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How to get ex boyfriend back no contact

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Does distance make the heart grow fonder — or is it out of sight and out of mind? The No Contact Rule is a concept that involves total separation. The way it works is simple: After your relationship ends, you stop all communication with your ex for at least 21 days. This means no seeing each other, no texting, no calling, no emailing, no liking posts on social media, no letters sent via carrier pigeon. But is this no contact effective in reality instead of just in theory? Will they hold a grudge?

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5 Essential Things You Must Do After No Contact (If You Really Want Your Ex Back)

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Updated: December, I have bad news for you ladies. When it comes to relationship reconciliations, more often than not, you are your own worst enemies. Which is why using the No Contact Rule to get him ex back may be your only hope.

And that desperation leads us to do stupid things… I like to call it Redemption Desperation. It is what makes using the No Contact Rule so essential.

If this is going to work, you have to first remove yourself from the situation. You gotta ignore the guy to get the guy. It was tough for me too. I will never forget the first time I succumbed to Redemption Desperation myself. Suddenly I needed him back. My pride depended on it. Ironically, it was that pride I sacrificed when I pushed way too hard for another chance.

So I am going to need all you ladies out there to take a deep breath and put your big girl panties on — because if you truly want your former flame back, you are going to have to chuck the Redemption Desperation and embrace the No Contact Rule after a breakup.

And it is also a necessary component of finding yourself in this breakup. And if he contacts you? Well, you play that cool too. The idea behind the No Contact Rule NC Rule is that you want to cut off all communication, meetings or relationships with your ex for a period of time.

You want to create some space for each other so to allow recovery from the ugly fights before you attempt another chance at being together again. For now, let go of anything that is related to your ex boyfriend. Give him a chance to erase any bad feelings he has about you. Let the bad memories fade away so he can re-imagine the good old times. Trust me, your silence will sure make a man miss you. Because the problem with giving in to his wishy-washy behavior is that you reinforce for this man you used date the fact that you will always be there.

And if he thinks that, your ex has no reason to want you back — after all, he can change his mind at any time.

You are better than that, I promise. And you deserve to have your former flame pining away at your feet , not keeping you on a leash as just another option. You have to stick to it even if he seems to be regretting the breakup himself.

So avoid seeing him face to face at all costs during the no contact phase. If your ex seems anxious to see you in person, put him off. Because he is not in control here, you are.

And the sooner you both recognize that, the better your chances of getting him back are. Now some of you might be worried that your ex might hold a grudge or be impatient and move on.

If so, ask yourself this question, why would your ex hold a grudge over something so trivial? If you were needy, desperate and the one dumped, then you need to start the NC Rule right away. Cause the last thing your ex wants is a desperate message from you.

You just need to give him time to settle the anger and find that love he has for you again. Trust me, your ex is taking the breakup harder than you. The longer you two dated, the longer it is going to take him to move on. So play a little hard to get like your first date , and he will appreciate you more.

Block him now if you want to get him back. Breakups are a blessing in disguise. Just take a step back and try to get some perspective on yourself and the relationship. You, your relationship, and your future. Take the time to focus on you and what you really want in life. You owe it to yourself to take a breather from relationships and enjoy the freedom to be independent. You need to find that confidence you once owned.

And I get how counter-intuitive this advice may seem. You want to see your ex. You miss him and truly believe time around you will make him miss you too. When a relationship ends, there is a push-pull dynamic that is automatically created in its wake.

The more pushing you do, the more pulling away your old love will do in return. But getting on the winning side of that push-pull dynamic is. The beauty is that in faking it to make it, you begin to remember just how worthy you are. And as your confidence grows and that distances increases — he starts to panic about what he may have thrown away. Men need to be needed. They are cookie-cutter providers in that way.

So the No Contact Rule taps into something primal for them. And then what? Did you ever even care in the first place? Guess what? You just ignited the Redemption Desperation within your ex. Because if you never needed him and could just so easily move on — well, now he has to get you back to prove his own worth in your life.

Again, the purpose of give each other space is so that both of you can recover from the breakup and see the relationship from a bigger perspective. But for sure, he will start to miss you once he realizes how important you are to his life. Your job right now is to transform the woman he wants to have in his life.

There are a few schools of thought on this, but how long to go no contact has a lot to do with how messy your breakup was. Here are 3 time frames that I recommend. Remember, you need to choose the right one depending on your situation. It may not be right for your situation and instead make things worse if your breakup was nasty. If you come off as needy and desperate, 21 Days is not for you! This time frame is for those that are getting a few good signals from their ex.

The vibe is there, and you are ready to jump back in the relationship. If you avoided falling apart and managed to keep your cool when he ended things, the 30 Day No Contact Rule may be enough to affect the change of heart you are looking for. It is just enough distance to allow your ex boyfriend to start missing you and to give you the opportunity to rediscover all you have to offer.

