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How to find spouse hiding money

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By Lina Guillen , Attorney. Unfortunately, some spouses attempt to hide assets before or during a divorce in order to avoid sharing them with to their soon-to-be ex. The first step in dividing assets during a divorce is to create a complete financial picture of all of the assets owned by each spouse. These are general rules; the laws of your particular state will dictate exactly how property is characterized.

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Sneaky Ways An Ex Might Hide Money From You

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This is a question often asked in divorce cases. This article is a reminder as to why it is vitally important to be involved in the family finances. Purchase financial software that can quickly and easily give you an information overview. Below are questions to consider and remedies to assist in gathering a complete financial picture when your spouse has hidden financial data and information. Banks encourage online banking, and investment companies do the same.

Statements are not always mailed to the marital home. A spouse who wants to hide assets, may transfer cash or valuable items to close friends and family members. A spouse may create a trust and fund it with marital monies. A spouse may buy a car, a boat or artwork for a family member or good friend with the understanding that it will be transferred back to the spouse once the divorce proceedings are over. A spouse may put cash into an individual bank lock box, never telling the spouse about the lock box.

A spouse may enter into a business arrangement with others via a corporation or partnership, attempting to hide assets through that business entity. One case we handled involved Gloria and Glenn. It was the second marriage for both parties. Gloria had an adult daughter from her first marriage, and Glenn had three adult sons from his first marriage.

Gloria was a nurse, and Glenn was in sales. They both deposited their paychecks into a joint checking account. Periodically they would make deposits to a joint money market savings account and make joint investments into their stock account. Unbeknownst to Glenn, Gloria started writing large checks to her daughter. Glenn had allowed Gloria to take care of their finances, and he only discovered the scheme when he and Gloria had discussions about their finances while retirement planning.

Then, he discovered the large checks written to his step daughter. Another scheme may involve a spouse entering into an agreement with his employer to delay a bonus or commission until post-divorce. Some employers will allow commissions to accrue and accumulate until after the divorce.

Some employees may even refuse or delay a promotion just to suppress income. The opposing party, Larry, in one divorce case, worked in rental real estate management. For years, he had earned over six figures. They had 2 children, ages 3 and 5. Larry had an affair with a coworker, and Larry left his wife for this girlfriend.

He moved into a large, three bedroom apartment so each child could have a bedroom there that was owned by his employer, who was also his best friend. Larry did not pay rent.

Rather he had the rental amount deducted from his income, so on paper it looked as if he had a big pay cut. Larry also convinced his employer to delay his bonuses until after the divorce because he knew his income would be used to calculate child support and spousal support.

Larry was suppressing his post-separation income, a common ploy of those who will be paying child support and alimony. Spouses who are business owners may hire unneeded staff to show a decrease in profits.

They may create fake expenses and bills. They may buy expensive things for the business-like a car or new equipment, knowing that they will sell the car or equipment after the divorce. They may delay sending invoices to show a cash flow crisis.

Husband has a cash based business. He might be a barber, landscaper, or restaurateur. He could easily hide cash payments in a lock box at bank. Another scenario might involve a business person who suppresses business income by actually taking business profits and buying another asset, like commercial real estate, i.

Or perhaps the business is a separate asset, Husband is working at his family owned business and is being paid a salary. But, Husband starts bringing home less money because he is skimming off the top and investing in the real estate venture. Or the often traveling spouse could be taking profits and monies to foreign countries and making investments in real estate in that other country or making deposits or investments in foreign accounts. Joe and Jennifer were high school sweethearts.

They married two years after their high school graduation and one month after Jennifer received her two year degree in accounting. Joe was a natural born mechanic. He was gifted with fixing things, and he had learned the auto repair business from his father.

Joe had a successful business in the rural part of the county, and he had a loyal customer base and was constantly busy, employing five others to help him with his business.

Everyone trusted Joe and his work. Jennifer was eager to assist her husband with his business at the beginning of their marriage, 20 years ago. Joe always told Jennifer she could pay herself a minimum wage salary, along with the promise that she could have flexible hours as long as she got the bookkeeping done.

Given the location of their business and the age of many of his customers, Joe has always had customers who pay cash. The business flourished. About 10 years ago, Jennifer had tried to convince Joe that she should receive a larger salary. Joe refused her request. Joe has not as involved in the business when it came to the demanding physical labor services. He wanted to help Jennifer with bookkeeping. He offered to help her by making runs to the bank for deposits.

She absolutely refused his help and told him to stay away from the books and that she would handle them. Jennifer had a revenge plan in mind. It was created as a total online account, with no paper statements. Since Joe had completely trusted her with the bookkeeping and banking, he was unaware of her taking those funds. Joe never gave a close look to the book, but he did wonder why since he was busier than ever that deposits did not seem to grow.

Jennifer asked Joe to move out of their marital home. Joe was shocked to learn what Jennifer had done with the cash deposits during the past 10 years of their business and marriage. Jennifer had also given large amounts of cash to her mother and sister, who in turn, spent the extra money on similar items. If you suspect that you might be a victim like Joe, what can you do?

What warning signs should you consider? These types of behavior can signal a pattern of activity that indicates some financial games are being played.

Back to the story of Joe and Jennifer. Her complete control over the bookkeeping should have been a sign. She also had kept all their records under lock and key and when she put their records on Quickbooks, she would never show Joe how Quickbooks worked.

