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The edges of the pitch are marked by white lines. The goalkeeper just managed to stop the ball going over the line. He raced towards the finishing line. The four men were standing in a line on the other side of the table.

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Linea Nigra: Everything You Need to Know

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Sign In. What's My Line? Hide Spoilers. The host, John Daly, was an excellent host. He was erudite, respectful, and professional, unlike succeeding game show hosts, who, for the most part, try to be comedians. The panel was also insightful, witty, and humorous without being crude and trying to be funny. They were truly classy people. Even more important to me is to see the civility that existed on that program compared to current programming.

It certainly was a different time in terms of respect, manners, and sophistication. As an earlier reviewer, game show formats now appeal to the lowest denominator. Noteworthy is the conduct of the audience.

No loud cheering, yelling, and other obnoxious behavior on " What's My line". How I miss the golden age of television It was certainly heads and shoulders above most of today's programs which try to pass for entertainment.

As we have progressed in so many areas in the past forty years. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. And for very good reason. It was, and is, unparalleled in style, wit, and sophistication. I recently saw this series again on "Game Show Network" and madly taped many of these classic episodes that instantly brought back fond memories of a time when something as minor as a silly little game show aimed for class.

In Buffalo, where I was raised, the show came on at p. Invariably, the sneak that I was, I'd carefully creep down and sit on the stairs out of harm's way meaning my mother and catch my favorite show. Three of the four panelists of "What's My Line? They were joined by one "special guest" each week after regular Fred Allen died in Many of the guests were painfully out of their element here and couldn't hold a candle to the pros.

But sometimes a big "film star" like John Payne, Jane Powell, or even Frank Sinatra would grace the panel, making for a special evening. For some reason, one of my favorite parts was the introduction of the panelists and moderator "Let's meet our What's My Line" panel! The ladies with their sweeping gowns and gents with their penguin tuxedos just seemed to make gloriously stylish entrances that always seemed to get the evening off to a grand start.

The parlor game was quite simple. The four panelists had to guess the occupation normally unusual -- i. The only hint given was if the contestant was salaried and dealt in a service or with a product. A total of ten "no" answers and the game was over.

Such questions asked were: "Does your work take you outdoors? The mystery guests were no slouches either. Sometimes I would cover my own eyes to see if I could guess who it was. The elite panel of New York-based personalities were a major contributing factor to the success of "What's My Line.

I remember her at times even challenging the moderator and being slightly perturbed if she "unfairly" got a "no" answer. But Dorothy always gave it her all and those of us who were major game enthusiasts related to the competitive spirit in her. Arlene Francis was a stylish actress of stage, screen and TV and easily provided the show with its warmth and witty one-liners, not to mention slightly off-color double-entendres.

Her formal gowns were quite extreme for a game show but always an attention-getter. Droll Bennett Cerf was the stocky, avuncular publisher from Random House whose relaxed, ingratiating style was a special treat -- known best for inundating the audience and panelists with groan-producing jokes.

The glue, however, that held it all together was the erudite moderator John Charles Daly, a respected journalist and newscaster on his own and remarkably eloquent when put on the spot. Marvelously witty and a master of the English language, he was quite astounding and artfully verbose at times when having to give an explanation to a "yes" or "no" answer. Daly, along with "To Tell the Truth" host Bud Collyer, were the last of a quickly dying breed -- they were amiable but cultivated gentleman who knew how to have sophisticated fun.

Gentlemen you wanted to emulate. They succeeded in giving a simple little parlor game show some poise and dignity. She was terribly missed, considering she was part of the "family" from the very first telecast. The show finally went off the air in , and though it quickly returned in syndication with panelist Arlene Francis, it had lost all its charm and elegance. With regular team members like Soupy Sales, what could one expect?

If I could turn back the hands of time, I'm sure I would set it for p. That was a magic half-hour for me, whether my mother knew it or not. It was worth being dead tired on Monday morning. I don't think there are words in the English vocabulary that can fully capture the deep love I have for this game show and the admiration I feel for its panel.

