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Orange juice never met a girl like you before

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Edwyn Stephen Collins born 23 August is a Scottish musician, producer and record label owner from Edinburgh , Scotland. Collins was the lead singer for the s post-punk band Orange Juice , which he co-founded. Following the group's split in , Collins started a solo career. His single " A Girl Like You " was a worldwide hit. In February , Collins was hospitalised following two cerebral haemorrhages which resulted in aphasia , and he subsequently underwent a months-long rehabilitation period. Collins was the co-founder of the indie record label Postcard Records and co-founded a second label, Analogue Enhanced Digital, in

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Edwyn Collins

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A nice man is telling me a story. He was once what used to be known as a rock star, and he is telling me a little story, about a drunk woman who had accosted him in a friendly way, just 48 hours previously, in West Hampstead. The first noteworthy thing in the telling of this is that the teller is Edwyn Collins. Days later, he suffered another. They were both on a catastrophic scale, and his wife Grace was told to, basically, stock up on the Kleenex and await the worst.

He does so in an exceedingly halting fashion. There is much stuttering, still. So, all in all, this small story takes about three minutes to tell. But the remarkable thing is this: when he gets to the nub, the year-old woman singing out, he takes the lyric in swooping stride, arcing down the scale to the old splendid baritone, not a flicker of a stutter.

He tells me later that he finds it much easier singing than speaking, and much simpler drawing than writing. The new film, The Possibilities are Endless — the reference is to one of the few phrases Edwyn could manage during his long early months in hospital — premieres at the London Film Festival on 11 October and has already been nominated for best documentary. It is a slow delight. In terms of action and pace it is not, I venture to Edwyn, exactly Terminator II , and I am rewarded with the first of his many huge laughs, a warm, gurgling bark.

But what it is is a little bit of beautiful. I felt that I was watching a simple understated celebration of the sheer joy of living, the taking of uncomplicated pleasure in every fresh dawn. Grace, from her comfy position on the floor pouring coffee, grows unaccustomedly quiet as she looks across to Edwyn. Over and over again. And how close to… not being here.

We talk about the months after the stroke, and Grace prompts Edwyn to tell me how it was. He looks me directly in the eye. I had to learn to read again through… Lady… Ladybird books. See, Edwyn could sometimes repeat things. Um… Grace Maxwell, Grace Maxwell. I knew Grace, and my son. I knew that, and that was important. I was Edwyn, as opposed to… Euan. Did you know you had been a musician? But they were very bad months. I would have a thought and try to pin it down. But it would… evaporate.

It takes him a good time to say this word but he perseveres. I still do. Nine years of phrases and words, scrawled and rescrawled every which way, all done with the left wrong hand.

It tells the slow jumble of a brain regaining. But what saved him, a good bit, was drawing. A female duck. Quite crude, but I was happy. Ten months after your stroke you discovered something which it was apparent immediately you were going to get better and better at. My brain relaxes when I draw, and can see the pages unfolding. Before my stroke. My drawing. Was taking me ages to do it. For example a wigeon, but… one week to do! But after my stroke, I became free.

As a bird! Grace is allowed to speak, eventually. In many ways. And there are new things, such as a wave of emotion can move you to tears. You have, I have to say, become so much more tender hearted. As opposed to what? Then, slowly, the music started to return. He limps up and across to fetch a guitar and shows me how the simple placing of fingers on frets can be made to work, especially if amped up. Mainly the Memphis chords. Steve Cropper , Otis Redding , those guys. He has toured, to acclaim, though critics have occasionally found the need to contrast the singing with the quality of speech between numbers, and is eager to tour again, and often.

One question is: why, after all this time? They are undeniably and happily Scottish — they both voted yes in the referendum, though each says it was a conclusion reached after much thought, neither being a natural Nat — but: after all this time in London?

I never feel the other way round. Who really deserves this much beauty? Stayed away. She had a quick listen at the door. A nosey, in fact. But it was politely conveyed to her that it might be better if she absented herself.

Grace, lovely Grace, is keen to get in again. And the first interview I did, I was hesitant. But after a while I became more relaxed. Stammering is a problem to me. They put me in a good place. Stammering apart, does he still find problems with speech? I still get the hesitantness… creeping up on me, of course.

