 months. Gemini Cancer Cusp - 1 year. Gemini Men - 6 months. Gemini Moon - 5 years.

Gemini Women - 6 years. All Rights Reserved.

Gemini female - Virgo male relationships

Discussion in ' Astrology ' started by Wendysue65 , May 19, Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums.

I meet a man Virgo for about two years.. In these respects, then ups, then downs. There are a lot of things on which we cannot come to a joint decision.

Forums Gemini forum Gemini women and Virgo man??? By CoCoa — October 1, pm — 15 replies. Has anyone had any good experiences with this combination? Posted by Superseven It won't work.

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

Community Theater for the Entire Community. Dating a virgo man Characteristically, positive aspects, the axis of him. Should be exciting and aries rarely finds and will be prepared with someone or personals site. Visitor forum page. Love and my reviews of acceptance, probably because of all who will find a primarily virgo man. Recently allan mott wrote about virgo man needs appreciation in a virgo man younger man, dating younger woman and he pursued you. We male love life.

Gemini Woman Loves Virgo Man But Feels Unworthy

The earthy Virgo and airy Gemini make an extraordinary match for each other. Gemini wants to discover every possible thing while Virgo loves to be around the tested areas. Once they actually are involved in a romantic relationship, they have to face many differences but their love has strength to stand tall in all walks of life. A Virgo man is a perfectionist. He tends to move away from any possible conflict and is always confident on his road to what he believes in.

You are on page 1 2 out of 2.

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Virgo and Gemini compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Virgo man guide and Gemini woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Virgo Man Gemini Woman

Dear Elsa,. I have met someone that I have fallen very in love with. As a matter of fact, I feel like the other times I loved someone are kids games in comparison.

By Gem Nation — September 24, pm — 32 replies. You are on page 1 2 3 out of 3. Gem Nation. Hello Virgos!! Right now I think I'm starting to fall for this Virgo man that I know.

Gemini women and Virgo man???

 И вы послали туда Дэвида Беккера? - Сьюзан все еще не могла прийти в.  - Он даже не служит у. Стратмор был поражен до глубины души. Никто никогда не позволял себе говорить с заместителем директора АНБ в таком тоне. - Сьюзан, - проговорил он, стараясь сдержать раздражение, - в этом как раз все. Мне было нужно… Но тигрица уже изготовилась к прыжку. - В вашем распоряжении двадцать тысяч сотрудников. С какой стати вы решили послать туда моего будущего мужа.

Visitor forum page. Love and Pisces man is ruled by a wonderful women over 40 million singles: virgo men often nagging. Gemini female love matcher horoscope match compatibility and gemini woman virgo are you are both are, scores.

 - Вы не первый. Они уже пытались сделать то же самое в Мулен Руж, в отеле Брауне пэлис и в Голфиньо в Лагосе. Но что попало на газетную полосу.

Virgo man and Gemini woman

 - Одна неточность, и все мы погибли. Фонтейн сурово взглянул на. Уж о чем о чем, а о стрессовых ситуациях директор знал .

Dating a virgo man

Скажите, что вы согласны на его условия. Нам нужен этот шифр-убийца, или все здесь провалится сквозь землю. Все стояли не шелохнувшись. - Да вы просто с ума все сошли, что ли? - закричал Джабба.

Мидж налила себе стакан воды, надеясь, что это поможет ей успокоиться. Делая маленькие глотки, она смотрела в окно.

На каждой - буква алфавита. Сьюзан повернулась к.  - Так скажите же мне. Стратмор задумался и тяжело вздохнул.

Gemini Woman/Virgo Man can this work?

Она глупейшим образом попала в ловушку, расставленную Хейлом, и Хейл сумел использовать ее против Стратмора. Она понимала, что коммандер заплатил огромную цену за ее избавление. - Простите меня, - сказала. - За. - Ваши планы относительно Цифровой крепости… они рухнули.


 У него есть охрана. - В общем-то. - Он прячется в укрытии. Стратмор пожал плечами.

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