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Everyone watched as the world seemed to go into slow motion, the short blonde being thrown across the vehicle and landing in a heap on the floor, falling unconscious as her head hit the back window. As the class, Riley included, watched Maya being carried out of the flames, Zay and Farkle noticed her jacket had caught alight down her sleeve. Quickly they ran to Lucas, the small girl in his arms, taking off their coats and smothering the flames. Cory had no idea what to do, he had been trained in first aid as a requirement to be a Middle School teacher but this was way above his pay grade, his class had just been in a bus crash, Maya, his best friends' daughter, was seriously hurt and was clearly burnt.

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On the television screen, clips of Eddie Calloway on the bull played over and over again. The heavy silence drifted between them as the dull thud of Eddie's body hitting the ground sent Maya's ears ringing.

When she looked back up at Lucas, he was noticeably pale and Riley's head was whipping back and forth between the two of them, pigtails flying behind her. Maya turned around, breath hitching, signalling the end of the conversation. Tentative chatter began to fill the tent as Riley approached Lucas with a sweet, little smile on her face, and Maya bit back the dull ache pounding in her chest.

In the corner, Farkle and Zay were talking and, after but a moment of contemplation, she headed straight towards them. He looked up at her, mid-sentence, eyebrows furrowed. Maya snuck one more furtive glance at Riley and Lucas. Riley was laughing and Lucas seemed to have gotten some color back into him, which was good. Maya doubted they would even notice she was gone, which was also good. Maya opened the flap of the tent as silently as she could and pulled Zay out with her.

Zay's eyes flicked up to the sky and then back down at her. What are you going to do? There was nothing she could do about that now; she would just have to trust him.

Finally, breathless, Maya approached the bull's pen where a man stood with a clipboard in a booth. Maya flinched as Tombstone snorted and stomped, a monster of a beast. She wished she never signed Lucas up for this stupid rodeo.

Why didn't they read the contract more carefully? Or even look up what a bull was? Maya swallowed her fear for a moment and speed walked up to the man in the booth, who looked up expectantly at the sound of her frantic footsteps. I have - well, there's - a contestant is dropping out.

Lucas Friar. Maya's stomach sank to her feet. Would she really not be able to get Lucas out of this? If he gets hurt - oh, and it would be all her fault -. That's why we had him sign the damn thing. She can't let him ride the bull. She just can't. He was worth what she was about to do. If you have to have someone ride it, I can. He won't, so I will. I'll do it.

Sign this waiver, and be quick about it. You've got about a minute. It wasn't until the helmet was thrust into her hands that she started to consider the magnitude of what she was about to do. She could get hurt. Really hurt. Like never-walk-again hurt. Like maybe-even-but-hopefully-not-death hurt. Did Maya really want to do this? Her fingers were shaking and her knuckles were white as she gripped the helmet. Maya untied the bandana from around her neck, took her vest off and set it down.

In a decisive manner, Maya put the helmet on her head. If all those things could happen to her, then they could happen to him just as easily. With the help of the man, Maya mounted the bull, stamping at the foreign weight on its back. She was so scared. In the distance, she saw Lucas and Riley walking up, taking their sweet time. Then Riley stopped dead in her tracks, pointing straight at - Maya. Maya's eyes widened round as orbs as Lucas started sprinting towards her.

Riley was too, but she couldn't keep up. She heard frantic shouts of her name, but they were still far away. For a second, her heart stopped. Would she really be unable to stop him, after all she went through? Lucas and Riley were close and she could make out their continuous shouts, but the pen door opened and the bull went out.

Maya desperately fought to keep a hold on him, as he bucked and brayed. Then, Maya was flying, high in the air. She felt as if she could feel herself stretching to the ends of the arena. She heard her name again, but she couldn't discern who it came from. Gravity took it's hold and Maya's stomach dropped and then - nothing. You're gonna be wonderful," Riley said, and then she smiled at him in such a sweet way that made Lucas feel so confident in himself.

Here goes nothing, he thought as he stood up. Zay started mumbling about not feeling good before he collapsed, sprawled onto the ground. Riley sprang up, hand to her mouth, and in an instant, Lucas was beside his best friend, slightly shaking him.

Riley knelt next to Lucas, her eyes wide and round. Bull riding was the farthest thing from Lucas' mind as he grabbed his unconscious best friend's shoulders. He didn't know what to do in this situation! What if Zay was really hurt? What would he do then? Lucas shook Zay a little rougher, and he thought he heard the ghost of a noise from him. Lucas stopped shaking him and gripped his shoulders tightly. Wearily, he extended a hand to Zay. He took it and brushed the dust off himself.

Lucas cocked his head in suspicion and Zay, realizing the jig was up, straightened. I didn't want you to ride Tombstone," he said, defeated. Lucas exhaled in relief. Thank god he was alright. He pulled Zay into a quick hug. You should text Farkle and let him know what's up. He wanted to throw a rock at the TV, still playing clips of Eddie Calloway. If he couldn't make it on his bull, how was Lucas supposed to make it on Tombstone?

But he left with Riley, making their way towards the arena. He turned around and there she was, a few feet behind him. Her face was a mask of blind terror and her left arm was outstretched with her finger pointing straight ahead. Lucas almost didn't want to turn around. But he did. And there was Maya, sitting on top of a big, black bull - Tombstone. Zay was on the ground, clutching at the gate of the pen. Within an instant, everything clicked and Lucas realized what Maya was about to do.

