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Dua to find a good wife

Almighty Allah has made man and woman to compliment each other , when they come together into a pious relationship of marriage , they complete each other , it is an inbuilt desire in human to have a partner with whom he could live his life in peace and tranquility and build a family. Many of us suffer a lot in finding a suitable match but have we ever wondered who is the best match for us? Who could decide it best except Allah , Who knows what is best for us our present our future and for our akhirah. Through the words told by Allah Himself , because they are the most blessed supplications made by Prophets may Allah be pleased with them told by Allah the most Merciful and generous to make dua in a certain way. These duas have greater chances to be accepted by Allah , so please strive hard to memorize these duas learn their meanings and make them especially at acceptable times like tahajjud, after doing a good deed e. Please teach these beautiful supplications to your friends, loved ones, and know that dua is much powerful then other wordly powers and sources.

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7 Prayers To Get Married Soon – Useful Best Dua for Marriage

Asalam -O-Alaikum! Today, finding the good husband is itself a challenge for every girl and her family. Even after registering with some marriage or shaadi sites with full-fledged mentioned qualities of a husband, getting a single one good husband become more hazardous in this world. Every girl has a dream that her ongoing husband will bear unique qualities among lakh of people.

A bride found herself the luckiest woman in the World, when she got her dream groom in reality during marriage. A girl seeks some special qualities in her groom or good husband, which are following below:. Etc , every girl have different desires concerning with the best husband.

We raise our both hands in the service of Allah, and make Dua against him for the helping people, the Dua done by us, has always achieved its success. If you have any kind of problem, then either we do Dua for you or you may get method or exact Dua according to your problem from our molvi ji , doing which against Allah in order to complete your desire.

If you are a dreamer and see that you are going to be married one day with a good husband in dreams, then we want to tell you that dreams never come true and never be completed until you have will power to achieve them. However, we may help you in this field by making Dua for you in order to get you available with a good husband. As our molvi ji always available with many numbers of several kinds of Duas in Islam also for getting a good husband according your choice. After some weeks or some months passed away the husband and the wife becomes used to in this relationship and on small talks they start fighting with each other, reason behind the beginning of quarrel between them is the disappearance of love and mutual understanding.

It becomes a bigger challenge against girl family to find a good husband to their girl to get marriage with. Father got a headache as the girl becomes younger day by day in respect to find a good husband with good family background for his girl so that she can live happily after getting married. A father always wants to see his children to be happy and successful in their life.

Sooner you will get a good guy who will able to become good husband of your girl. Related posts:. Dua During Namaz. Do Black Magic Spells Work. WhatsApp us.

7 etiquettes of seeking a spouse

This Dua is at the conclusion of the 25 th Surah of the Quran, where Allah swt tells us to say:. Bestow on us from our wives and our offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders for the Muttaqun. This is a gift you are asking Allah swt to give you.

I am interested in marrying my friend, but the problem is that he does not want to get married right now. He says he is not ready. I am praying hard to Allah to make me his wife.

Are you that guy who wants to marry someone but that someone should be good as well as respectful girl. And now you are looking for the wazifa for good spouse as well as the wazifa for getting good wife. Here in this article, we will provide you the working and strong wazifa for good spouse or wazifa for getting good wife. Every person in this world wants to marry with someone and this is the aim for every person to marry.

Wazifa for good spouse or getting good wife

A two rak'at prayer that a married person establishes is worthier than when a bachelor keeps up prayers at nights and fasts during the days. Inshallah very soon she will be married to a suitable man. Bind another Ta'wid like above on the right arm of the man or woman who is negotiating the proposal of marriage. Inshallah, soon she will be married. As there is ismi a'z'am in this du-a'a, it should be removed during menses. O Light of everything which guides them, You are He who cuts asunder darkness with His light. Dua'a Matrimonial affairs proposal of Marriage According to Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq as , it is written in Biharul Anwar, whoever desires to marry should recite the following du-a'a before making a formal request for marriage.

Dua for finding a good spouse

Jump to navigation. Mohammad are just one of the many places Muslims in North America often meet potential spouses either to make a final decision or to initiate the marriage communication process. Other places include fundraising dinners, regional seminars, lectures, at the home of a relative or friend, and the local mosque. Sadly though, Islamic guidelines pertaining to proper conduct between men and women are not always respected at these meetings.

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Asalam -O-Alaikum! Today, finding the good husband is itself a challenge for every girl and her family. Even after registering with some marriage or shaadi sites with full-fledged mentioned qualities of a husband, getting a single one good husband become more hazardous in this world.

Making Duas For Getting Or Finding A Good Husband Wife Relationship In Islam

Dua To Get Desired Beautiful Wife use to get a good wife and get your wife back, if you want to get a pious wife then use our dua. Our dua use to get love from wife or get rid of bad wife, we will provide you solution from quran like good spouse from quran and good life partner. So dont wait just use our dua for wife to be obedient, wife to return, wife to love her husband and Getting Beautiful And Good Wife.

Get married in no time? Yes, everything is possible for Allah SWT , these 7 duas are extremely useful for those boys and girls who are having a tough time getting a marriage proposal. Some people are very lucky to get a marriage proposal and get married as soon as possible but then there are some boys and girls who are getting stressed out for getting no marriage proposals. But do not get disheartened, there must be something good in delay for this because Allah always wants the best for you. If you are searching for Dua for Marriage then here are 7 Duas which will help you in getting married as well as by reciting it on time, as per directed then you will soon InshaAllah get a marriage proposal.

18 Dua to Get a Good Husband in Islam

Dua For Pious Wife, We all have dreams for us, would be life partners. How he or she supposed to look, should have certain qualities and compatibility, what should be their nature. But, there is one quality, that we all forget and that is piousness in the life partner. It is so noble of you to look for a pious wife and if you would get to know the characteristics of a pious wife, then you will get more firm in your resolve to marry one. In Islam marriage is no big a deal as it has become one in modern times. In our religion,. There are many good characteristics in a pious wife:. Islam is very clear on the matter like what kind of wife you should marry or what qualities you should look in her before marrying her.

Jan 13, - A DUA FOR ALLAH TO GRANT YOU A SPOUSE OR PARTENER-IN in finding a suitable match but have we ever wondered who is the best match for us? To all those who are praying to have husband/wife,May The Most.

Getting confused finding a good husband for us? It is recommended you have to perform dua to get a good husband. When a woman has already in a productive age, they need a person to share with and together reaching the goal of life.

A Dua to Make Someone My Spouse

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