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Girl meets world creativity crisis full episode

It includes a lot of Lampshade Hanging and fourth-wall breaching. It lasted from September to May , producing a total of episodes over seven seasons. Cory Matthews is the middle child of a typical suburban family. His parents bicker, but are generally Happily Married. His older brother Eric is at best a mimbo and at worst a raging idiot, while his sister Morgan is

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Matthew Lawrence

On Friday, January 20, the popular television series "Girl Meets World" aired its final episode on the Disney channel. The show, a sequel to the 90's series "Boy Meets World," reunites the "Boy Meets World" characters in relation to a new generation. The current television series features two of the 90's show's protagonists, Cory the "boy" in "Boy Meets World" and Topanga, as they parent their teenage daughter Riley the "girl" in "Girl Meets World".

Both "Boy Meets World" and "Girl Meets World" are popular for their focus on deeper life lessons, which can be difficult to find in a show meant for a younger audience. When the show started, I was 17, and I can attest that the series has both taught and reminded me of crucial life lessons that have been relevant in the obstacles I have faced, even in college life, which I think is really rare to find in a show about middle schoolers and high school freshmen.

My mom and I have watched the show together since its first airing, and have bonded over the relevancy of its lessons in both of our lives, despite our different ages. So, in tribute to "Girl Meets World" and its widespread impact, I decided to put together a list of "Girl Meets World" life lessons that will always be relevant, no matter your age.

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Though I never rewatched it as much as some of my devoted friends and family members who memorized the series line by line, I'll never walk away when I stumble into my sister's room while she has it on. It's the classic "have it on in the background while you're doing something else" television show, and I suspect this will be the case for generations to come.

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Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. Ohio Wesleyan University. A greater understanding of both sides of the process of growing up and letting go.

While Riley's act of "growing up" involved her parents giving her a subway card to explore the city with her closest friend Maya, my act of "growing up" would all too soon involve me leaving my home for college. Watching the episode definitely gave me a lot of perspective and insight on how difficult my senior year of high school and its aftermath would be for my parents, which made me more consciously empathetic in my actions and words toward them.

As for my mom, it served as a reminder that I was going to need space to learn and grow in this crucial time period of my life. As a result, we both learned to have a little more patience and understanding with one another, which I think is important to have in every relationship in every stage of life. Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. Communication is best served face-to-face. The students and friends find out much more about one another during their cellphone-less time period, and they emerge with a new appreciation for the art of listening.

The episode serves as a good reminder for everyone nowadays, since smartphones are quickly taking over face-to-face conversations and connections, eliminating so many possibilities for meaningful interactions between people. You'll never be happy being anything but yourself. In the face of self-consciousness, bullying and identity crises, each character was at some point throughout the series reminded of the importance of true self, which I believe is a significant factor in everyone's struggles to meet social expectations at any stage of life.

Never forget those whose hard work improves your daily life. Once they see how hard the under-thanked workers' jobs are first-hand, they gain a newfound respect for those that are unappreciated for their difficult daily work.

It's always good to be reminded of what and who you may be forgetting in the people and things you should be thankful for. The episode also serves as an incredible demonstration of walking in someone else's shoes to gain empathy for their lifestyle and its unique challenges. A label does not and cannot define everything that you are. Riley asks the students to write their flaws, labels and misconceptions about them on their foreheads, in order to own their own flaws and take control over their self definitions.

The episode reminds us all that self love doesn't mean loving only your best traits and brightest, shining moments, but also accepting yourself for your flaws, mistakes, failures and every part of you that comes together to make who you are. It also reminds us that friendship and love are the greatest healers and reassurances for our darkest, most self-doubting moments. The secret of life is that people change people. This new character, Zay, to the extreme dismay of Lucas, informs their peers that Lucas used to be a trouble-maker when the two lived in Texas.

Lucas reluctantly admits to having been expelled from his previous school, shocking all but Cory, though both he and Cory refuse to tell anyone what spurred the expulsion. Riley, furious about being lied to and determined to extract the truth from Lucas, spends the entire episode trying to determine whether or not Lucas is who she thought he was. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Lucas was expelled for defending Zay, who was always getting into trouble. When Lucas has the chance to cause trouble after Zay is physically threatened by another student, Lucas chooses to handle the situation calmly and quietly, without the use of physical force or violence.

The refined actions of Lucas prove to the class the "secret of life" which Cory tells them is that "people change people. This eventually inspires a similar positive change in Zay, who grows quite a bit as a character throughout the series. This lesson was one of the most impactful for me, because of its simple, yet powerful truth. People change people. The secret of life. The importance of always dreaming dreams. When Maya was young, her father left she and her mother, Katy, who then struggled to provide for Maya.

