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Welcome to Fat Club! We're just a couple of Utah based fatties bringing you some awesome podcast action! We will be covering all sorts of topics but some big ones are: fat acceptance, radical self love, health, body politics, happiness, and obviously our bodies! So get ready for some laughs and some real talk!

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Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. Plus This! Plus This war live. S5 Episode 4: Plus This, Broadway! Ready to Stare. Saucye West Plus Model. Eva Tingley. Chubby Cartwheels. The Disney Family Singalong. Fat Girl Flow. Hazard 4. She's All Fat. Venus Opal Reese. Plus this hi welcome back to plus this. Cuz I'm. Usually the one who does that even even somewhere laughing in sino echos are echos down her driveway I mean honestly I'm really, the worst world we're all trying to like look at Y'all chat.

And so you know we're gonna have a lot to say in this episode because we have a group Good Girls are in the all worlds colliding batch comedy Yes It's here, which is the which is fat, plus sketch equals fash hashtag, making fetch happen Hello You're welcome Thank you and Nikki is the one who it was her brain child and it is now happening I started it It's. All her fault It's. All my fault you done did it Oh my God And I did it with the most amazing people, but we did we're doing it Yeah, we have our second show in our new home.

Yes second monthly. So now we're like really a monthly thing we are. We have like a regular kind of residency now If we are real that serious.

Yes by the way. We've never talked about him But Ryan is our guy who runs the board I just feel like And so, if you hear some sometimes cackling behind the scenes that Doesn't sound like That's, who that is That's him Pete Preciate us, and we have a group of his cackling appreciate him That's. How it works Absolutely here. Plus this But we have Gloria Deleon in the House. Gloria Deleon If You're gonna Let me see your name cuz.

I like Oh no. I'm Gonna Let you say her podcast, which is Nova Yes. She talks about novella No no novellas novellas That's. Why I say that now I worry about I I was I was prepping for one and the other one fell apart But she has a podcast that she started and she's.

Also a writer and a great actress guys so good and has written a sketch this month That is so funny We basically are building our entire show on the sketch It's that fun. How good it is. She kinda like nailed it hashtag nailed it hashtag meeting making fetch happen and then we also have a simile mariposa. I coming some moon of the beautiful butterfly Yes Is a muddle she's, an Instagram influencer like at her age? I don't know how shame provider No Yes actress writer and I know and doing all the things at once.

Which is why she's like parking right now right So we're gonna. Get here Oh he's trying to get a good angle for our artwork I thought I got it. I Didn't I Didn't know okay good, okay good so that lovely artwork you see behind Nikki is also the Made by the woman who did our logo for fats comedy for fetch comedy so if you there, yes, look at that guys That's comedy made by the amazing and glorious and wonderful Catherine Hack and she is so sweet that she has gifted us prints And I had mine really gloriously to frame cuz I needed to see some cute fat girls in my apartment this one has words on it that say you do not have to be good You do not have to be good It's.

So good So Catherine is just a beautiful spirit She is just this deeply spiritual, creative artistic genius whom I ran over a right across her art on Reagan Christine's Instagram That's right she's from Reagan and I had been on our show right. So I reached out to a Catherine or like I'm starting this fat sketch comedy team I love your your fat lady lounging and she was like Girl That's And she was like photos of myself and I create these beautiful pieces of art based on real bodies.

So all of the art all of the bodies and all of her art are actually people whom she's taken pictures of and then created this glorious pieces for and she's. Someone of a group shot of us too is that I don't have for us but We'll put it on Instagram and you will like it yeah and she's a beautiful one of me with my girlfriend to Valentine's Day she's the best we love you. She is the best and she came to our very first show and was in the front row and I think we have a photo of that too.

