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How to find the perfect girlfriend for you

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On Monday, we talked about how to know if someone was right woman for you. Go outside, look around, there they are. We tend to focus on one single way of meeting women and ignore the others. Too many guys make one or two token efforts to expand their search — taking a class, for example or going to a MeetUp event — and not having immediate success, assume that the whole thing was a waste of time. Putting all of your metaphorical eggs in one basket narrows your options. I get that online dating is simple and feels safe, but not everyone is on OKCupid yet , and some areas can have fewer online dating prospects than others.

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What Kind Of Girlfriend Is Right For You?

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But I realize many guys crave an intimate connection with one woman. Too many men just into relationships without becoming a real man or knowing what they want in life. Players usually see a few regular girls and have new girls in the pipeline. But even more is better. This is important for not just learning how to get a girlfriend, but also for the health of your relationship down the line. However, the power to walk away is absolutely essential.

And it will actually help you when he relationship does finally end. Society used to look down on divorce.

Getting a divorce would put a woman to shame. You can make a girl into a good girlfriend by being a masculine man and a strong leader. However, turning a hoe into a housewife is another story and not recommended. Identifying what traits you like in a woman, and then screening for girls that are good girlfriend material is a much better option. You know the traits of what your ideal girlfriend is like, right? Being desperate for pussy is a bad reason to want to get a girlfriend. Sex will eventually die down, and your thirstiness will cause her to give you less and less.

You need to know how to get chicks in general before you get a girlfriend. I have plenty of articles on how to pull chicks, how to flirt with a girl, how to get laid on the first date, and so on. In a relationship, you should also do some research. You should know what type of traits you want in a girlfriend from your experience as a player. So the first actionable step in how to get a girlfriend is to identify the traits you want your girlfriend to have.

Your life is like a business, and your relationships, whether with multiple girls or one, should benefit you and the other parties. Every man is different, and accordingly you need to decide on what you want in a potential girlfriend. You should be fucking multiple women as being a player is a requirement for how to get a girlfriend. The main reason why is you want options. Your list of traits is like a checkbox.

The key to how to find a girlfriend that meets all of your desired traits is to have a pipeline of women. Creating your list of traits will help you weed out the girls that are incompatible with what you want in a female companion. Of course, you can still keep fucking them for fun for the time being. Even smaller things like coming from a good background or family is important. But women have a tougher time overcoming emotional turmoil than men, especially when it comes to family problems.

I have male friends that have gotten over not having a parent in their life or an absuvie situation. This is only on average, and there are definitely men who are held back by shit. Something that comes up is promiscuity.

Use your own judgement. Being a player will definitely help you with this. In your assessment of how to get a girlfriend you need to value patience.

I recommend waiting at least 4 to 6 months of seeing a girl before allowing her to be your girlfriend. Many girls, and guys to, will put on a front in order to get something they want. Men do this to get sex, and women do this to get relationships. You can put on a front for a month, maybe two, and if you really try even three months. If she starts to act a lot different after the first month or two of you two seeing each, then run the other way fast. Waiting 4 to 6 months will remove most of the fakes from your potential girlfriend list.

As a dominant man, you need to have the power in the relationship. On the other hand, if you ask about ti first, it means you want it more. Men can be attracted to women who like them more compared to how much he likes her.

She needs to be more attracted to you, otherwise her interest in you will eventually fade. This starts from the very beginning of the relationship. And if you have to let her want it more. That applies to both sex and relationships. You have a girl that meets all your desired traits. You need to run your relationship like a business.

Which means you need to set terms for the relationship. You should already be a leader with her , even if you were just fuck buddies before. If she breaks any of your terms later on, you can point back to what you two agreed upon.

You can use these if they reflect how you feel. Truth is all girls will come with a little drama. But this little warning is to weed out any potential drama queens. You really need to make sure you enter the relationship on your own terms. I personally think being in a relationship takes more effort than being a player.