A highly sophisticated and glamorous show, "What's My Line? Truly, this show fully encompasses what the fifties and sixties were all about. First on the panel, you have tart-tongued syndicated columnist Dorothy Kilgallen. Quick and smart, Dorothy always took the game seriously but never failed to through in a joke or two each telecast.

Then there was Random House's very own Bennett Cerf, a remarkable publisher whose calm, cool demeanor and relaxed sense of humor perfectly complimented the show. My favorite regular panelist, however, was the beautiful actress of stage and screen, Miss Arlene Francis. Glamorous, warm, erudite, and fantastically witty, she was such an asset to the show. And then, there was the man who was head of it all: journalist John Charles Daly.

One of the most fabulously linguistic and learned men I have ever seen in action, he was the perfect host as he brought laughter and sophistication to every episode. I prefer "What's My Line? It's a marvelous show, and I cannot thank Game Show Network enough for showing it in reruns, even if they do only air at in the morning.

Many thanks to the wonderful panel and host -- I've always felt they were like old friends in my home. BennettManor 13 April There is so much history. Also, as stated here, there's a class and sophistication that is evident from the very beginning of the shows. I loved Bennett Ceif. He was so intelligent and funny. He was publisher and was well versed on so many subjects. I am taping every one I can because I know in another 10 to 20 years these may never be available again.

I also enjoy watching them every evening--it's just as fresh as when they first aired. I have recently begun watching this show late at night on the Game Show network and I was surprised at how straight it was compared to the more comedic syndicated version hosted by Larry Blyden. John Daly pretty much treated this show as if it were Face the Nation or Meet the Press or other shows of that ilk.

However, the big intangible that made this show as great as it was, was the chemistry between the panelists, especially between Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf and Dorothy Kilgallen. Phyllis and Suzy did admirably filling in for Dorothy in the days after her tragic death. Also, Tony Randall and Martin Gabel were great in their roles as the two of them were pretty much permanent guest panelists on the show.

This show will always be a perfect example of style, sophistication and downright fun. A True TV Gem! The celebrity participants in this and other "early TV" panel shows simply sparkle in a natural way that is rarely if ever seen in today's world of airbrushed, stage-managed "images. It's really sad these programs can't find appreciation among a new audience, but perhaps the very qualities that seem so appealing are what hinder that. I hope some day this version of this show gets another chance to captivate audiences the way it captivates me.

Dorothy Kilgallon entangled in the mess. After researching this incredible woman, I started watching 'What's My Line'; having always disagreed with gameshows, I maintained a wearying distance for, ahhhhh 5 seconds :D Within the first few moments I was hooked; the original panelists and Jon Daly exhibit erudition, reason, and humour. Fully exemplary of the class, intelligence, communication, and confidence that America has lacked for entirely too long, I feel as if 'What's My Line?

My third episode is tonight. I agree with all previous comments about "What's My Line? It did not pander. The panelists were never afraid to use a multisyllabic word. No doubt, some "creative consultant" would stop such behavior today. Additionally, the show is a time capsule of New York in the '50s. You always knew who was "in town," and often why. Sure, maybe the appearance promoted a Broadway show or a book, but it always seemed more "newsy" than "promotional," unlike today when a talk show host holds up the book or shows an outtake from a movie.

A trivia note: Actress Jayne Meadows appeared as the Mystery Guest on 1 August , the day after her marriage to Steve Allen,who was regular panelist that night. She disguised her voice as the Mystery Guest often did , prompting Allen to comment that he thought the Mystery Guest might be Minnie Mouse. Panelist Arlene Francis correctly identified Meadows.

Whats My line dprestia-1 17 March I happened to be up late one night and was channel surfing and came across the old "What's My Line" show.