She was going to ride the bull in his place. And then, Lucas was running because - oh god, oh god, oh god - if he had only listened to her the first time - "Maya! For a second, he actually thought he would make it. That's what he thought. But by the time he slammed into the gate, the bull was out of the pen.

He tried to call her name, but by the time the word left his mouth, she was in the air, and then on the ground so fast. As workers corralled Tombstone back into his pen, Lucas vaguely processed Farkle fitting himself in between him and Riley. And then, voice thick with tears of fear, "Oh my god! Maya was laying there, completely alone, tiny now that the bull had gone, just a long streak of color in the beige sand surrounding her. Lucas pulled himself over the gate, rushing to her side, but a large figure in blue stopped him.

Someone had contacted the paramedics who were at the rodeo.

It was 3 am and nothing was silent. The sounds of biker gangs driving up and down the rundown streets, looking for their next victim or the newest play thing. The sound of Ms. Dwits' new baby could be heard over in the next apartment. The building even seemed to take part in the noise-it's foundation creaking and groaning as if it was considering falling to pieces any minute.

I was lying in my bed, slowly but surely waking up. Mom must have yelled for me to wake up at least six times by now.

Hey y'all so I'm just posting this as a long one shot. It was originally supposed to be broken into about 4 parts. I debated with myself multiple times over if I thought it was good enough to post before finally I'm just going to post it quickly and hide :P As for those of you who were following my other story "The New Life Of Melody Pond" I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to adding the final chapters. The end of senior year and most of this summer have been chaotic trying to gather everything I need for college.

The New York Subway is the means of transport for thousands of people every hour of every day. It had its goods and bads, and sometime its worses. For two years Riley Matthews and Maya Hart saw the goods, what neither of them expected was to see the worse. The day had been long, and both girls fell asleep passing their stop and moving into a part of New York and the subway that they weren't supposed to move to. Maya woke up first to the sight of several gang members glaring at them. Riley woke up and her heart sank in terror, the looks in their faces were not nice, she grabbed Maya's arm. One of them pulled her up and pulled a knife, passing the blade on Riley's cheek.

On the television screen, clips of Eddie Calloway on the bull played over and over again. The heavy silence drifted between them as the dull thud of Eddie's body hitting the ground sent Maya's ears ringing. When she looked back up at Lucas, he was noticeably pale and Riley's head was whipping back and forth between the two of them, pigtails flying behind her. Maya turned around, breath hitching, signalling the end of the conversation. Tentative chatter began to fill the tent as Riley approached Lucas with a sweet, little smile on her face, and Maya bit back the dull ache pounding in her chest.

Aside from the broken lamp lying on the floor flickering, Maya's room was completely dark.

Thank you for all of the lovely reviews! Sorry for the cliffhanger. Well, no I'm not sorry.

Hi guys! So after watching Girl Meets World I was really interested about Maya's character, and decided to make a fanfic about everything. So this is basically a couple years into the future and the girls are 15 and in 10th grade.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World- Maya gets an F (You failed me. You think I'm a failure) - Girl Meets Father

Hey y'all! So many of you asked for a sequel where Maya gets hospitalized and the Matthews take care of her so here it is! Anyways, I don't own Girl Meets World, it's characters or anything else. Hope you enjoy the story! It was a normal Wednesday morning in the Hart household. Maya woke up to another empty house and got ready for school as usual.

Иди на площадь, взмолился он мысленно. Тень Гиральды падала на площадь, как срубленная гигантская секвойя. Халохот внимательно проследил взглядом всю ее длину. В дальнем конце три полоски света, прорываясь сквозь прорези, четкими прямоугольниками падали на брусчатку мостовой. Один из прямоугольников вдруг закрыла чья-то тень.

Jun 1, - Riley and Maya are in an accident on the subway. Rated T for injuries and mild swearing. Rucas and Faya. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/.

Она чувствовала себя атеистом, лицом к лицу столкнувшимся с Господом Богом. - Если этот шифр станет общедоступным, - прошептала она, - криптография превратится в мертвую науку. Стратмор кивнул: - Это наименьшая из наших проблем.

Консьерж взглянул на конверт и что-то грустно пробормотал себе под нос. Еще один любитель молоденьких девочек, - подумал. - Ну .

Мне нужно с ней поговорить. Ты можешь помочь мне ее найти. Парень поставил бутылку на стол. - Вы из полиции.

Вопрос национальной безопасности. За дверью послышалось движение, раздались голоса.

У нее оставалось целых пять часов до рейса, и она сказала, что попытается отмыть руку. - Меган? - позвал он и постучал. Никто не ответил, и Беккер толкнул дверь.  - Здесь есть кто-нибудь? - Он вошел.

 - О Боже, - проговорила Сьюзан, сообразив, в чем дело, - Цифровая крепость зашифровала самое. Стратмор невесело улыбнулся: - Наконец ты поняла. Формула Цифровой крепости зашифрована с помощью Цифровой крепости. Танкадо предложил бесценный математический метод, но зашифровал. Зашифровал, используя этот самый метод.

Я очень хочу домой. Росио покачала головой: - Не могу. - Почему? - рассердился Беккер.

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