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Guy gets electrocuted dancing on power lines

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Strictly Speaking: Week 5

Buy Latest Issue. For the sake of my sanity, the latter shall not be recorded here. See also: Brexit. Even with the Alfonso Scoring Inflation Rate, we somehow wound up with marks and critiques a little closer to reality this week — rewarding both the strong dancers and those who showed actual, rather than producer-scripted, improvements.

Right, guys? Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly. Are we at a winter wake or a summer wedding? Ill-fitting velvet flares for Tess, floaty polka dot frock for Claud.

Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse. Kelvin, amusingly, could not have cared less. Nor did he look thrilled to be stuffed into a printed denim jacket — clearly, Wardrobe were on orders to combat his overwhelming machismo after that Rumba Sex Riot. Still, he managed a good cha cha — fantastic rhythm, crisp footwork, great synchronisation and communication with Oti, and nice presentation.

Agree with the judges that it needed more flow, and could have straightened his legs more, but a fun number — making tricky content look easy. Craig thought the walks were stiff, but amazing rhythm, isolation and arm placement.

Motsi liked the foot speed and natural, flirty expression. Nadiya Bychkova and David James. Did we really need another week of David? A whisper of a performance, off-time throughout — not helped by stomping with flat feet and taking giant steps — and too many mistakes to count, even with Nadiya wisely choreographing a sizeable chunk of distraction tricks while David just stood, somehow still behind the beat.

Any sort of sync move showed the vast disparity between Nadiya, dancing jive, and David… kinda moving, as though trapped in a jar of treacle. In Motsi said the upper half of his body had fun, but mistakes. Shirley said at least he carried on. Johannes Radebe and Catherine Tyldesley. A mixed bag here. She needs more strength to keep connected to Johannes at speed. Hugely improved in confidence, though, and the characterisation seemed to help her find the style of the tango, so that was a clever choice.

Shirley said it was passionate and fierce, but work on footwork details. Amy Dowden and Karim Zeroual. First of all: puppets are creepy, that dead-eyed mutt is no exception. Yet another Karim number marred by a ghastly production choice. Yes, the timing, energy and tricks were impressive, but I would have loved to see more attention paid to salsa details — like taking smaller steps and getting proper hip action, isolating the body action rather than shaking everything, and more fluidity.

Shirley liked the coordination — a delight to watch. Craig noted the basics were too big and he dances too hard sometimes. Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice. Family prop points for Michelle via a long-distance call with her daughters. All credit to them for focussing on basics, rather than tricks, but it exposed missing elements — like Michelle not settling into her hips, so felt too stilted and upright. Good foot placement, but needed to continue the movement right through her centre, and also keep extending the arms.

Plus: they could have pushed the sexiness a bit more was it the watching daughters…? Lovely storytelling, though.

Craig wanted continuous movement, but brilliant performance. Motsi agreed, though liked the emotional, lyrical feel. Anton Du Beke and Emma Barton. Some nice moments of flamenco, but underwhelming. Sidenote: LOL at the suggestion she should have scorching chemistry with Anton. Not sure we can blame Emma for that one…. Motsi liked the character, but she needed to soften up physically. Shirley agreed it lacked passion, and too placed.

Happy birthday, Alex — have the present of a dance the judges actually like, and some of those mad scores everyone else has been enjoying! This was a really fun, unusual Charleston, superbly tailored to Alex as was that natty suit. Good swivel, loved all the accents and details, and the cool wit and laidback charm were irresistible — it was a modern take on vaudeville, with these two the perfect suave double act.

Could still work on getting stronger lines by keeping her shoulders down and extending, but Alex lifting Neil was a great use of her athleticism. Plus the rare instance of a music choice really paying off. Motsi thought she was light on her feet and entertaining.

Shirley praised her for taking control, and a lovely dynamic between them. Aljaz Skorjanec and Viscountess Emma Weymouth. Shirley agreed, though work on the frame.

Mike Bushell and Katya Jones. Samba is dead. RIP samba. The singers yelping out non-sequiturs as though being electrocuted? Actual samba wise: looked utterly bizarre, because Mike was mincing through the steps up on his toes and with his bum sticking out, legs held awkwardly apart like a constipated goat.

No rhythm, no hip action, and the mad staring eyes of a man who has sold his soul to a forgotten s TV sidekick. Craig recoiled in horror. Motsi said it was all wrong, but entertaining. Will Bayley and Janette Manrara. Well yes, clearly. Motsi was crying too much to speak. Shirley said it was inspiring. Karen Hauer and Chris Ramsay. So, a decent enough go at quickstep, but stilted in hold versus energetic out of hold.

By now, we really want to see the celebs driving a dance with a strong heel lead throughout. Motsi noted improvements. Shirley agreed, but too flat-footed.

AJ Pritchard and Saffron Barker. No such joy, though Saffron was nearly thumped in the face with it near the end.

Good frame, with just a tiny bit of gapping, and strong footwork on the basics, though occasionally the heel leads this is picky were almost too firmly placed, interrupting the flow.

Would also like to see her extend more and build up core strength, but a fab number. Shirley loved the heel pulls, heel turn and timing. Craig said she brought it to life, and enjoyed the cane section. Glitter versus glitter, the one less tacky than the other. The judges all saved the latter.

Get in touch on Twitter: mkmswain. See you next week for Halloween madness. In the meantime… keep dancing! Marianka Swain is a freelance writer and social dancer at several London venues. You can find more of her work at mkmswain. Dedicated to dance since Subscribe today. Back Issues. Shop Now. View News. Current Issue. Strictly Speaking: Week 5 Posted on October 21, Marianka Swain. Recent Posts Harlequin Floors.

