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How to get friends in japan

Hi everyone! It's Kim Dao here, today I'm going to be sharing 10 Japan travelling tips which would be useful for first time travellers to Japan. This may sound like a weird topic to discuss but if you have ever lived in Japan before, you would understand that it's actually more difficult than it sounds! Originally selling free-range eggs, this local business now also features a popular cake shop, gift shop, as well as a cafe serving egg-based dishes. Inevitably, when you come to Japan or if you're living here, when you have family or friends visit , they'll want a taste of quirky Japan to some degree. I don.

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How to Make Friends in Japan

When I moved to Japan in August , I came with a firm belief that I was going to fully immerse myself with the Japanese community in my new hometown. Why would the idea of making friends be so different in Japan? After one year of living in Japan, many of my original ideas about the country have changed. But I feel fortunate enough to say the notion that making friends in Japan is not so different from other places has not been one of them. Many of us gaijin foreigners living in Japan are generally split on this issue.

In my personal experience, yes, you can make real friends with Japanese people, even if you are not Japanese yourself. However, where you live or where you work could affect how easily you make new friends.

Of course, this is also true of anywhere else in the world. If you live in a busy city like Tokyo, then it may be slightly more difficult to make friends at first. However, there are ample ways to meet new people in big cities through various clubs or meetups, for example. Also, it is important to note that Japanese culture is generally more reserved than Western culture. Though this makes things more difficult at first, it is not impossible. You just may need to make a little extra effort in the beginning.

But when you think about it, does it really matter? Afterall, if you believe this statement, what reason would there be to try and make new friends? One important factor to consider when trying to make friends with work colleagues is the difference in work culture. In my experience, people are generally less social while at work in Japan than in other countries. Nomikais are a time when all colleagues mix together and talk to each other a bit more freely than they would at work.

However, while the nomikais are a great way to bond with your work colleagues, it does seem to be a case of what happens at the nomikai , stays at the nomikai. For example, if I were to go on a night out with work colleagues in the U. After a nomikai in Japan where the alcohol consumption leads to all kinds of radical personality changes and funny events, there will be no discussion or acknowledgement of the previous night on the next day at work.

Fear not, however, those new bonds that you made at the nomikai still carry equity and will still pave the way for new friendships — even if it is not apparent at first. One very important roadblock to making friendships in Japan is the English language. Speaking in a language other than your mother tongue is difficult for everyone at first, regardless of where we come from. For the Japanese who find English especially challenging, it is more difficult.

This is because the Japanese culture prides itself in excellence, and for someone to know that their English may not be perfect when they try to speak can add a whole new layer of pressure. Despite this, many Japanese read and write English perfectly as it is taught as a compulsory subject from junior high school onwards.

However, the predominant method of teaching until recent years was all based on reading and writing, but not speaking. Understandably, this style of teaching has led to a general reluctance to speak in English for a portion of the population in the prime of their work years. Fast forward to today: English lessons in Japan now start from elementary school or younger, and there is a much larger focus on speaking skills.

But for now, make an effort to say something in Japanese. It is generally highly appreciated. One interesting observation over the year is that Japanese people who travel frequently, whether it be around Japan or abroad, have gravitated towards me the most.

Perhaps this is because generally those who travel have been exposed to more experiences and a wider variety of people from different backgrounds. I believe this makes them more open to the idea of making new friends with people from outside of Japan. I get the impression that they want to learn more about a lifestyle that is quite different from their own but feel slightly reluctant to experience it for themselves. How can you make friends in Japan?

My advice is simple: be yourself. But be a version of yourself that is more willing to go out on a limb and make the first move. Everyone in Japan will be polite to you, but if you want to create strong meaningful relationships you may need to be the one to go the extra mile at first. Finding a common interest with someone is paramount in any relationship, and it is no different in Japan. The ultimate ice breaker, which I use almost daily, is to talk about how hard kanji is to study.

Everyone in Japan remembers the pain of learning kanji in their school years. So when I mention that I am studying kanji, they relate to the pain — and then the conversation often branches off into something else. Asking a question related to Japan is another great way to start a dialogue even if you already know the answer. I have made many wonderful Japanese friends throughout my time in Japan.

So, whether you are looking to move to Japan or are already living here, remember one thing: cultural differences aside, there is not much that separates human beings from each other. We all have the same needs, wants, and social hang-ups, no matter where we live. Live with an open heart and a positive attitude and you will make friends wherever you go. In August he left his former life in London where he worked on construction projects for an NHS Hospital, to embark on a new adventure in Japan.

May 4, am. Crystal M. Land Leave your thoughts. In March , I joined an Upper School global travel trip to Japan with 16 high school students and […]. June 7, am.

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Learn Japanese. Fall in love. Make lifelong friends.

While if you visit Japan you're bound to come away glowing with happiness at the politeness and friendliness of people, it can be surprisingly hard for foreigners living in Japan to find a friend group. Here are a few hints on how to find 'your people' to hang with…. Japanese friend groups can be surprisingly difficult to get in to.

These feelings, however, do not affect everyone and can often be subdued by hobbies, working, and sightseeing. Loneliness, on the other hand, can have a much more profound effect on a higher percentage of foreigners living abroad by themselves.

Even other foreigners who were living in Japan warned me strongly about the difficulties of making local Japanese friends, the feeling of being an outsider, and other general difficulties that they faced. BUT , really? I honestly think that making local friends is not only possible, but also the absolute-best way to enjoy your life whilst traveling, studying or working in Japan. Relax, forget some of your cultural expectations, and just go with the flow a little bit. If you are traveling in Japan, you are going to be in good company.

Make New Japanese Friends!

This post has been removed at the author's request. The author may repost if desired. Posts on the Tripadvisor forums may be edited for a short period of time. Once the edit period has expired, authors may update their posts by removing and reposting them. Although I've never joined them since I've been away from Tokyo area, I know there's meet-up with expats and locals in Yoyogi Park every weekend. We have similar events in Fukuoka area. I don't think it's not difficult for you to meet and make new friends in Tokyo. Yeah, traveling solo can be a great experience, and a great way to meet new people, but it can also get lonely. I've certainly had both experiences, including here in Japan!

Making English-Speaking Friends in Japan (The Easy Way!)

When I moved to Japan in August , I came with a firm belief that I was going to fully immerse myself with the Japanese community in my new hometown. Why would the idea of making friends be so different in Japan? After one year of living in Japan, many of my original ideas about the country have changed. But I feel fortunate enough to say the notion that making friends in Japan is not so different from other places has not been one of them. Many of us gaijin foreigners living in Japan are generally split on this issue.

Tweet Whether you have been living in Japan for a long time or have just started living here, you might have been feeling that it is not easy to make Japanese friends.

But friendships also define experiences. So while starting from scratch and making new friends when arriving in Japan can seem like a daunting task, the effort is definitely worth it. Loneliness led to worse outcomes than obesity.

5 ways to make local friends when traveling in Japan.

By Tyson Batino Updated September 20, This ultimate guide on how to make Japanese friends is a part of our series on life in Tokyo. Learn more on making your life more convenient at BFF Tokyo.

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May 3, - Japanese friend groups can be surprisingly difficult to get in to. Lots of groups have been hanging out with each other since school and do not.

She also happens to be my language exchange partner. We have similar tastes and senses of humor and we just get along, plain and simple. Objectification is the act of treating a person like a thing , like they have no feelings or opinions of their own. Objects are things that we use. Should that object fail to fulfill its purpose from the beginning then it gets discarded and replaced.

Making friends in Tokyo - Japan Forum

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Make Japanese Friends Online and Go Beyond Language Exchange

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