But also what annoys is getting wrong the precise meaning, the precise words, the attitude meant to be conveyed by the sentence. With music, too, I would… the record labels had too many cooks and sticky fingers. I grew to not like people breathing down my neck. So we just let them make the film, and then we saw it — you just have to trust them completely.

Um… what was it about? It was basically a bass line. I did the line on a Roland keyboard. It was a good line, and I rather concocted the lyrics around it.

Much of the rhythm guitar was ripped off from Chic. I ripped the lead guitar line off the Buzzcocks, but as a happy acknowledgment — I loved them. Edwyn howls with laughter. Accounts varied. Turned out it was pretty much perfect. I had brought a letter my friend Alastair had asked me to take to Edwyn. Since I had the misfortune of being mildly buggered by a stroke of my own last April, Al, once my co-sax player in a Dundee soul band in the 80s, has become a powerful old friend.

Grace looks at the name on the letter. I was once in a band with him. Called Onyx. It was really inappropriate in a heavy-metal band. I really liked him. Did he ever feel, with the musicians, and the touring, that any individuals had ever taken slight pity on him? He replies with a certain obliqueness. After the stroke? And I can answer that. The Possibilities are Endless will preview in cinemas and on iTunes from 20 October before its general UK release on 7 November thepossibilities.

Our event on Sunday 12 October is at the Barbican in London and features scientists, chefs, musicians, mathematicians, artists and more for a day of inspiring talks and performances. To win a free pair of tickets, go to observer. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Edwyn Collins The Observer.

A Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins song)

Co-star James Marsden joins the fun. Watch the video. Sign In. Up 18, this week.

Like their heroes the Velvet Underground, Orange Juice were one of those bands whose potential was only ever partially realised, but whose fearless originality bore an influence on guitar music that was thoroughly disproportionate to the number of records they sold. Rarely has a more eloquent statement been made about music as a harbour from the harshness, the impurities, the compromises of the grownup world. For this crumpled Velvetsy ballad, Collins goes full caramel-voiced crooner, as he variously woos and taunts the titular Louise — who seems to be having none of it — to a backing of knitted trebly guitars, barbershop harmonies, a shuffling beat and a fabulously fuzzed-out guitar solo.

The song samples the drum track of Len Barry's single "" It was released as a single and became a worldwide hit, reaching number one in Flemish Belgium and Iceland and the top ten in several countries, including Australia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Edwyn Stephen Collins born 23 August is an Ivor Novello Award winningScottish musician, playing mostly electric guitar-driven pop. Collins formed the musical group Nu-Sonics in , which later became Orange Juice. He has since pursued a solo career as a musician, in addition to work as an illustrator, television actor and producer, and as a record producer.

Orange Juice and Edwyn Collins – 10 of the best

I've never known a girl like you before Now just like in a song from days of yore Here you come a knockin knockin on my door. And I've never met a girl like you before You give me just a taste so I want more And my hands are bleeding and my knees are raw Cos now you got me crawlin crawlin on the floor And I've never known a girl like you before You've made me acknowledge the devil in me I hope to god I'm talkin metaphorically Hope that im talking allegorically Know that I'm talkin bout the way I feel And I've never know a girl like you before Never, never, never, never Never met a girl like you before This old town's changed so much Don't feel like I belong To many protest singers Not enough protest songs And now you've come along Yes you've come along It's all right, yeah it's all right, yeah it's all right. You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. Sign in Sign up. Written by: Edwyn Stephen Collins. No translations available. These lyrics are waiting for review.

A Girl Like You

A nice man is telling me a story. He was once what used to be known as a rock star, and he is telling me a little story, about a drunk woman who had accosted him in a friendly way, just 48 hours previously, in West Hampstead. The first noteworthy thing in the telling of this is that the teller is Edwyn Collins. Days later, he suffered another. They were both on a catastrophic scale, and his wife Grace was told to, basically, stock up on the Kleenex and await the worst.

The song samples the drum track of Len Barry 's single " "

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Jul 20, - Like their heroes the Velvet Underground, Orange Juice were one of those bands whose potential was only ever partially realised, but whose before a snotty adjournment that could practically be Orange Juice's mission appreciate Wigan Casino soul number A Girl Like You for the massive tune it is.

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