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Man high on drugs dies after attempting acrobatics on top of power electricity pylon

Tension gripped residents of Hongasandra in Bommanahalli near Electronics City after a drunk man climbed a building, caught a live electrical wire to end his life on Friday evening. He died of. He died of electrocution and locals started recording the incident for a few minutes instead of preventing it. The deceased has been identified as Raju T, a native of Tamil Nadu.

By Matt Roper. A man was electrocuted after scaling an electricity pylon and performing acrobatics in a drug-induced stunt. The moment was caught in a dramatic amateur video filmed by one of the onlookers.

Facebook Twitter Instagram. Man Killed by Power Line. Steve Hansen, the city's public works director, said the incident happened at about this morning. Fire officials say the man was in a bucket lift when he apparently touched high voltage electrical lines in the community just north of Kansas City.

Man Killed by Power Line

THIS is the horrifying moment a daredevil climbs a foot electricity pole before accidentally shocking himself and plummeting to the ground. The man drank beer before performing the high-risk stunt in front of a crowd of student revellers outside a house party near Ohio University, Athens, US, on Friday night. Footage shows a raucous crowd of students cheering as they look up at the man perched at the top of an electricity pole. As he reached the top, he appears to foolishly touch a live wire, causing a massive spark as electricity surges through him. For a split second he seems to be paralysed by the shock before he is sent somersaulting with sparks flying before landing on concrete. Witnesses are then seen scrambling to help him as he lies motionless. Given what they had just seen, onlookers feared he had been killed. Yet somehow he survived both the massive electric shock and the force of the impact. Initially he was fighting for his life in hospital but astoundingly he pulled through. Twitter user Tyler Uher later identified himself as the victim and posted an online fundraiser begging for cash — saying he had suffered leg and back fractures and was unable to work.

Guy Dancing On Wires

The victim had apparently climbed the mast after a row with his girlfriend - but the stunt backfired badly. A man bursts into flames and falls 30ft feet to the ground after climbing an electrical pylon following a row with his girlfriend in this horrifying video. Harrowing footage shows the moment the man is shocked by thousands of volts of electricity as he climbed the pole in China's Zhejiang province. The man is filmed on top of the pylon before he touches a live cable, causing several large explosions which immerse him in sparks.

Do you know the facts when it comes to power lines and electrical safety? When using a ladder around the house, installing any kind of antennas and trimming the trees in your yard, be mindful of overhead power lines.

Buy Latest Issue. For the sake of my sanity, the latter shall not be recorded here. See also: Brexit. Even with the Alfonso Scoring Inflation Rate, we somehow wound up with marks and critiques a little closer to reality this week — rewarding both the strong dancers and those who showed actual, rather than producer-scripted, improvements.

Man shocked, falls about 50 feet after climbing power pole

DA-Dukes of Hazzard. No, Should I go and touch that wire? A Doctor and Anti Vaxxer combo. Woman killed by her boat propeller.

THIS is the horrific moment a man was electrocuted after scaling a pylon ahead of a speech by suspended Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. The unnamed victim, wearing just a pair of beach shorts, appeared to grow more and more animated as supporters warmed up the crowd for the female politician at a political rally in Aracaju in the northern state of Sergipe. After spending several minutes clinging to the pylon and waving a flag, he ignored warnings from bystanders to get down and climbed further up the pole towards the danger area where the electricity cables were attached. Footage taken on a mobile phone showed a huge flash and sparks flying as he was electrocuted before falling to the ground. Rousseff, who is facing an impeachment trial, claimed in her speech she was innocent of any wrongdoing and accused her opponents of a campaign to remove her from power. We pay for your stories!


A series of accidents occur around children, who all communicate with the same invisible and seemingly imaginary friend called Drill. They secretly play his "games" in return for rewards that Drill promises. Claire Bennigan, an FBI child specialist, investigates and finds connections not only between the different children's cases, including her own son, but also to her missing husband. On May 23, it was announced the series would no longer film in Los Angeles, California and would move to Vancouver for filming. Seven Network aired the show in Australia. The Whispers has received generally favorable critical reception. The website's consensus reads, "Though predictable and, at times, poorly paced, The Whispers is a structurally sound and stimulating supernatural mystery with an enjoyable ensemble of creepy kids. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If it was a power line and he was hanging onto that guy wire (diagonal steel cable helping to hold up the pole) I think that would qualify as grounding himself and.

Watch fullscreen. Guy Dancing On Wires. A man in Dominican Republic, apparently drunk, caught the attention of social networks and the media in his country to be filmed performing a dance erotic on.

Worker Electrocuted To Death Outside Of Lizard Lounge.

A Galvanized corpse. Established pillars were under attack across the Western world. It was the late s, and the United States had just declared independence. France was rapidly heading towards a bloody revolution.

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 - Танкадо подумал, что раз мы приостановили действие его страхового полиса, то можем приостановить и его .

Там его дожидается лирджет. Прогремел выстрел. Пуля ударила в асфальт в нескольких метрах позади. Беккер оглянулся.

ТРАНСТЕКСТ еще никогда не сталкивался с шифром, который не мог бы взломать менее чем за один час. Обычно же открытый текст поступал на принтер Стратмора за считанные минуты. Она взглянула на скоростное печатное устройство позади письменного стола шефа. В нем ничего не. - Сьюзан, - тихо сказал Стратмор, - с этим сначала будет трудно свыкнуться, но все же послушай меня хоть минутку.  - Он прикусил губу.  - Шифр, над которым работает ТРАНСТЕКСТ, уникален.

 Коммандер. Выключите. Трудно даже представить, что происходит там, внизу. - Я пробовал, - прошептал Стратмор еле слышно.

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