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How to get friends on fitbit app

Sometimes you may see sponsored content from our partners related to health and wellness services that are relevant to your health and fitness goals. To make sure sponsored content is relevant to community members, we choose groups with similar interests for content to appear in. To learn more about specific content, tap the post. To block an account that shows sponsored posts, see How do I block users in the Fitbit community? You're the best! Feedback like yours helps us improve our articles.

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How do I connect with friends on Fitbit?

For information on how to send private messages, join community groups, and more, see What should I know about the Fitbit Community? On the fitbit. To see the full list, hover over the tile and click See More. If you don't see the Friends tile on your dashboard, add the tile. For more information, see About the fitbit. To learn about the information you can share on your Fitbit profile, and how to control who can see it, see How do I manage my Fitbit profile?

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How do I connect with friends on Fitbit? Printable View. Skip to: H ow do I add Fitbit friends? H ow do I accept or decline Fitbit friend requests? How do I keep up with my Fitbit friends? How do I delete or block Fitbit friends? H ow do I manage my Fitbit privacy settings? How do I add Fitbit friends? Fitbit app.

Tap the Today tab , and tap your profile picture. Choose a method to find friends, then tap the Add Friend icon next to the name or email address of the person you want to add. You can also send a friend request to a member of the Fitbit community. For more information, see What should I know about the Fitbit Community? Under Find More Friends , choose a method to add friends, and follow the on-screen instructions. Tap the friend request to open it.

From the fitbit. Click View Request to open a friend request. Click Accept or Ignore. Your friends are listed in order, based on their 7-day step total. Tap your name and scroll to see your friends. Tap View All Friends , then tap the friend you want to delete or block.

On their profile, tap the three dots. To remove the friend, tap Remove Friend. To block a friend, tap Block User. Click the friend you want to delete. On their profile, hover over the teal Friends button. The button turns pink and an X appears. Click the button to remove the friend. Last updated: August 13, Browse by category: Feature FAQs. I found this article helpful.

I did not find this article helpful. What should I know about Fitbit challenges? How do I add or remove someone from my Fitbit scale? Find strength in numbers Expert advice to the latest news. Search the help forums. Let's talk Get Support. Fitbit app Tap the Today tab , and tap your profile picture. You can also cheer, taunt, or message your friends. To motivate one another, try participating in a challenge.

Note that you can only block friends in the Fitbit app. How do I manage my Fitbit privacy settings?

The best apps to get fit with your friends: from Fitbit to Strava

I can't seem to find or add any friends. I have an iPhone and have added emails to some contacts and still nothing? Please confirm you are doing the following to add your friends:. From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the Friends tab. Choose the method with which you want to connect to your friends and follow the onscreen instructions.

For information on how to send private messages, join community groups, and more, see What should I know about the Fitbit Community? On the fitbit. To see the full list, hover over the tile and click See More.

More friends means more motivation—compete with coworkers on the leaderboard, get your family moving with a Fitbit Challenge , and cheer on your BFFs when they reach their step goals. You can even see and share badges with your friends in the app. Make sure your app has the latest updates to get started today! This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Fitbit tips and tricks: Get more from your Inspire, Charge, Versa and Ionic trackers

Fitbit knows that one of the best ways to improve motivation and increase accountability is to share your fitness goals with others. That's why they've made it nice and easy to add and find Fitbit friends from right inside the Fitbit app. Making your fitness journey more social can have a significant impact on your progress. That's why making Fitbit friends can help you achieve your goals. Once you've added friends, you can join challenges, cheer others, and compare achievements. Under Friends , tap Add Friends. The Friend Finder page will open onto the Contacts tab. This is where you can find Fitbit friend suggestions from your phone's contact list. Before the app can display suggestions, you will need to allow Fitbit permission to access your Contacts. If you know someone's Fitbit username, you can tap the Username tab at the top of the Friend Finder screen.

How to Send a Friend Request from Your Fitbit

But which fitness community is best, and therefore which device is the right choice? Instead Strava will connect with practically any device, or you can just use your phone. With 48 million users and 1 million joining a month at the moment, chances are you know someone already using it. The service is free with paid-for Summit upgrades offering extended analysis, smart training or safety.

You might be leery of letting Fitbit rummage around in your contacts, but the company promises not to send anything to a contact without your permission. If that seems reasonable, you need to give the Fitbit app permission to access your contacts and then send your request:.

Fitbit brings one of the best fitness platforms out there when it comes to presenting how much or how little you move in an easy-to-understand format. It not only delivers the data, but it does so in a simple and user-friendly way so you aren't swamped with too much detail. This feature highlights all the tips and tricks of the Fitbit app to help you get the most out of your fitness tracker , with device-specific tips at the bottom. To change which metrics appear, you'll need to untick the ones you don't want to show.

Connect a fitness tracker and compete in free step challenges on Stridekick

Chat with a Tech Pro or call us at Your display name is the name your friends see when they look at your Fitbit profile, when you send them a message, or in other interactions in the Friends section of the Fitbit app or fitbit. In the Fitbit app, you can also choose a user name that your friends will see instead your real name.

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Empowering women to build confidence through strength, health and community is the Keep Moving Mama mission. Comment to be part of the community. RSS Feed. Have you noticed fitness trackers on the wrists of all sorts of people recently? You see, fitbit and I see eye to eye on the need to track, analyze and challenge with facts and figures. It holds me accountable and tells it to me straight.

How to Add Friends on Fitbit

Stridekick connects to a variety of fitness trackers so you can compete with your friends no matter which device they use. No problem. Connect using your smartphone or enter your steps manually. Choose from three challenge modes: Leaderboard, Streak, and Target. Invite up to nine other people for friendly competition.

Sep 6, - Add friends to your Fitbit account to help keep your exercise goals on Launch Fitbit from your Applications List (or the start screen if you have it pinned) in the Fitbit app to view and send messages between friends and see.

Or, get a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to see how your activity, workouts, sleep, nutrition and stress all fit together. Or pair with a Fitbit tracker or smartwatch to see all-day stats like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. Use mindfulness to start your day a better way, find moments of calm and set intentions with meditation or get help falling asleep with stories and relaxing sounds. For more personalized programs to help you reach weight and nutrition goals, try Fitbit Premium.

What should I know about the Fitbit Community?

I have no facebook friends using fitbit, how can i add friends so that i can compete with them and Is there any group which i can join? Go to the Best Answer. If you don't have Facebook friends using a Fitbit, do you know anyone who has a tracker? If so:.

3 Simple Ways to Find Fitbit Friends

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Fitbit User Guide: Essential Tips and Tricks

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