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A good man is hard to find lyrics sufjan

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: A Good Man Is Hard to Find

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Sufjan Stevens - A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Sufjan Stevens - A Good Man Is Hard to Find Lyrics

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Lyrics submitted by EvilPopkin. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - S. Read More Edit Wiki. Once in the backyard, she was once like me, she was once like me. Twice when I killed them, they were once at peace, they were once like me.

Hold to your gun, man, and put off all your peace, put off all the beast. Paid a full of these, I wait for it, but someone's once like me. She was once like me. I once was better. I put off all my grief. So I go to hell, I wait for it, but someone's left me creased. Someone's left me creased. Add your thoughts 28 Comments. General Comment What I think about the story and song The grandmother's character is the embodiment of complacent, comfortable, luke-warm Christianity.

Notice how until it's end, everything in the grandmother's world is perfectly cliche. O'Connor makes it clear, though, that she undergoes a a radical transformation moments before her death, when she offers grace to The Misfit, reaching out and calling him her own child. Among other things she dies in a position of oneness with God, in the position of Christ on his cross or the Budha in meditation, "smiling up at the cloudless sky.

Since the grandmother is not a "good" character the reader is forced to offer her grace as well, in order to stay within the story's premises. I think that the song is from the Misfit's perspective, perhaps at the moment after he kills the grandmother. The peace and putting off of grief he speaks of is not authentic peace in Christ, but the "peace" that comes from have a dead spirit, a spirit that is detached from its humanity and all it entails conscience, vulnerability, etc.

Detachment and alienation are the major themes of American modernism, the movement O'Connor was at the end of. The grandmother was once at peace in that way too. Although the two characters are opposites in terms of authenticity and fakeness, she was once like him in that her spirit was also narrowed and deadened before her transformation. In The grace that she offers him and the resulting moving out of himself his glasses were damp with tears make him vulnerable, the very thing he has avoided, and that is to be "creased," emotionally, intellectually, and ultimatly spiritually.

No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment well sufjan is writing from the misfit's point of view. Even though the grandmother is the main focus in the story, there is some sympathy to be held for the criminal who has abandoned any intentions on living a good life.

He wishes to displease god. I don't want to give away anything in the story, so I'll stop. Sufjan's lyrics reflect the misfit's lost hope, and his wishes to "putting off all peace. I'm unsure what Sufjan means when he says "she was once like me. General Comment I agree with all the above statements. The grandma is also a bad person in the story. She brings the cat even though no one else wants it in the car.

She talks too much, she points out that the man is the misfit and puts everyone in danger. O'Conner was trying to show that the grandma only was good when a gun was pointed at her head and when she came that close to dying.

She tried to save herself by telling the misfit that he's a good person and that God loves him. But we all know she is being fake. So I think the song is basically saying that we are all like the grandma in some way. He is singing in the misfits point of view. The misfit is a bad person and he's isn't trying to be good. General Comment everyone can read the story here: caxton. General Comment Some evidence from O'Connor's story that Sufjan is writing from the perspective of The Misfit: "[The Misfit] had a long creased face and didn't have on any shirt or undershirt.

In spurning the grandmother's radical Christian gesture, The Misfit also "puts off all his peace" anew. Previously, his lifestyle had challenged his own and others' complacency; at that moment, he chooses to joylessly transform his victims or not , rather than allow himself to be transformed into "peace. O'Connor's characterization is so powerful because The Misfit is struggling with fundamental questions - the meaning of life and Christ's sacrifice - and ultimately with having provided meaning to another that he himself lacks, a kind of self-sacrifice.

General Comment As for the word "creased", I always just thought it meant like a wrinkle. You know, like pleats in pants. Or when you fold a paper, you are creasing it, you're making it sharp at a point. Maybe it means that the old woman "sharpened" the misfit; she upset him, ruffled him, or caused him to bring out whatever caused conflict in him. General Comment I've given a lot of thought to this song, as I've been an O'Connor fan for ages, and it's actually really easy for me to see the last verse being sung from the grandmother's point of view.

This is just a theory. I haven't neccessarily settled on anything, as far as this song goes. Just something for you to wrap your brain around. After her son, daughter in-law, and grandchildren were taken into the woods and shot, she "put off all her grief" to plead with The Misfit and urge him to pray. She shamelessly begs for her life, offering money and lavishing him with cheap compliments, disregarding the loss of her family members.