There were clues there, but for whatever reason, Joe did not see them. Even though many questions are raised in this article, it is important to note that some spouses may just have always taken on the role of breadwinner, bill payer, and family financial supervisor.

There is nothing to hide. A forensic accountant, who will have experience looking into possible suspicious fraudulent activity, should be hired. An experienced, trained forensic accountant can establish the true income of the spouses, often by completing a lifestyle analysis. The work results of the forensic accountant can be classified as work product, thus protecting it from being shared with the opposing counsel and the courts unless your attorney decides sharing the information would be beneficial to your case.

Discovery will be used in the litigation process, and documents will be required to be produced. Written questions or interrogatories need to be sent. Review airline accounts and frequent flyer accounts. Ask for phone records and emails. Co-workers, supervisors, financial advisors, friends, and family members may need to be questioned or deposed. Bank records may need to be subpoenaed. Review loan applications since most people want to appear as wealthy as possible on a loan application. Estate files of deceased family members will be public record in the county where the deceased resided.

The estate file will show distributions, and even though inherited monies are separate property, the spouse may have co-mingled those funds, making them a marital asset. Most divorce cases do settle through a separation agreement. A standard clause to include in your agreement is that all assets have been disclosed, along with a clause stating that there will be a penalty if there has not been complete disclosure.

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How To Hide Money From Your Spouse: A Sneaky, Step-By-Step Guide

When you get a divorce , you and your spouse will be required to disclose all of your assets and debts. This process helps to ensure that both spouses walk away from the marriage with an equal share of marital property. Failing to honestly and fully disclose your assets is unlawful. Do you suspect that your spouse has hidden or fraudulently concealed assets in your divorce?

The end of a marriage can be a contentious and bitter period for many couples. If one spouse is angry or believes that he or she is entitled to more of the marital income and property than the other, it may be tempting for them to try and hide assets and income from the court as well as from the their soon-to-be former spouse. This is especially true in community property states like California.

Others choose to maintain separate finances. In fact, hiding money or bank accounts is a type of financial infidelity, which more than one-quarter of couples consider worse than physical infidelity, according to a recent survey by CreditCards. Lauren Anastasio, a certified financial planner at SoFi , said that many people she works with keep separate and sometimes secret accounts from their partner. In other words, people tend to hide money when there are deeper relationship issues, such as lack of trust or commitment. Below are a few scenarios when you should hide money from your partner.

5 ways to catch your spouse hiding money

This is a question often asked in divorce cases. This article is a reminder as to why it is vitally important to be involved in the family finances. Purchase financial software that can quickly and easily give you an information overview. Below are questions to consider and remedies to assist in gathering a complete financial picture when your spouse has hidden financial data and information. Banks encourage online banking, and investment companies do the same. Statements are not always mailed to the marital home. A spouse who wants to hide assets, may transfer cash or valuable items to close friends and family members. A spouse may create a trust and fund it with marital monies.

Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets?

For the most part, he was just interested in whether or not he can make a purchase. If he wants to make a large purchase, he let me know in advance, so that I have time to put together a plan to make it happen. However, these were accounts that he knew about and that he could get information on if he wanted. I like to think our situation was different from the more than seven million Americans who have bank accounts or credit cards that their live-in partners know nothing about.

Discovering that your spouse has been hiding assets from you can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Some people even have secret accounts and other financial activities during the entire length of the marriage. Exposing these hidden assets is the only way to make sure you get a fair divorce settlement. Being aware of the methods and resources used by divorce attorneys and financial professionals may help you avoid being victimized by a spouse or ex-spouse who is hiding assets.

Tracey Cox reveals what to do if you discover your partner is hiding money

Financial transparency is essential in a divorce. The same logic applies to hidden income. It becomes much harder to calculate an appropriate amount of child support or spousal support without knowing what both parties actually earn.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Is Your Spouse Hiding Money from You?

Where can I look to try to find any hidden money? Fortunately, many men try to hide cash in predictable places. Finding hidden assets is one of my specialties, and here are the first places I always look:. If something does add up in the income your husband is reporting, let your attorney know right away. It may be a lot of work, but if your husband is hiding assets, you could be losing out on a large amount of money that you are rightfully owed! As you can see, divorce can get really complicated, especially if your husband plays hardball.

We Explain What to Do If Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets in Divorce

If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! Could your husband be hiding assets? Hiding assets during a divorce is sneaky, unethical and illegal —but it happens much more frequently than most women expect. Think about it. Many couples today have complex financial portfolios.

Look for Slow Drains: Pay attention to even a gradual diminishment of funds in any of your accounts. It is not unusual for spouses to slowly drain accounts of funds.

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7 Ways to Uncover Hidden Assets During Divorce

We hold our sponsors and partners to the highest industry standards. Once vetted, those sponsors may compensate us for clicks and transactions that occur from a link within this page. You made the mistake of joining bank accounts when you joined hands in marriage.

Finding Hidden Assets During Divorce

By Tracey Cox for MailOnline. People worry about their partner cheating but it's financial infidelity that's often the downfall of otherwise promising relationships. Harder to spot but equally — or even more — devastating, money lies destroy trust. Yet study after study show couples tell financial fibs all the time, the world over.

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Do You Hide Your Money from Your Spouse?

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