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How to get good bacteria back after taking antibiotics

Spring might be on its way, but flu season isn't over quite yet. The coughs, the colds, the sore throats, and run-down feeling--what on earth can we do to get rid of these yucky symptoms? To help, many people might be rushing to get into their doctor's office, looking for a cure for their symptoms. Antibiotics are oftentimes the type of prescription doctors give to patients as a remedy for their cold or flu symptoms.

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What to Do Before, During, and After Taking Antibiotics *

Spring might be on its way, but flu season isn't over quite yet. The coughs, the colds, the sore throats, and run-down feeling--what on earth can we do to get rid of these yucky symptoms? To help, many people might be rushing to get into their doctor's office, looking for a cure for their symptoms. Antibiotics are oftentimes the type of prescription doctors give to patients as a remedy for their cold or flu symptoms.

Antibiotics work by wiping out bacteria in the body--both good and bad. While getting rid of bad-guy bacteria will help with your cold and flu symptoms, eliminating all bacteria in the body throws off the body from its natural, healthy balance. So while you may get some quick relief from the sniffles, there are two things very wrong with this cold- and flu-fighting tactic:. Although they are some of the most prescribed medications in the country, it's no secret that there can be damaging effects of antibiotics on gut microbiota.

In fact, 1 in 4 prescribed antibiotics inhibits the growth of at least one type of healthy gut bacteria found in the gut. One out of hundreds of different types of bacteria may not sound like a big deal, but it is! Maintaining a balanced microbiome is a delicate feat, one that can certainly be tossed out of whack by something so small. Luckily, if you are proactive about maintaining a healthy gut, it doesn't take much to balance it out, even when you are sick. It may not be realistic to swear off all antibiotics because they can be necessary for certain circumstances.

If your situation requires antibiotics in order for you to heal, then listen to your doctor, but know that there are ways to keep your gut healthy while doing so. Adding these supplements and foods that promote healthy gut flora into your diet and daily routine or doubling up on them if you're ahead of the game can help to enhance your gut after taking antibiotics.

These good-for-you types of bacteria are a sure way to replenish good bacteria after antibiotics. Prebiotics work alongside probiotics to help restore the good bacteria in your gut in order to keep your health in tip-top shape.

Prebiotics and probiotics can be incorporated into your diet through supplements or by eating certain probiotic- and prebiotic-rich foods :. While common sense would tell you to down these foods at the same time as antibiotics to cancel them out, that's not how our body works.

In order for your body to actually benefit from the prebiotics and repopulate good bacteria, prebiotics should be eaten a few hours either before or after you take your antibiotics.

If antibiotics are taken along with prebiotics, the medication will kill the good bacteria immediately instead of allowing your gut to absorb it properly. When the gut has an imbalanced proportion of good to bad bacteria, it can cause damage to the lining of the small intestine. When the lining is damaged, bacteria can begin to leak from the intestines, something that is called leaky gut. Collagen, which is a protein made up of amino acids, can help repair the gut lining, preventing leaky gut from happening.

Bone broth is a good source of collagen protein, and you can also buy collagen protein supplements or find this powerful-protein in our Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Bar. The yacon root is another prebiotic that can help to improve the number of good bacteria in your gut. Yacon roots are made of sugars called FOS that our gut can't digest, making them an awesome prebiotic and the perfect immunity booster when taking antibiotics.

We're big yacon root enthusiasts around here and use its syrup in our Rowdy Bars. Because of its prebiotic properties and healthy handful of other nutritional benefits , this good-for-you ingredient gives our pocket-sized snacks their gut-health name. Prebiotics, probiotics, and collagen will have an easier time healing your gut if you also avoid refined foods and processed sugar.

Eating junk food and sugary treats will continue to decrease the amount of good bacteria in your gut. Don't work against your own efforts, instead eat clean whole foods to rebalance the microbiome. How will it take? There is no magic number here. The regrowth of eliminated bacteria all depends:. Sometimes weeks, sometimes months, and sometimes longer.

