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So no one told you life was going to be this way? When I first started telling people that I was leaving my job in London to pursue my passion for travelling, photography and writing, everyone seemed so worried for me — How would you survive? What about the safety of your job? How would you cope being all alone in the big wild world? How will you make new friends abroad?

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8 Dynamic Social Networks to Meet People Abroad

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It seems scary to hit restart and make friends abroad. One of the greatest things about modern technology is how accessible people have become. Thus, hop on Facebook and search for groups in your area. Practically everyday people are posting events going on in the city, giving or asking for advice, striking up random conversations, or looking for new people to go out and see the city with. The possibilities to find friends abroad through Social Media and make plans are endless.

That could be any number of things. For example, there are groups of people who are new to the city and looking to mingle with friendly faces. Then there are groups for language exchanges these are my favorite! Seriously, if you want to make local friends and have no clue where to start, this is a fantastic platform for it.

On several occasions here in Spain I have gone to a bar or coffee shop by myself and ended up having great conversations with strangers who were either guests or employees. What interests you? Theatre, art, music, cycling? For example, I have an old acquaintance I met while traveling who happens to live in my city now.

He messaged out of the blue me and told me about an Irish standup comedian coming to Barcelona, and wanted to know if I wanted to join him and his friends. More likely than not, especially if you know a lot of fellow travelers, you probably have a long-lost friend or a friend of a friend who lives in Spain.

Contact them! Get on Facebook. All the friends who currently live in your city will miraculously pop up. If no one pops up or you want to widen your search, go to Facebook or your social media platform of choice and make a post asking if anyone has friends abroad and preferably living in your city. Then, get their contact information and introduce yourself! So, you had a wonderful time exploring the city and trying local dishes with someone you met up with — awesome! But keep in mind that friendships need nurturement, so let them know what a fun time you had and go ahead and plan something again.

If you are thinking how to make good friends in Spain, you must put in work to go from acquaintance to genuine friendship. It may seem scary to put yourself out there and go to events alone. Most importantly, remember who you are. Stay genuine to who you are: the rest will fall into place. One of the hardest things to me was finding the balance between languages. I decided to share a flat with some others, which has been a great way to practise my Spanish.

To get a good balance between relaxing and challenging myself, I like to do both Spanish and English language activities in my spare time. Here are some tips for making friends abroad — I hope you find them useful!

At school, you will get the opportunity to meet lots of people who work there, or perhaps even other Language Assistants. Since you are all teaching in the same field, of course, you will have lots in common. I was placed with two other Language Assistants and we all are in the English department.

We have become good friends as we are on the same amazing journey together! Additionally, through the Meddeas community on Social Networks, I have been able to make friends with other Language Assistants who live in my area but teach in different schools. One of the easiest ways to make friends abroad is by going to language exchanges. It is a great way to improve your own skills, help others learn and, of course, make new friends.

You can practice simple phrases and people will be patient with you and appreciate that you are trying. By getting to know the people around you, you quickly start to make your new city your new home.

For example, special markets, festivals, and concerts. It is completely normal to feel homesick from time to time. So, why not try to ease this a little by visiting an Irish pub or an American diner — whatever feels like home for you! Places like these often attract other native English speakers who may even be from your country. This is also a great way to take a break from learning Spanish and relax in English!

So many great ideas about how to make friends abroad. It was definitely one of the things that I was most worried about when I moved to Barcelona but through the internet and getting out and about I have made some firm new friends!

Mariah, thanks for reading! Yes just put yourself out there and the friends will start flowing your way. This is great. I think the one I foudn hardest at the beginning was saying yes to every plan, but it really helps!!

If people invite you somewhere, just go! What do you think about making friends in a big city vs a small town? Hey Hannah. So glad you found the article helpful! My advice to make good friends would be to start off with local places and events near your flat and then branch out.

That way the big city can feel a little less overwhelming. This is a great article. I totally agree with the points here. We recently traveled through southern Spain together and had a blast. I used it a lot in the U. Thanks for the tip! As silly as it sounds using Apps like Instagram to meet up with people is also a great way to make friends with similar interests! I completely agree with all of these tips! It definitely takes getting out of your comfort zone and just going for it to make friends!

Thanks for the tips, girls! Great advice, I agree with everything. Everyone is so friendly and I love it! Great article! These are great tips for making friends! One thing that has happened to me is just listening out for accents if you are looking for friends from your own country, which is nice to have sometimes.

One of my good friends heard me speaking English in a bakery and asked where I was from, and now we see each other all the time! One of the best tips is just to put yourself out there and approach everyone! Great tips. Haha, yes that does happen!