As a result, Maya doesn't have faith in much and she believes that hope is a waste of her time. In "Girl Meets Pluto," after Maya refuses to put anything in the time capsule that her friends are creating, Maya's mom tells the group to "dream dreams.

This is the first time throughout the series that you truly see Maya hoping for something. Later in the series, Shawn marries Maya's mother and decides to adopt Maya. All of Maya's struggles remind us to keep dreaming dreams, even in the darkest of times, when those dreams seem unattainable. It truly takes courage to dream and to hope. Dreams can become goals and goals can become realities with a little patience, persistence, luck and, especially, hope.

Your past shapes you. It prepares and leads you to your future, but it does not define your future. Angela, in talking to Shawn, admits that she is now married and gearing up to start a family. She is worried that she may not be ready to be a parent and Shawn reassures her. She also advises Shawn to make his move on Katy and keep both she and Maya in his life, as the two are clearly important to him and they seem to have grown fond of him.

Angela and Shawn thank one another for how important they have each been in shaping each other's lives. The exchange between the two reminds us that our future can be drastically different from our past expectations, but, simultaneously, what happens in the past is significant in its role of helping to shape who we are as people.

Essentially, people change people, and the changes that people incite in you will always be a significant piece of your personal identity.

Ranking Every ‘Boy Meets World’ Episode Ever!

The titular "Girl" looking to make her way in the world. Riley is the eldest child and only daughter of Cory and Topanga, the main characters from Boy Meets World. She has several similarities to her father, from his compassion to his occasional neurotic tendencies. Riley's best friend. Maya is wild and rebellious, showing it in her actions, such as protesting homework and almost lighting the class' homework on fire.

Robbie Amell , star of " Upload ," explains why you can't miss the latest from " Parks and Recreation " creator Greg Daniels. Watch the video.

On Friday, January 20, the popular television series "Girl Meets World" aired its final episode on the Disney channel. The show, a sequel to the 90's series "Boy Meets World," reunites the "Boy Meets World" characters in relation to a new generation. The current television series features two of the 90's show's protagonists, Cory the "boy" in "Boy Meets World" and Topanga, as they parent their teenage daughter Riley the "girl" in "Girl Meets World". Both "Boy Meets World" and "Girl Meets World" are popular for their focus on deeper life lessons, which can be difficult to find in a show meant for a younger audience. When the show started, I was 17, and I can attest that the series has both taught and reminded me of crucial life lessons that have been relevant in the obstacles I have faced, even in college life, which I think is really rare to find in a show about middle schoolers and high school freshmen.

‘Girl Meets World’ Answers a Dangling ‘Boy Meets World’ Question (Exclusive Video)

Boy Meets World is a show that each fan grew up on differently. I even know some people that literally only know the show for its college seasons. But this discrepancy is the reason why the show is beloved by fans of a wide age range. I had a hard time, myself, not putting certain episodes higher up. As you will see, I have many of the 6th and 7th season episodes farther down on the list. It was fun, but I obsessively and painstakingly went over and over this list until I felt it was absolutely perfect. I watched the series in order and compiled a list as I went. Then I took my own list and watched it in reverse order. Some episodes I re-watched 3 or 4 times for this—constantly going back and forth, making changes right before publishing.

The Most Important Life Lessons That "Girl Meets World" Taught Me Part One

Matthew William Lawrence born February 11, [1] is an American actor and singer known for his roles in Mrs. Doubtfire and Boy Meets World. Lawrence also starred in the series Brotherly Love with his real-life brothers Joey and Andrew. He is of half Italian, English and Scottish descent. Lawrence began acting in the mids, his first role being that of Danny Carrington in Dynasty.

It aired on August 21, to 2. When art and music are threatened to be cut from school, the kids have to find a creative way to convince the school board to show their value.

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The series concludes with Topanga seeking out the advice of her friends, teachers and family to help make a life-changing decision about whether or not to pursue a job opportunity in London. With Riley's 16th birthday approaching, the kids contemplate the future and how rapidly their relationships will change over the next few years. It's Christmas time and Riley is excited to celebrate her favorite holiday, but for Maya the holidays only bring back unhappy memories from her childhood.

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Girl Meets Creativity

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Jan 12, - 20 episode, which was filmed back in July , being titled “Girl Meets Goodbye.” The episode features the largest assemblage of Boy Meets.

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‘Girl Meets World’ Goes Upstate: A Familiar Face Returns (Exclusive Photo)

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Girl Meets World

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