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My girlfriend didnt get the job

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Question: One year ago myself and my girlfriend decided to end our relationship of three years. At the time of our split, she wanted to start saving to buy a house together, she also made it clear that she wanted to start a family. These are things that I also want. But at that very specific time I was offered an opportunity to work abroad in a high-paid position in a very exciting firm. I proposed to her that this would be a great boost for our finances.

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Can I Claim My Girlfriend or Boyfriend as a Dependent?

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Are you living with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Like many things in life, it depends. A boyfriend or girlfriend can be claimed as a dependent if they pass some of the same tests used to determine if your child or relative can be claimed as a dependent. First, your significant other cannot be claimed as a dependent if they are eligible to be claimed as a dependent on another tax return. Once you see the rules, especially the residency, and support rules, this will make perfect sense.

Your significant other also must be a U. He or she:. As you can see, the tests make it impossible for someone to be claimed as a dependent on two returns. Either you provided their support or someone else did.

If you and your significant other are living together and considering this route, there are also other ways you can save a lot of money by integrating your finances, without getting married. For example, you could combine auto insurance policies for a multi-car discount. It might not be as romantic as getting married, but it could result in big savings over the course of a year!

If you still have questions, you can connect live via one-way video to a TurboTax Live CPA or Enrolled Agent with an average of 15 years-experience to get your tax questions answered from the comfort of your couch.

You provide more than half of the total support for the year. Support from you includes food, housing, medical expenses, clothing and other essentials.

The qualifying dependent must be a U. Finally, the relationship between you and the dependent can not violate the law. For example, your dependent cannot still be married to someone else and you claim them. Can I amend previous returns if my boyfriend qualifies as a dependent even though the law has changed for this year?

I have tried to get an answer to a tax question from Turbo tax for 2 weeks now and I have yet to receive a response. I have been a Turbo tax user for 8 years but you can consider me a disgruntled former customer now!. I was wondering if I can claim her as a dependent. She has not worked for a couple years now.

I pay for all her expenses. Clothes, Food, Shelter, etc…. I also pay for her school too. Books, school lunch, etc. I just need to know I can claim her???? I need to know if we can file taxes together.

Thank you, Lisa Greene-Lewis. Hi my boyfriend owes back taxes and has not had a job in 3 years due to a serious medical condition. If I claim him as a dependent on my taxes can they take part of my return to satisfy his tax debt?

Thanks so much!!! Would I be able to claim him as a dependent? I had a job from Dec 02 and they let me go Jan 7 This is my first job and first time worrying about taxes. Can my boyfriend put me as a dependent even though I had a job? And if he is able to, do I still need to do taxes? If these tests are met then your boyfriend may be able to claim you. TurboTax will walk you through filing your taxes.

Thank you so much!! My son works a part time job and wants to file his own taxes this year hes 18 years old can I still claim him as I provided more than half of his support. If not, how do I claim his wages? You would just need to confirm whether or not you are going to claim him, because only one of you can take the exemption. Once you decide, TurboTax will help you get the deductions and credits you are eligible for.

I would like to point out how hard it is to do this. I have been a stay at home mom to our youngest son since he was born three years ago.

Instead we got auditted. It was a mess. They said we had to prove he supported us that year by providing grocery reciepts, rent receits, and medical statements.

It took appealing three times just to be able to claim the kids. So despite the fact that I am his dependent we will never do that again. Social security income IS taxable. If your boyfriend or girlfriend meets these requirements and you can claim them as a dependent, then can you claim head of household? Get the latest stimulus updates and tax filing updates.

Search the Blog Latest tax and finance news and tips. You must provide more than half of the total support for the year Lived with you all year as a member of your household keep in mind: dependent relatives do not have to live with you As you can see, the tests make it impossible for someone to be claimed as a dependent on two returns.

Post navigation. Jim Wang Posts. Comments 23 Leave your comment Hi can I claim my boyfriend or friend if he is on ssi? Thank you Reply. If my girlfriend is in college can I claim her on my taxes?

Hi can I claim my girlfriend if she is older than me and on ssi Reply. Thank you, Lisa Greene-Lewis Reply. I need help. How about if we are non registered domestic partner, can we file our income taxes jointly? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

I Am Breaking Up a Good Relationship Because My Girlfriend Won’t Change Her Priorities

Your advice regarding women with unusual or difficult schedules is spot-on. Her priorities. As an achiever, those have been her focuses.

Are you living with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Like many things in life, it depends. A boyfriend or girlfriend can be claimed as a dependent if they pass some of the same tests used to determine if your child or relative can be claimed as a dependent.

My girlfriend Kristen lost her job almost a year ago and my patience is wearing thin. If I were in her shoes, I would be networking with everyone I know to find a job. But Kristen just applies to jobs she sees online. I also think I would find part-time work to get out of the house, keep up my energy and bring in some income.

I chose my career over my girlfriend and I am sorry now

However, you have to be willing to put in work too, not just in our relationship but in your life outside of me. Happiness comes from within. A relationship is never going to solve your problems. A relationship is like a Band-Aid, and your dissatisfaction with your life is a deep wound. It might mask them for a while, but in the end, your unhappiness will still be there. I care about your happiness, but you have to care about it too. I have my own crap to worry about. I want a guy who can handle his crap so that I still have time for my life too.

How to survive as a SAHG (stay-at-home-girlfriend)

Nearly all of us want to be more productive, but finding the method that works for you among the hundreds and hundreds of different tips, tricks and hacks can be a daunting prospect. After graduating college, Chris Bailey decided to dedicate a whole year to doing just that - experimenting with as many of the techniques as he could, and finding the things that work. Among the experiments that he undertook are: going several weeks on little to no sleep; cutting out caffeine and sugar; taking a daily siesta; living in total isolation for 10 days; stretching his workweek to 90 hours; and getting up at every morning, all the while monitoring the impact of his experiments on the quality and quantity of his work. The results were often surprising! This book is the result of Chris's year-long journey, distilling the lessons he learned into a few core truths about how we get things done or, indeed, don't.

I am a stay-at-home girlfriend.

I had quite high hopes for this book but I found it quite disappointing. Perhaps given Terkel's age I should have expected it, but I wasn't particularly interested in listening to the stories of so Terkel's new book examines how people survive difficult times and situations and retain hope for the future.

Rejection and How to Handle It

Life is about going for things. And when we do, rejection is always a possibility. Rejection doesn't have to be about the big stuff like not getting into your top college, not making the team, or not getting asked to prom.

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Jun 15, - Help, my girlfriend cant find a job. My girlfriend has been searching for a new job for over 3 years, to no avail. In fact Guess what, they never got back to [26F]girlfriend doesn't wanna work(27M) - Reddit.

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