Antibiotics are beneficial for many different symptoms and circumstances. But if you can, consider using these alternative ways to get rid of your symptoms and avoid those gut-busting antibiotics all-together. In many cases where you have caught a cold or the flu, focusing on your gut health will help to support your immune system.

Why is this? The gut is full of trillions of living organisms, or bacteria, that play a huge part in regulating the immune system. In fact, insufficient sleep can be what causes a cold or flu to start in the first place. Proper sleep will give your body the strength to fight off whatever bad stuff is going on inside.

When sick, your body needs all the power and fuel it can get to fight off the bug. Make sure to stay on top of taking your vitamins and eat meals rich in protein and nutrients. Leafy greens, warm soup based in bone broth, and lean meats are great for fueling your body to fight.

Warm lemon water, clear bone broth, natural juices, and water will help keep your body hydrated and loosen up congestion and mucus. Avoid drinking liquids with caffeine, alcohol, or refined sugars.

These types of drinks will worsen dehydration and inhibit your body from bouncing back. Use these helpful tips to support your body's largest immune system: your gut. Make gut health a habit! Join the Rowdy Bunch! Science See more "Close Cart". Share Tweet Pin it. Leave a comment. Name Email.

How Long Does It Take For Gut Flora To Restore After Antibiotics?

The trillions of bacteria in the human gut affect our health in multiple ways including effects on immune functions and metabolism. A rich and diverse gut microbiota is considered to promote health providing the human host with many competences to prevent chronic diseases. In contrast, poor diversity of the gut ecosystem is a characteristic feature of chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes, asthma and gut inflammatory disorders.

As a country we take far too many antibiotics — an estimated 4 out of 5 of us will be prescribed antibiotics this year. Antibiotic-resistant strains are on the rise and complicating treatments.

Probiotics have been touted as a treatment for a huge range of conditions, from obesity to mental health problems. One of their popular uses is to replenish the gut microbiome after a course of antibiotics. The logic is — antibiotics wipe out your gut bacteria along with the harmful bacteria that might be causing your infection, so a probiotic can help to restore order to your intestines. But while it might sound like sense, there is scant solid evidence suggesting probiotics actually work if taken this way.

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How do you manage these symptoms while your gut biome rebuilds itself? Antibiotics target all bacteria — the good ones and the bad. Back in the day, doctors used to think that a healthy body was a sterile body, and that our immune systems were constantly fighting the microbes we came in contact with. Once antibiotics were invented, millions of lives were saved as people were protected from bacterial infections. Colonies of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract help you digest and absorb your food, fight off germs that make you sick and even make a large portion of your serotonin, which helps keep your moods level. Antibiotics are one of the biggest threats to our gut health. Antibiotics kill off the bacteria responsible for infection, but they also kill the friendly gut bacteria you want to nurture. In the best case, you might have gas and diarrhea for a few days. In the worst case, it can get so bad that the balance of your microbiome shifts, and you can end up with problems like:.

How to Revamp Your Gut Health After Taking Antibiotics

Antibiotics eradicate pathogenic infections and save lives -- but in doing so, they also disrupt the integrity of the intestinal microbiome. While many physicians recognize the need for restoring a patient's microbial balance following a course of antibiotic therapy, far fewer understand how to do this effectively. According to Amie Skilton, ND, restoration of gut flora is both art and science. Done well, it can make a world of difference for patients.

Antibiotics are a type of medication that fight bacteria. They work either by killing bacteria or by stopping it from reproducing.

Last Updated on 19 Mar Antibiotics kill bacteria. But killing the bad guys responsible for your infection means you also kill good flora crucial for your health.

What should you eat while taking antibiotics?

While we want to always encourage a preventative approach when it comes to health and wellness, sometimes things catch us by surprise, and we come down with something much more insistent than the occasional virus or flu. For those times you have to take antibiotics, we want you to know there are ways of working through it with the best body support possible. As antibiotics kill infection-causing microorganisms in the body, they also take a wide indiscriminate swipe at the beneficial bacterial in your microbiome.

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How to Restore Gut Flora After Taking Antibiotics

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The composition of gut bacteria almost recovers after antibiotics

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6 Ways to Heal Gut Flora After Antibiotics

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