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Niki and gabi look what you made me do parody lyrics

Swift wrote and produced the song with her co-producer Jack Antonoff. Right Said Fred band members are also credited as songwriters, as it interpolates the melody of their song " I'm Too Sexy " The song broke a string of records, including the record for the most plays in a single day on Spotify. It also received Diamond certification in Brazil. The song received a polarized response from music critics.


Look What You Made Me Do- Taylor Swift (parody) | Niki and Gabi

Swift wrote and produced the song with her co-producer Jack Antonoff. Right Said Fred band members are also credited as songwriters, as it interpolates the melody of their song " I'm Too Sexy " The song broke a string of records, including the record for the most plays in a single day on Spotify.

It also received Diamond certification in Brazil. The song received a polarized response from music critics. On August 23, , Swift announced that the first single from her upcoming sixth album, titled Reputation , would come out the following night. A lyric video heavily based on the Saul Bass imagery used in the film Vertigo was released through Swift's official Vevo account on August 25, Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone noted a "nightmarish aesthetic" present in the song, and believed it to be a continuation of the "antagonistic persona" from " Bad Blood ".

He also added how the track musically and sonically shifted alongside the lyrics. Maura Johnston of The Guardian wrote a negative review of the song, faulting the "sloppy" lyrics and blaming Swift for not giving a clear context in the lyrics.

The single was noted as being darker and angrier than what Swift had done before. It ended the record-tying week reign of Luis Fonsi 's " Despacito ".

It also topped the nation's Streaming Songs chart with The track also had more weekly streams in the US than any other song in The song stayed atop the charts for three consecutive weeks, tying with American rapper Cardi B 's " Bodak Yellow " as the longest-running female at the number one spot on the charts in The track also became the country's first number-one song with a female artist since Halsey was featured on " Closer " by the Chainsmokers and the first song with a female lead artist since Sia 's " Cheap Thrills " with Sean Paul both in It additionally was the first solo song by a female to top the US charts since Adele's "Hello".

It remained atop the Hot and Streaming Songs charts for a second week with , copies sold and Ready for It? As a result, Swift became the first artist to have two tracks sell over , digital copies in the nation within a week since Sheeran with "Shape of You" and " Castle on the Hill ".

It also became the first time a female had two songs within the top five of the Hot since when Swift's previous tracks " Blank Space " and " Shake It Off " respectively were at numbers four and five on the chart. It only remained in the top ten of the chart for eight weeks before tumbling on November 11, In doing so, it surpassed the number three peaks of her singles " Love Story " in and " Shake It Off " in It descended to the runner-up position the following week, as the latter song reclaimed the top spot for an 11th week.

Preparation for the music video began in January , while the shooting took place in May. It broke the record for fastest video by a female lead to reach million views on YouTube second overall behind Psy's "Gentleman" , doing so in just 3. It was also reported that the diamonds used in a scene were authentic. Swift has said that part of the premise of the video is rooted in the idea that, "If everything you write about me was true, this is how ridiculous it would look.

The video begins with a zombie Swift crawling out of a grave, where the headstone reads "Here Lies Taylor Swift's reputation", and digging another grave for her Met Gala self. The next scene shows Swift in a bathtub filled with diamonds. She is then seen seated on a throne while snakes surround her and serve tea. Swift later crashes her golden Bugatti Veyron on a post and sings the song's chorus holding a Grammy as the paparazzi take photos.

She is also seen swinging inside a golden cage, robbing a streaming company in a cat mask, and leading a motorcycle gang. Afterwards, she gathers a group of women at "Squad U" and dances with a group of men in another room. Then, she is seen standing on top of the wing of a plane in an airport hangar, sawing off the wing in half and spray-painting "reputation" in pink on the side of the plane.

At the video's climax, Swift is seen standing on a T-shaped throne while clones of herself from her past music videos, stage performances and red carpet appearances struggle and fight against each other trying to reach her. The video concludes with a scene of a line up of surviving Swift clones bowing in the hangar while Swift stands and watches on the wing of the plane.