I don't know if you Showed it right but she that that one actually, it should be under Catherine It should be in that picture she's right there Yeah yeah she's hilarious. She came to our show here in La and she lives in Oakland, she said That's a better slept and she drove all the way down I Didn't know she drove all the way down Holy Moly to to be our first show Yeah and then She did some group work with us, which is really fun and she was like if you wanna I have like a nice artsy night You could totally hire her to do that She like does some like group.

Think like if You're, like trying to get closer to coworkers, or even just like family time And I think It's actually what she does would be an amazing bridal party activity like we're and you just make a collage and she like ask you really great brilliant questions and she facilitates this beautiful connected time together. So she did it with the entire fats team we all got At my House and we created beautiful art and talked about who we are and who we wanna be and and what we're bringing to the world and I'm getting a little emotional, just talking about It's a great night and she was like You'll talk.

We've tagged her in our logo. I think even the Instagram that I used to promote this week I tagged her The artwork should definitely definitely check her out She's beautiful Commission, her she's so good after being your life. She's a phenom a female tour We were talking about couple of things that happened this week before we get our girls on.

We want to talk to them a lot. So she is now doctor Missy Elliott recognized like Don't even get It Don't Fix your mouth to say her name without putting her credentials on it and she's the first rapper ever to get trip from Berkeley Wow I know if anyone deserves it, it is Missy Elliot come on I just was you know I like I'm Old School.

I listen to Pandora stations like so 10 years ago but I have a Missy Elliott one and it plays a ton of her stuff like you know a lot of them like this put all this other crap in I think hers. I've really curated to be like thumbs down thumbs down unless It's just exactly It I mean just the longevity the partnership she's had and the things that She's had to say if anyone deserved to be a doctor of and she she's she's a pioneer. I mean like the way like stringing words together the way she does It's It's musical, lyrical and and literary.

And Yeah, I love me and Jessie. I just rhythm and also right because she always make you booty shake. It does not really matter what the song is. If Missy Elliot is involved, you are going to jiggle and Hallelujah She was that She's been singing about for years It's just so fantastic and That's.

Why her partnership with with Liza was so cool because I think was a really gives her props and says she is the Queen that I like to do like she She paid such a way for me and Liza was on the cover of essence and I literally gasped because I'm not gonna stop talking about her guy. Never until she stops with magical which will be never right. She's always magical and That's it. She keeps doing a magical thing every week we're gonna. We text each other about how much we love with love. A Link Oh look what she did today.

I mean we just love her and I love what she posted about being on the cover of essence. She talked about the fact that for so long her music had been known in African American communities because a lot of People knew her was that activism like a lot of the fat activist community which is is racially We are working on our racial challenges and the fact that activism community but we're a diverse group.

But a lot of it A lot of it is a lot of what people are seeing about fat activism in fat positivity is coming from White women and so Lisa was a little like you know. I don't know if black people are hearing my music and so for her to get recognized by essence to be on the cover was For her, she talked about it being just such a beautiful moment for her to know that her people her African American people.

She is of many peoples. I'm sure but her African American people are supporting and loving her and we are girl. We got you back. We love you yes for sure and I will when you were saying that I was reminded about how she always like talks about herself being a nerd June. I mean like really being like nerdy and and not really being the cool kid you know being the flute player in the band Doesn't really get you like props of being down so But she is a twerking flute player.

Yes, so she combines it all You know she really preach at one of her last concerts to a point where like you kinda felt like some kind of like transformation, how and she and it it's a beautiful video of her like all in Purple, which I just went and saw the Prince experience the symphonic music of prints and cried my eyeballs out and I just was thinking about like that purple light.

Unlike her just being like wrapped up in Princess Love like I just think he would love He Didn't before you probably did and you can you can even hear that she's been influenced by?

