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My boyfriend doesnt want me to get a nose job

Walking the scalpel-thin line between trying to stop them, and seeming just a bit TOO enthusiastic. But as is often the case with mental faculties, there are spasms, if you will. One such spasm occurred just a few weeks ago when my girlfriend told me that she was considering getting Botox, as innocuously as she might mention a manicure appointment. Like a deer in headlights — if those headlights were images of expressionless faces, plastered to the point of unwrinkle-able oblivion — I froze. Clearly, it was a landmine best avoided — not least because, I realized, when it comes to Botox or any cosmetic surgery, really I was leaning on zero facts, assaulted instead by a mental Rolodex of plastic-surgery-gone-wrong urban legends.

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What It’s Like For Your Partner When You Get Plastic Surgery

Jackie explains:. I had my kids in my 30s and my body did not bounce back.. I have a flappy skin apron. I could not breastfeed for more than three months with either child, yet my breasts took the hit anyway.

That being said, my husband does believe in pornography where he enjoys the bodies of women that have clearly had some of the procedures I want. I want more attention from him than I get, and I want to feel good when I have it, rather than thinking about how I can feel my skin touching my other skin that never used to touch….

My pants ride down until my belly flap is visible beneath or just the silhouette my shirt. I am unwilling to take my bra off during sex, which he complains about. I went behind his back for a consultation and for what I want, I expect to pay about k. We gross more than that in a month. He thinks that once I have a procedure, there will be no end to procedures I want. I love my kids and my body for what it has given me, but I feel used up and tossed aside.

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What to Say When Your Girlfriend Gets Cosmetic Surgery

When you decide to have plastic surgery, one of your concerns might be how people will react to your slightly changed appearance. While you don't have to tell anyone about your decision, unless you want to, people might notice and come to their own conclusions. In the long run, you probably don't care about your co-workers' or distant acquaintances' opinions. But, one person's opinion might be important to you and that person tends to be your spouse or partner. Having a partner who doesn't support your decision to have surgery can be a challenge, but there are ways to work around it.

Jackie explains:. I had my kids in my 30s and my body did not bounce back..

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What It’s Like For Your Partner When You Get Plastic Surgery

Recently I got lip fillers. But you might also feel apprehensive, especially if your lady is planning a nose job or a breast augmentation, more drastic procedures that require anesthesia. If all she wants is a little Botox or lip fillers, chill. Ask her why she wants it done, and listen. Ultimately, you should support it. It might end up turning you on. I, for instance, already have pink hair and eyelash extensions.

My Husband Doesn’t Want Me To Get Plastic Surgery

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Is There A Good Response When Your Partner Says They Want to Get Plastic Surgery?

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I want other, more extreme procedures as well. Do you think his feelings are justified? It is your body. I suggest that you do what you want to do. The part that has me concerned is that his best friend is his mother. His whole social life is going to church on Sundays with his parents, singing in the choir, and me.

She wants a nose job, boyfriend likes her as is

My boyfriend of 10 years is against it and said I will look like a different person and regret it. Meaning, both of you need to stay on your sides of the line here. You get to decide what you do with your face, how you feel about it and how you feel about your boyfriend. He gets to decide how he feels about your appearance and how he feels about you. Both of you do get to air concerns about the after vs.

Feb 22, - Per Michele Garber, a plastic surgery coach, Botox is mainly used to softens This, she adds, is a form of abuse and doesn't make for a healthy relationship. “When a husband or boyfriend said to me, 'I want her to have the.

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Bozo Boyfriend’s Nose-Job Nightmare

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