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The edges of the pitch are marked by white lines. The goalkeeper just managed to stop the ball going over the line. He raced towards the finishing line.

Dorothy Mae Kilgallen July 3, — November 8, was an American journalist and television game show panelist. After spending two semesters at the College of New Rochelle , she started her career shortly before her 18th birthday as a reporter for the Hearst Corporation 's New York Evening Journal. In , she began her newspaper column "The Voice of Broadway", which eventually was syndicated to more than papers.

Sign In. What's My Line? Hide Spoilers. The host, John Daly, was an excellent host.

Arlene Francis

Search also in: Web News Encyclopedia Images. Draw a line down that page's center. The next line should read: Five days, If an actor learns his or her lines for a play or film, they learn what they have to say. Acting is very difficult. Shall we call you back Susan? Walk in a straight line Their unit was shelling the German lines only seven miles away.

Dorothy Kilgallen

Here are a few:. My god, this is a huge one. I remember so clearly my friends in high school saying that their boyfriends were so in love with them, and they knew that because they were always jealous of other boys. Not even a little bit of it.

Women on the Line is a pioneering ethnographic classic of the world of work in a British motor components factory.

Arlene Francis born Arline Francis Kazanjian ; October 20, — May 31, [1] [2] was an American actress, radio and television talk show host, and game show panelist. She is known for her long-standing role as a panelist on the television game show What's My Line? Later in life, Kazanjian painted canvases of dogwoods , "rabbits in flight", and other nature scenes, selling them at auction in New York. When Francis was seven years old, her father decided that opportunities were greater in New York and moved the family to a flat in Washington Heights, Manhattan.

Things That Crossed the Line for Me

Sign In. Edit What's My Line? Showing all 60 items. Dorothy Kilgallen was the mystery guest on the February 5, telecast.

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Add draw the line to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. Gathering, compiling and analyzing: talking about data 1. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English.

It's totally normal to develop a dark line on your stomach, also known as linea nigra, during pregnancy. Here's what you need to know about this common condition. Linea nigra is a dark line stretching from the top of the pubic hair to the belly button, although it sometimes extends to the breast. We tapped into our experts to fill you in on this common condition, with tips for getting rid of it. The linea nigra is the result of fluctuating hormones during pregnancy. One theory is that the hormones cause your body to produce larger amount of melanin a compound responsible for giving your skin pigment , and this extra pigmentation shows up as a dark pregnancy line on your stomach. Women of all different skin colors are affected, although linea nigra can be more pronounced in women with fair skin. Typically about one centimeter in width, the line usually starts at the pubic bone and continues up to the belly button, though it can extend to just below the breast in some cases.

The woman next in line began to mutter to herself. 4 direction Henry is on the line (=on the phone) from New York. I wished he would just get off the line.

 И что. - Какое вам дело? - холодно произнес американец.  - Когда мистер Беккер найдет ключ, он будет вознагражден сполна.

Она не сразу поняла, что он пытается застегнуть верхнюю пуговицу ее блузки. - Сьюзан, - позвал он, задыхаясь.  - Ты должна помочь мне выбраться отсюда.

Его слова буквально обожгли Сьюзан. - Первичное! - воскликнула. И повернулась к Джаббе.  - Ключ - это первичное, то есть простое число.

Он нервно оглядел коридор.

Она встретила эти слова с явным неодобрением. - Я все проверяю дважды. - Ну… ты знаешь, как они говорят о компьютерах. Когда их машины выдают полную чушь, они все равно на них молятся. Мидж повернулась к нему на своем стуле.

 Танкадо успел отдать его за мгновение до смерти. Все были в растерянности. - Ключ… - Ее передернуло.  - Коммандер Стратмор отправил кого-то в Испанию с заданием найти ключ. - И что? - воскликнул Джабба.  - Человек Стратмора его нашел.

 Да нет же, черт возьми. И кто только распустил этот слух. Тело Колумба покоится здесь, в Испании.

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