Here cross promoting cross promoting another headphones right there Thank you Oh you don't Eat them exactly we see all of you in your beauty and glory God Hello Rainbow Bridge Guys you're here you made it We did made it to It's Real Right yeah, no rush hour to stay here for like five hours. Yeah, I Can't. Get back let's. Go next door Go, get a beverage you'll know where to find us right next door I need to ask Nikki how you knew that we would What did these two ladies and maybe me you don't have to tell me that if he wants it you can tell me about like what was it about us that you felt were fetch Yeah, so well I got, I put out the word and I asked for submissions and I got a lot of really awesome responses and some people already knew of I already knew of you from plus the sweet already a fan and So when I saw that you were interested, I was like and I did dance a little jig.

I'm, not gonna lie Simone and I knew each other already And so I asked her to come be involved and then Gloria when she submitted submitted really Funny stuff I was like and at first I was like Oh no She's Cuz cuz I I had a slight moment of size Ism cuz. Bori is a small fat and I was like she now really fat like I'm Fed I know But then I was like who the hell I had to tell her how she's supposed to define herself and she's funny so let's be about it And and then you know the other girls in the group.

Same thing I just felt like everybody was like this sent me samples or videos or writing samples and they were so funny and and I had met Hannah who Can't Be here tonight, I met her somewhere so I'd met as met different people You know like I just met people in different ways and I was like, Oh my God yeah, so I put to when I originally got the group together I invited a bunch of other people.

There were like a lot of people sort of in the original meeting and and then the people who stayed are the exact perfect right people for fats comedy That's Interesting cuz. What I remember not being able to make one of them and being like I Didn't meet like seven people but then the next week like Another seven people is like a whole new group of seven people and so you did you had a lot of interest It's interesting how that sort of takes care of itself.

But also what I also love is that your reach wants to go beyond. Just actors like You're like writers come on in like we like we need you to and we know that some people still want to write from the fat lens that point of view But still, Don't get a chance to get their work done So ladies is this the first time You've ever done anything That's like specifically size like what is the word I'm looking for like release size size focus yeah, I mean, for me, definitely, I, I Didn't Really I knew that I was frustrated with not being able to audition for things that I thought I could do But I never took it upon myself to create like a fat specific any specific facts specific content So when I sonic's post, I thought oh okay Maybe with other people we could come up with something that we can sort of make sure gets done.

We have to ask for less permission than if It's just one person Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, It's definitely the first time for me and I always have this idea in my head where I was like I'm Gonna be the fat girl to do it for everybody But I even remember saying this is one of the meetings we had like you. That's You know the same toxic environment that so many of us have experienced in this business and so you know the goal is to like create something where everybody was woke And create something where everybody could maybe see a little bit of themselves in it but also make it specific to the experiences that we have and and I think that you know like it was just divinely ordained that we had like this group of people came together at this time like and that we love each other so much and that we enjoy each other so much and that we can you know create amazing things together and argue and laugh Eat an Engin dance and all the stuff we do when we're together.

Yeah and it's funny because It's not like we're like okay 10 o 'clock gotta go like It's. Literally nicky's like kicking us out And we're out on the Street like the last time I was talking with Delanie Peace who's on the show, she said.

She might call it from her work from the bathroom she's serving tonight but She's hilarious and you should go to Highland Bargain Finder She's worked in a restaurant right now But she we hung out literally until quarter to one outside your House When you guys were like hope Everyone's safe at home or not That's how much we like each other but that but I feel like I've done that with everybody. Yeah like every rehearsal he had all of our you like writing sessions have been the best ones of those that I've ever been at Like a writing session always have food and yummy stuff, and I can just eat, and no one 's gonna.

Tell me anything, so. It's always so fun running joke with the ladies that like what I love about rehearsing with Y'all as we always got a snack and even at like the writing sessions are like the brainstorming sessions. We've had when It's like we're not afraid to get side tracked because then that can like produce inspiration for another sketch. Yeah, so so it's really.

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Gehe zu:. Bereiche dieser Seite. Plus This! Plus This war live. S5 Episode 4: Plus This, Broadway! Ready to Stare. Saucye West Plus Model. Eva Tingley. Chubby Cartwheels.

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