But until then you need to keep the relationship alive and moving forward if you want to be happy. This applies to life, business and especially women. With a business, you can use pure will power to being the business back to progress. This is much harder to do with a relationship. So your goal is to keep the spark between you and her alive. I like to do shit myself. But learning how to get a girlfriend should also include some basic info on how to keep one.

Getting your girlfriend to do stuff for you is essential. This keeps you being high value. Sex is also very important in keeping the relationship alive. You need to fuck the shit out of her and also make love to her. You have to get used to not always coming onto your girlfriend.

This is a balance between going for sex and not going for it. The best way to do this is to stay busy. Work late on your business a few days of the week. Or spend some time with the boys. And when you do have sex, make sure you know how to have sex the right way to get her addicted to you.

Giving her amazing sex consistently, combined with being a busy man, will cause your girlfriend to be completely in love with you.

Go out dancing, go to cheap bars, or make drinks at home. Go on a mini date once a week or once every two weeks. How to get a girlfriend and keep her involves doing shit with her form time to time.

This will also help to build playfulness. Romance is important in relationships. Most guys over do it by trying to buy expensive shit or hanging out everyday of the week. The right frame is to be busy and be unavailable but when you do have some time, the two of you can laugh and have fun. Girls want guys that are winners. Leveling up in all areas is a great way to learn how to get a girlfriend.

The same is true once you have her. She wants a man who is constantly improving and getting better. Because women want a man who is more valuable in them. If you want to be successful in life then you should ditch this attitude. But even if you just want your relationship to get better you should always be leveling up. The most important thing in your life should be the purpose you created for yourself.

Ideally, that purpose is your business. And you need to keep on winning. If you want to know how to make girls obsess over you, then you need to focus on your purpose first.

And same goes with your girlfriend. You still need to spend some time with her of course, but make it about quality, not quantity.

Things can take a turn for the worse a few months or a few years down the line. The ability to walk away will keep her accountable to your standards.

Pretend as if this were the Build-A-Girlfriend Workshop; you can customize the appearance of your girlfriend with extra detail including her eye color, hair color, and even her legs. You may not have taken a quiz like this one before because it is a little unusual. Based on your interests and preferences, we should be able to reveal the appearance of your future paramour. There are those who believe we are destined to, one day, find our only true love.

But I realize many guys crave an intimate connection with one woman. Too many men just into relationships without becoming a real man or knowing what they want in life. Players usually see a few regular girls and have new girls in the pipeline.

People are raised to believe that their dream spouse will just magically fall into their lap, because life is just some god damn fairy tale, right? This advice is not mainstream. It is not sugar-coated. It is not meant to soothe you, or to make you feel good. If you cannot handle it, leave.

How to get a Girlfriend: Guide to get the Perfect Girl

Finding the right girl for a great relationship isn't easy. How do you discover the "one" for you? Knowing who you are, understanding what you want and searching in the right places are all key factors in finding your Ms. David Kornel Z. Our Expert Agrees: Everyone's deal breakers are different, so think about what really matters most to you. However, some common points of conflict include religion, where you'll live, whether you want to have children, and even your political opinions. You might also have preferences about the person's personality traits and lifestyle choices, like their sense of humor, willingness to travel, hobbies, or even the type of diet you follow. If you want to find the right girl for you, start by joining a club, getting involved in sports, attending church, or going to parties to meet girls with similar interests. If you want to make it easier to find someone with similar interests and values, try online dating services that allow you to search for people by interests.

How to Get A Girlfriend: 4 Steps to Get ANY Girl You Want!

Answer our 21 questions to find out what kind of girlfriend is right for you! Created by:. Here are some questions asking about your life and style. Answer them honestly and we'll tell you what kind of girlfriend you should have!

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How To Find The Right Woman For You

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May 16, - If you want to find the right woman, then you have to know how to do it. Maximize Your Opportunities. The first part of trying to find the right woman for you is to quit leaving it up to fate. To Find The Right Woman, Go Where The Women Are. Use Qualifications To Screen For What You Want. Have Realistic Expectations.

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