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How to get bpd ex-girlfriend back

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May 17, , AM Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Offline What is your sexual orientation: Straight Posts: Has anyone tried desperately to get their BPD ex back? Hi all, Despite pretty clear BPD behaviours on her part including a suicide attempt that led me to having to end my relationship with my ex fiance after four stormy years, a month later I crumbled and made every attempt to get her back for months! Sometimes she responded, a few times we went out, other times I was accused of harrassing her but at times with the number of texts I would send I can see her perspective on this.

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Women With Traits of BPD: Regaining Her Trust

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Login Register Search. How to get back my Bpd ex 5 Replies Views. Hi guys i need a lot of help. First of all , i was a codependent during my relationship with her but after we broke up i seek lots of help and overcome my codependency.

My ex bpd girlfriend broke up with me out of the blue and she said that she doesn't love me at all. However i am a better person now ,i've overcome the codependency. And i want her back to me. Saying that she does not have the ability to love while i try to reassure her that she can. Still it doesnt work. I need tips or help guys. On how i can win her back. The reason why i wanted her back not because she's attractive but her good personalities. How i can get her back to me.

Liftedfog Hero Member Welcome to the forum, I am not a therapist but only speaking from my own experience and from what others have posted.

There is nothing you have done wrong and so there is nothing you need to fix to make her come back to you. It would be like spinning your wheels. Sounds like you are blaming yourself for her leaving. It is not your fault. Don't let her guilt you into taking blame. I was a codependent too. I was his full time caregiver.

Keeping the household going and organized despite his disorder. If you were also codependent, and you thing this caused her leave you it really shows how disordered they are.

They are biting the hand that feeds them. Read up on posts from others in similar position. You can't change or cure her. She is the problem, not you. A good therapist can help you see this. I'm sorry you are hurting from this. If you try to win back a PD, it would mean giving in to their abuse and manipulation. Nothing will change. You would be going back into the fire. I am totally aware of the consequences if i were to get back with her however , i have read a lot of books on how to control and balance a relationship with them.

I have the skills now to cope with her but she still pushes me away. Quote from: monkeysnow on October 22, , AM. Hearts are built like rubber so you'll be all right, welcome to the garden of earthly delights. You might want to respect her wishes not to get back together and show her the "new you" around mutual friends. If you consistently demonstrate your new perspective over the course of months or a year without pushing her, she could possibly consider getting closer to you.

If you keep pushing her to give you a chance, you are not respecting what she is telling you that she wants, which will make her want to push even further away from you.

Nothing Identifying Jr. Member Monkeysnow, addressing your own codependency is a difficult thing, and good for your for starting that process.

Here's a few things to ask yourself. Do you think you deserve to be loved? If yes, then why would you be intent on loving someone that says they cannot love you back and doesn't want to be with you? If no, then why not?

How might your beliefs about yourself and your own right to be loved be influencing your decisions or desires? One thing you said that was a little concerning.

I've had to face my own codependency issues too. I think anyone who has been in a relationship with a personality disordered individual probably does to some extent. You said in one of your posts that you've learned and read about how to control their behaviors.

You may not like this, but I would challenge your to ask if you don't have more to address in the area of your own codependency. Acknowledgement is the first step, but there are a lot more to come. There is a good book that helped me understand some of my codependency traits. It's called "women who love too much. The insights apply across gender lines. Best of luck on your journey.

Ex Back Coach No Contact

NicolaMethod gmail. Even if this woman does not qualify for the diagnosis of this condition, chances are she has great difficulty establishing trust with those she is close to. If you are like most people, you may have failed to realize she had this very real problem until you let your guard down with her, expecting her to do the same. She may have at first disclosed her deepest secrets to you and may also have gotten you to tell her things you had never told anyone before.

May 17, , AM Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.

Login Register Search. How to get back my Bpd ex 5 Replies Views. Hi guys i need a lot of help. First of all , i was a codependent during my relationship with her but after we broke up i seek lots of help and overcome my codependency.

How to get back my Bpd ex

Your BPD ex leaves you for someone else out of nowhere. Everything was great just the other day. What the hell happened? Your partner was great the other day, and then today? I had a break up with an ex-BPD girlfriend several years ago that motivated me to start blogging. Writing articles about BPD and relationships and dating has helped me grow and move forward as a better, stronger individual. Eventually, people started asking me for help with their BPD relationships. Getting this message across can take some time.

Will My BPD Ex Come Back To Me? Here Are My Suggestions

Take the break up, the last thing a woman breaks up with someone else. So make sure you know you are always things you think is right along with it and treat you great for you. So make sure you consider your situation. How well this meeting is to write for them.

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The Nicola Method explains why women with traits of BPD often can't trust and shows The way to win trust back from a woman who seems to get offended or upset when Did Your Ex-Girlfriend Have Traits of BPD-Why Did I Fall So Hard?

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