Staying in a hostel when I arrived in Bilbao and was looking for a house helped me meet so many people. Then just getting out and about. I try to say aupa to literally everyone who makes eye contact with me. Staying in hostels is one of the best ways to meet people when traveling around. There are often trips for study abroad students as […]. Does anyone have advice on making friends who may be able to help in the transition of moving to Spain.

Would love for anyone to contact me who thinks the same or who can help in job searches or apartments etc! Home About Meddeas Why Meddeas.

Previous Next. US to Make Friends Abroad 1. Take Advantage of Social Media to Find International Friends One of the greatest things about modern technology is how accessible people have become. Me and my friends, Language Assistants, exploring Barcelona. Enjoying a sunny day with friends. My expat friends. Exploring Spain. Rebecca Morton November 16, at pm - Reply. I really like the idea of making friends with local people at coffee shops and things! Christa Adams April 30, at pm - Reply.

Yes, the magic of the internet! Thanks for reading, Rebecca! Mariah Girouard November 16, at pm - Reply. Hannah McAvoy November 16, at pm - Reply. Rebecca Edgar November 16, at pm - Reply. Elizabeth Tripp November 17, at am - Reply. Emma November 17, at pm - Reply.

8 ways your friends abroad are different than friends back home

So how do you make friends abroad? When I decided to move to Sydney, Australia , in January without knowing a soul, I did a few things to make the process easier for myself both before and after I arrived. Before you leave on your trip or move, ask everyone you know for contacts of people or relatives dwelling in your destination city. Or better yet, have them CC you on an introductory e-mail. Cases in point: A friend back home knew someone living in Sydney and gave me his contact info while I was still in the States.

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One of the questions I get the most about living in Spain is how I was able to make friends. But making friends while working or living abroad is such an important part of settling into your new home. Developing a good social network will make your experience easier and more enjoyable. But how to go about it? It may be best to try this approach before you move abroad.

10 Simple Ways To Get Better at Making Friends Abroad

Fresh wind in your hair, the gritty dirt of new roads under your feet, beautiful scenery — nothing is quite as invigorating as exploring new locations, even if just for the weekend. Below are some social network sites to help you meet people, embrace your host country's culture and make some incredible memories. Image courtesy of Couchsurfing. Now a classic among travelers, Couchsurfing remains a powerful platform for anything a traveller may need: friends permanent or temporary to adventure with, a place to crash and recommendations for the best bars, poetry readings and free open air concerts. Build a profile and post pictures and a basic description of yourself. Provide a host profile for your particular location, if you wish. You can also join a variety of events where you can meet people, ranging from language classes and parties to tours of local sights. InterNations is on the more exclusive side of the spectrum when it comes to social networks. It's a network for expats to exchange tips on international schools, housing, visas, city guides and more.

5 Ways To Make Friends Abroad You May Not Have Considered

Including your friends. Just like school and college, studying abroad is a period made for meeting people — so make the most of it by following these tips. Think about it: when have you ever responded negatively to a genuine smile? Of course, depending on where you are, there may be gestures or other greetings used when making introductions. Photography lessons, horseback riding, salsa, hiking, barista or cooking classes — all these and more are fantastic ways to meet other students with similar interests to yours.

It seems scary to hit restart and make friends abroad.

Making friends as an adult is hard. But making friends abroad is even harder. Despite being a life-long introvert, I managed to find friends abroad after I moved to London from the US. The secret to making friends as an introvert lies in the approach.

Making Friends Abroad: An Introvert’s Guide

Are you finding it difficult to make friends abroad? This post is going to show you the best strategies that I personally use for creating long lasting relationships overseas. From here on out everything is going to fall into place and be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, settling in abroad is never as easy as this.

Moving abroad might sound simple, but once you do it you realize it is a huge step that brings completely new experiences. Study exchanges are usually easy because people re-locate to study for the same reasons. Which mainly include meeting new friends and studying together. It is a completely different situation when you decide you will move to a new country because of a new internship, a traineeship, or even for a new, permanent job. You have to search for a new apartment for yourself.

5 Ways to Meet New People and Make Lifelong Friends Abroad

Living abroad can connect you to new people in many different and unique ways. Expats and world-travelers are a self-selecting group of people who are generally more international, travel-savvy and interested in what the world has to offer. Not only do you often have more in common with the people you meet abroad, but they are likely more open to inviting new and diverse people into their lives. Here are our top perks of making friends abroad. Meeting people abroad is a great way to make friends from all corners of the world. Not only do you get the chance to meet locals while living abroad, but you can also hit up expat spots where there are other foreigners looking to make friends.

11 Ways to Make Friends When Studying Abroad. Guest Writer's profile image. PM Oct 3, Save. i. This content can be saved to the "My Activity" tab in.

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Five Mobile Apps For Meeting New Friends Abroad

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