The clones bicker with one another, describing each other as "so fake" and " playing the victim ". A VMA Swift then says "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative", resulting in the other Swifts yelling at her to "shut up! True to Swift's tradition, the video contains numerous hidden meanings and references. Some believe that it is a response to media statements teasing that she "cries in a marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.

In a separate scene, Swift is shown sitting atop a golden throne, where a carving of a phrase " Et tu, Brute? When Swift's car crashes, some speculated that it may be a jab at Katy Perry , as Swift's hairdo is similar to Perry's in the scene and the car crash resembles one in Perry's music video for " Unconditionally " The sports car is also reminiscent of a car in Perry's " Waking Up in Vegas " video, which Kahn also directed.

However, given the theme of making fun of the media, it is likely making fun of the media theory that Swift's real fall-out with Perry was simply for publicity and album material. Swift is mocking the idea that she would damage her friendships for the sake of her business, with the car crash being a metaphor for the fall out between her and Perry and her holding the Grammy Award after the crash within sight of the photographers' cameras referring to the song inspired by their feud winning awards, which the media claimed was Swift's ulterior motive.

Swift's withdrawal of her entire music catalog from streaming services and the media theory that she was doing this for greed and to start her own streaming company were hinted when Swift and her crew robbed a streaming company's money vault in the video. Swift leading an army of tall, skinny, and robotic women at a "Squad U" gathering poked fun at the media accusing her close group of friends as being artificial and having unrealistic body shapes.

This scene mocks the idea that Swift forced her then-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston to wear an "I Heart TS" tank top when they were a couple. During the bridge, Swift is standing on a pile of clones of herself from the past, reiterating the idea that she is leaving behind her image of "America's Sweetheart" and embracing her newfound role as a "snake". The shirt that her " You Belong with Me " music video clone wears is slightly different from the one in the original music video: this time, the names of her current close friends are scribbled on it.

The video's ending features an assembly of "old Taylors" in front of a private jet who are talking amongst one another and making snide references to the many false and exaggerated media portrayals of her over the course of her career.

Most notably, in June , discussing the relationship between her and Kanye West after West's song " Famous " was released, Swift wrote on Instagram , "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative. The song is also a regular part of her setlist for the Reputation Stadium Tour , with a tilted throne and golden snakes; while there are snakes on the high screen in the back during the part where she sings, "I don't trust nobody and nobody trust me, I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams", a big cobra floating appears on stage with the line from the bridge announcing the death of the "Old Taylor" spoken by comedian Tiffany Haddish.

ABC used the song in a promotional video for its Shonda Rhimes ' Thursday line-up an hour after its release. The song was used in the trailer for the film Murder Mystery. Credits are adapted from liner notes of Reputation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The lead single and sixth track, " Look What You Made Me Do ", is a dark dance-pop , electropop and electroclash song, that moves from sparse verses, to a crescendo build in the pre-chorus, dropping into the downtempo chorus with a dynamic shift; the chorus is largely a capella with percussions, sampling the melody of the hit " I'm Too Sexy " by British group Right Said Fred.

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Niki and Gabi’s ‘LWYMMD’ Parody Is Everything!

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Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do PARODY

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Niki and Gabi’s ‘LWYMMD’ Parody Is Everything!

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Look What You Made Me Do

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XXXTentacion "Look at Me" - Official Music Video (Parody) By Frederic Frances. Look What You Made Me Do- Taylor Swift (parody) | Niki and Gabi

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Look What You Made Me Do- Taylor Swift (parody) | Niki and Gabi

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Нужно немедленно вызвать службу безопасности. Я выключаю ТРАНСТЕКСТ! - Она потянулась к клавиатуре. - Не смей прикасаться! - Стратмор рванулся к терминалу и отдернул ее руку. Обескураженная, Сьюзан подалась .

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