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Tips to get pregnant with a girl baby

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There are many reasons why someone may wonder how to get pregnant with a boy or girl. These include:. The only surefire way to select a certain sex is to do in vitro fertilization IVF with preimplantation genetic screening PGS. You may already know of IVF, which is an assisted reproductive technology most popularly used when dealing with male or female infertility , or using sperm from a sperm donor.

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Choosing the Sex of Your Baby: Facts & Myths

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There are many reasons why someone may wonder how to get pregnant with a boy or girl. These include:. The only surefire way to select a certain sex is to do in vitro fertilization IVF with preimplantation genetic screening PGS.

You may already know of IVF, which is an assisted reproductive technology most popularly used when dealing with male or female infertility , or using sperm from a sperm donor. Now, through PGS, doctors are able to examine the multiple embryos that have developed from the sperm fertilizing the egg. They then can identify those that are male vs female as the sex of an embryo is determined at conception.

One caveat to the PGS method is there still is a chance that none of the multiple embryos that developed in the IVF round are the desired sex. You may get all female embryos or all male embryos. In that case, you may decide to do another round of IVF but that can get really expensive. Some of the practices that allegedly help you conceive a boy or girl include:. None of these methods are guaranteed to give you the result you want.

Some of the studies these methods were developed on are decades-old, and newer studies have refuted them. Also, realize that studies measuring these effects are challenging because couples have sex multiple times in a month and it is difficult to determine which sexual intercourse resulted in conception.

The Shettles method was developed by a doctor named Landrum Shettles from his work in his lab in the s. His method is outlined below:. While Dr. Shettles claimed that he had 85 percent success , later studies showed that his method was not accurate at all. A review study showed that there are no differences between sperm carrying Y-chromosomes vs X-chromosomes in terms of speed, size, shape, strength or pH. Therefore, sexual position will not affect how fast sperm travels to the egg.

Neither will vaginal douching. But vaginal douching could cause infection that could decrease your chances of getting pregnant and more serious gynecological diseases that could cause infertility. Some small studies from the s and s found that it was slightly more likely to have a male with sexual intercourse several days before ovulation as measured by cervical mucus , or a few days after ovulation.

These findings are in direct conflict with the Shettles method. Obviously both methods cannot be right. Larger and more recent studies since then have shown that the timing of sexual intercourse with respect to ovulation does not affect the sex of the baby.

As mentioned, recent studies show that the timing of sexual intercourse with respect to ovulation does not affect the sex of the baby. In Italy, a doctor found that in his clinic, women were more likely to give birth to a boy or girl if they conceived in autumn or spring respectively.

While there is accumulating literature that there may be slight differences sex ratios in seasons or at the beginning or end of a season, the exact season differs by where the studies were done. However, the jury is still out on whether there is an effect of seasonality since these studies are inconsistent in how they measure their results. In addition, other studies say that these effects may actually be muddled by stressful events such as war, terrorism, global warming, and more that happen at a country level.

If you are not urgently wanting to get pregnant, there is no harm in skipping a few months to try to conceive in a specific season. However, if you are on a time crunch, this will only hamper your chances of getting pregnant. There are no clear associations between diet and conceiving a girl or boy. A study review found that there are not enough studies on this topic to generalize but they did notice a slight trend.

Some studies found that a diet high in sodium and potassium was more likely to conceive a male. Some studies in mice not humans found that a diet high in saturated fats and low in carbohydrates was significantly more likely to lead to conceiving male s, and vice versa.

Your chances of conceiving a girl or a boy are about , like the flip of a coin. However, the exact sex ratio at birth for males to females is approximately This is a little more than expected. Explanations include a strong preference for boys worldwide which results in about million missing girls due to selective abortion, infanticide, or neglect.

As mentioned before, the latest studies show that the timing of sexual intercourse does not affect the sex of the baby. This is contrary to the Babydust method and Shettles method. Additionally, even if timing did affect the sex of the baby, it is very hard to determine which day is the day of ovulation.

Most tools that we have to measure the day of ovulation give you a range of days, rather than the exact day. Just keep in mind that most of the information online in chat rooms and Facebook groups on conceiving a child is incorrect. You are safest discussing your options with your doctor. Embryo Project Encyclopedia Barbara Cottrell. John T. France, Frederick M. Graham, Leonie Gosling, Philip I.

