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The study comprised preliminary work and a case study. The former included an awareness task to assess student awareness of GT mistakes, and a correction task to assess their ability to correct the mistakes identified. The case study included two writing tasks, one with GT and one without. Results showed that when using GT students wrote significantly more words.

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Google Translate Updates Could Benefit Travelers

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New updates to Google Translate , including the addition of another major language and a pop-up translation feature, can help. Some 52 languages, including French, German, Russian and, most recently, Filipino, can be translated offline. A complete list is here. Additionally, the app now offers both simplified and traditional Chinese through its Word Lens feature: Users can hold their smartphone camera over a word, sign, menu or photo in 29 languages and instantly see a translation.

This is the latest addition to a list that includes Arabic, Italian, Thai and Spanish. The new features will be available to all smartphone users by Thursday, May Google said the updates stem from its research in India and Indonesia, where people are just beginning to come online through smartphones.

In particular, another new feature called Tap to Translate was created after Google learned that people in those regions spend a great deal of time in chat apps, copying and pasting text into Google Translate. Tap to Translate allows users to be in, say, a chat app, and with the tap of a button see a translation pop up right within that app — without having to switch out of the app and into Google Translate.

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However, it is not necessary that we need to know the language of every country which we travel to. Any reliable app that can translate correctly is a must but nobody likes paying extra charges for translation. Google Translate keeps adding all the major languages to make it more user-friendly for everyone.

Indeed, machine translation has come very far since its infancy in the early s. Instead of translating words at face value, machine translators have developed complex algorithms to deliver more accurate translations, and some even take into account colloquial language and idioms.

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Google Translate: Freund oder Feind (Friend or Enemy)?

But, getting the most out of this powerful app from the start is hard to do. The app is fairly straightforward to use and it defaults to the translate screen. On the left is the language you are translating from and on the right the language you are translating to. The app will attempt to identify your recently used languages automatically, but you can just tap on either language to get a big drop down list of possible choices. To make it faster the next time you use it, your recently used languages remain at the top of the list. You can also reverse the selected languages by tapping the two arrows in the middle. Once you have selected the languages you want, you can tap in the box below to bring the virtual keyboard up and type in the word or phrase that you would like to translate. The app will translate it as you type. It might suggest another phrase if it thinks you have mistyped, and you can just tap that if it is what you were looking for.

Why Google Translate isn’t your best friend

Google Translate is an astonishing program. It converts words and even whole sentences back and forth from dozens of languages through multiple modalities; you can type, handwrite, scan, and even say whatever you want to communicate. Its accuracy—at least in French, German, and Spanish, the three languages that I speak—is surprisingly good. At worst, Translate provides an inaccurate, but comprehensible translation that conveys the essential meaning of any given phrase.

New updates to Google Translate , including the addition of another major language and a pop-up translation feature, can help. Some 52 languages, including French, German, Russian and, most recently, Filipino, can be translated offline.

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Google Translate: A Blessing in Disguise for Travelers

Not only is it free, but it provides fast translation. Take the example of Wrexham Council who have recently been criticised over Welsh sign errors as Google Translate had been used to provide the translations. Google translate may be able to provide the meaning of the odd word or a general gist, but even the odd word can be confusing, as was revealed in a Welsh school where a school teacher provided an example of words with double meanings. Another example of miscommunication we came across was from a Greek native whose English was limited and therefore used Google Translate.

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How to use Google Translate

I guess I should never have signed up to be a simultaneous translator or interpreter — in both directions — at an EU-sponsored conference. The silver lining of Brexit is that I will probably never be called on again to translate not just a rapid-fire French speaker with a penchant for hazy abstraction into passable English, but also shortly afterwards and this is where I came a cropper to render the gist of an account of musical culture in Northern Ireland for the benefit of the French-only speakers in the audience. It was simultaneous translating, but with built-in jet-lag. In terms of human fallibility, the only thing that tops that is the time I was asked, one lunchtime, to produce a prose translation of an ancient French carol for a well-known college choir. I turned the job around as requested — fait accompli — only to hear a schoolboy howler being broadcast to a billion or so listeners a short while later. In these moments, it seems to me that merely human translators, like waiters in a Yo! Sushi bar, are probably doomed. Then I stop to check what Google Translate actually comes up with, as soon as you go beyond the fife and drum band or asking the way to the airport, and try it out on some reasonably high-level discourse.

translate the entire page. You can also change extension options to automatically show translation every time you highlight text. Read more. Read less. Additional  Rating: - ‎42, votes - ‎Free - ‎Chrome.

Я просто добивался своей цели, - мысленно повторил. Ты лжешь, - ответил ему внутренний голос. Да, это. Он - лжец.

Google Translate – friend or foe?

 Подождите, - сказала Сьюзан.  - Прочитайте еще. Соши прочитала снова: - …Искусственно произведенный, обогащенный нейтронами изотоп урана с атомным весом 238.

Сьюзан трудно было поверить в такое удачное совпадение. - Его погубило слабое сердце - вот так. Слишком уж удобная версия. Стратмор пожал плечами.

 Хотела бы, Джабба, но я должна следить за своей талией. - Ну да? - Он хмыкнул.

Танкадо, как и остальные сотрудники шифровалки, работал над проектом ТРАНСТЕКСТА, будучи уверенным, что в случае успеха эта машина будет использоваться для расшифровки электронной почты только с санкции министерства юстиции. Использование ТРАНСТЕКСТА Агентством национальной безопасности должно было регулироваться примерно так же, как в случае ФБР, которому для установки подслушивающих устройств необходимо судебное постановление. Программное обеспечение ТРАНСТЕКСТА по раскрытию кодов должно храниться в Федеральной резервной системе и министерстве юстиции. Это должно было гарантировать, что АНБ не сможет перехватывать частную переписку законопослушных граждан во всем мире.

Одно различие от природы, другое - рукотворное. Плутоний впервые был открыт… - Число, - напомнил Джабба.  - Нам нужно число. Сьюзан еще раз перечитала послание Танкадо. Главная разница между элементами… разница между… нужно найти число… - Подождите! - сказала .

 - Сядьте. Однако Беккер был слишком ошеломлен, чтобы понять смысл этих слов. - Sientate! - снова крикнул водитель.

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