But you have to stick to it diligently. Thirty Days. No Contact. Now, if the breakup was a bit more complicated, or if you have succumbed to a few drunken texts or calls along the way since — you need to commit to the 60 Day No Contact Rule.

You basically have to allow for more time to erase the damage done by your Redemption Desperation. Two months may seem like forever, but this is truly the time period necessary to reset that push-pull dynamic and to give you a leg up in winning your ex back. You have to give your former flame some distance from the behavior that caused him to end things in the first place.

After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And in 60 days — you can do a whole lot of work on yourself as well. Which might just be the most important aspect of the No Contact Rule. Longer than that, you run the risk of being out of the picture for too long. He may be completely over you and move on to something that makes him happy.

Again, the goal is to recover and reinvent yourself in time to prove to your ex that you can make things better. Maybe you are taking a class together or are co-workers in the same building. Keep it professional. Calm, cool and collected. If you must see each other, at least maintain some emotional distance.

No matter how strong that Redemption Desperation may be trying to convince you otherwise. Let him initiate all the conversations and keep your answers short and sweet.

At least it gives him a hint that you are not a cold person and you still want to make things right. Keep the conversations about your kids and do your best to keep your composure at all times. Okay, if you have broken up with your ex boyfriend, the best thing for you to do is give each other space. I thought this would be a little obvious but I get emails from readers asking me whether they should keep playing hard to get when their ex is genuinely asking to get the together.

The answer: YES.

Your Only Chance To Get Him Back Is Having NO Contact — Here’s How

With a couple tricks, getting back to together can actually be really easy. To get your ex back and keep him for good — that takes a little bit more. Getting your ex back is only hard when you make mistakes. You might find yourself inundated with the question: I want my ex back, but where do I even start? Will my ex ever come back?

Breakups are brutal, there are no two ways around it. The pain of no longer having the person who you love. That only makes things worse.

Updated: December, I have bad news for you ladies. When it comes to relationship reconciliations, more often than not, you are your own worst enemies. Which is why using the No Contact Rule to get him ex back may be your only hope.

Definitive Guide: The 30 Day No Contact Rule To Get Him Back

Though love experts tend to be based in the US, both of the love experts I spoke to said percent of their customers were based in the UK. Chris started his website Ex Boyfriend Recovery after helping his pregnant friend get back with her ex, who dumped her due to codependency issues. So how does one get their ex back? Asking for a friend, obviously. And is it desirable, or even healthy, to encourage people to try and reunite with their partner? To find out, Chris and Lee spoke to me about the art of ex recovery. You also need to make them miss you and notice that they miss you. For a time, you need to ensure you exist only in their rose-tinted memories.

How to get your ex back using the no contact rule

Be sure to watch the video above all the way through as relationship strategist, Coach Lee, details, explains, and defines the no contact rule. Your education is extremely important to getting your ex back, so take it seriously by taking your time on this page. The no contact rule is a technique used to get an ex romantic partner back after they broke up with you. To use the no contact rule, the dumped person refrains from contacting the ex romantic partner until that person contacts them.

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So why do men come back after no contact? Why is it so effective? I will mention however that this is a technique that needs to be followed to the T if you want to see real results! Starting and stopping no contact over and over again is going to confuse your ex, and not in a good way!

Exactly How To Get Your Ex Back In 5 Steps Guaranteed

Will no contact make him move on or reconsider? If you go totally no contact, he could go out of sight out of mind on you. After writing my powerful breakup letter, which I template inside my book, you contact him about getting your stuff back, for example, or ask where you stayed in Aruba when you were together. Inside the book you get the exact template for the letter you write!

So, you have almost finished the no contact rule and you still want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back. It was hard at first. But somehow you managed to go 2 weeks, 30 days, 60 days or several months without contacting your ex. You have even taken steps to improve yourself and become a better version of you. You have made it through one of the hardest phases of getting your ex girlfriend or your ex boyfriend back. Unfortunately, the part up ahead can be just as hard, if not harder.

The Complete Guide For Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

That means no reaching out to him. No answering his texts. No watching his snap stories. No liking his Instagram pictures. No stalking his Twitter. For at least thirty days, you are going to forget about his existence. You are going to live your life without him.

What about getting your ex back though? Is it possible? Well yes, it is but let me warn you: it's not for.

Answer: Sure thing. The things you do, the things you say, what you do around him in the immediate hours, days and weeks after the breakup will set the tone for how he views you. Mess this up and your chances of getting back together will go down dramatically, so Less. Mess this up and your chances of getting back together will go down dramatically, so you need to be very careful when you make your next move.

No Contact Rule

By Chris Seiter. Ironically, a lot of the stuff out there that makes these ridiculous claims offer no value and leave you feeling taken advantage of. Well, I intend to give you plenty of value and cover off on some new ideas and tactics that you can put to use right now!

Will No Contact Make Him Move On?

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