A prospective study of the preselection of the sex of offspring by timing intercourse relative to ovulation. Fertility and Sterility, Volume 41, Issue 6, , Pages Ronald H. Natural family planning and sex selection: Fact or fiction? American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. December Volume , Issue 6, Part 2, Pages — Scarpa Bruno.

Bayesian Inference on Predictors of Sex of the Baby. Frontiers in Public Health. Volume 4, Page Cagnacci, A. Renzi, S. Arangino, C. Alessandrini, A. Volpe, The male disadvantage and the seasonal rhythm of sex ratio at the time of conception, Human Reproduction, Volume 18, Issue 4, April , Pages — Lorna West and Victor Grech. A systematic search of the factors that influence the sex ratio at birth.

Early Human Development. Vol 6. Cheryl S. Rosenfeld and R. Michael Roberts. Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser. Published online at OurWorldInData. Sophie G. Diener, Martin Donnelley, Kylie R. Dunning, et al. It takes a community to conceive: an analysis of the scope, nature and accuracy of online sources of health information for couples trying to conceive. Reproductive BioMedicine and Society Online. I am interested in Ava for personal use. This site is using first and third party cookies to be able to adapt the advertising based on your preferences.

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. AvaWorld Getting Pregnant. Can you influence the gender of a baby? How to get pregnant with a boy or a girl Some of the practices that allegedly help you conceive a boy or girl include:. Tags: tracking your cycle , trying to conceive. She is a data storyteller and public health consultant who consults on reproductive health, education, and environmental projects around the world.

Prior to that, she was a UC Berkeley lecturer. When she is not consulting, she enjoys traveling, teaching yoga, and participating in drop-in improv classes. Related posts. Can Unhealthy Sperm Cause Miscarriage? A New Study Says Yes. If your country is listed, please select your currency. Ava for healthcare professionals Please confirm that you are a healthcare professional or researcher I am a healthcare professional. More information Accept. Track Your Cycle with Ava order now. X-chromosome sperm are slower and bigger and thrive in an acidic environment.

Can you choose to have a boy or girl?

Log in Sign up. Before you begin. Community groups. Home Getting pregnant Before you begin Get ready for pregnancy. Can you choose to have a boy or girl?

Do you have visions of pink or of blue in your future? Whichever you have your heart set on, there are some ways — both scientific and silly — that just may manipulate Mother Nature and increase your odds of conceiving a boy or a girl.

To optimize women's fertility, taking better care of their bodies is a good first step. But what else can women do to improve their odds of having a baby? The most important advice for a woman who wants to get pregnant is to get to know her body, specifically her menstrual cycle, said Dr. Mary Ellen Pavone, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist and medical director of the in-vitro fertilization program at Northwestern Medicine's Fertility and Reproductive Medicine department in Chicago.

How to Have a Boy or a Girl

If you're already expecting then you'll probably want to know if you're having a boy or a girl, but if you're yet to conceive you might be interested in how to conceive a girl or how to conceive a boy, before you get pregnant. Want to know how to conceive a girl or boy? There are of course medical ways to choose whether you conceive a girl or a boy, but these are currently illegal in the UK, other than in exceptional health-related circumstances. Here are the most common ideas about how best to conceive a boy or girl, should you wish to choose…. In , an American professor of gynaecology, Dr Shettles, published his book, How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby, which introduced the theory that male sperm are fast but weak and that female sperm are slower but more resilient. To boost your chances of conceiving a girl, you need to have sex two to three days before ovulation, as female sperm have more staying power. This makes the journey harder, supposedly favouring sperm with X chromosomes, which Shettles says are stronger.

How to Get Pregnant with a Girl or a Boy: Can You Sway the Odds?

Most advice is harmless, but some can be harmful. For instance, sex selection diets can be downright dangerous, and some false gender swaying methods, such as douching, can decrease the odds of you getting pregnant at all. There are assisted reproductive technologies that can help you have a girl or a boy. However, these are expensive, come with medical risks, and are still not percent guaranteed.

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Gender selection: How to conceive a girl or boy

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Trying to Conceive: 10 Tips for Women

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"I've heard there are ways to boost the chances of making a baby girl — or boy. What are these gender selection techniques?".

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