Perhaps why she may find herself "going to hell"? As stated above, "creased" can mean being grazed by a bullet. Far from being "grazed", the grandmother had, in fact, been pummelled through the chest. Perhaps "creased" is simply being used as an alternative for "shot", etc.

Our last visual is of the grandmother, in a sort of creased-over position, "half sitting and half laying" in a ditch. That's how she was left. That's how the story ends. Trying to flay and anatomize the works of Mary Flannery O'Connor and Sufjan Stevens is like fumbling to skillfully execute a brain transplant, blindfolded, with little medical knowledge, while wearing a suit of armor. Luckily, this is songmeanings. A song won't haunt us for butchering its meaning I hope. General Comment First off, it's safe to say that O'Connor has a completely different take than Sufjan.

He's taking self-righteous, smug, Churchites and putting them through the gauntlet of true Christianity or persecution. Here are some signs to support this He never got in trouble with the Authorities though. Just had the knack of handling them. She scrambled to her feet and stood staring. He tells her that it would have been better if she never recognized him, because now she will have to suffer Jesus mentions a number of times that in order to find your life, you must lose it.

The Misfit also states that he doesn't know why he was locked up, as no one explained it to him. He writes in the sand, doesn't have a shirt Jesus' clothes were left in the tomb , and speaks of justice in an all-or-nothing way, as if everyone is guilty of something and all guilt deserves the same penalty.

As for Sufjan's meaning, I think Even though we evaluate by what decions others make after childhood, the Misfit is still like the old woman in that they still possess a sin nature. Even so, from his view, he is now skewed.

O'Connor understood that in God's site, sins of the mind were the same as sings of the physical state. I think the rest of the song deals with the Misfit's close encounter with an emotion that should have been dead long ago - the understanding and acceptance of grace. He is startled by the old woman's desperate change, and how close he came to it himself "Someone's left me creased".

It is almost as if his determination and acceptance in a sinful, hellbound life are somewhat damaged after his encounter with this woman. This is just my view. I'm sure Sufjan can enlighten us one of these days as to what he really meant. I've only read a small part of it, but surely someone who has can step in and add to this, yes? Rate These Lyrics.

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A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Ты считаешь, что кто-нибудь готов. Это же крайне недальновидно. Ты говоришь, что наше дерьмовое правительство исходит из высших интересов людей. Но что будет, если какое-нибудь будущее правительство станет вести себя. Ведь эта технология - на вечные времена.

Сьюзан понимала: как только Хейл заподозрит, что она искала что-то в его компьютере, то сразу же поймет, что подлинное лицо Северной Дакоты раскрыто. И пойдет на все, лишь бы эта информация не вышла из стен Третьего узла.

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Беккер встал и потянулся. Открыв полку над головой, он вспомнил, что багажа у него. Времени на сборы ему не дали, да какая разница: ему же обещали, что путешествие будет недолгим - туда и обратно. Двигатели снизили обороты, и самолет с залитого солнцем летного поля въехал в пустой ангар напротив главного терминала. Вскоре появился пилот и открыл люк. Беккер быстро допил остатки клюквенного сока, поставил стакан на мокрую столешницу и надел пиджак. Пилот достал из летного костюма плотный конверт. - Мне поручено передать вам.  - Он протянул конверт Беккеру, и тот прочитал надпись, сделанную синими чернилами: Сдачу возьмите. Беккер открыл конверт и увидел толстую пачку красноватых банкнот.

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Повисла долгая тишина.

Из почты Танкадо Сьюзан знала также, что цепные мутации, обнаруженные Чатрукьяном, безвредны: они являются элементом Цифровой крепости. - Когда я впервые увидел эти цепи, сэр, - говорил Чатрукьян, - я подумал, что фильтры системы Сквозь строй неисправны. Но затем я сделал несколько тестов и обнаружил… - Он остановился, вдруг почувствовав себя не в своей тарелке.

По сторонам, правда, находились железные ворота, но звать на помощь уже поздно. Беккер прижался к стене спиной, внезапно ощутив все камушки под подошвами, все бугорки штукатурки на стене, впившиеся в спину. Мысли его перенеслись назад, в детство.

Он повернулся: из полуоткрытой двери в кабинку торчала сумка Меган. - Меган? - позвал. Ответа не последовало.  - Меган. Беккер подошел и громко постучал в дверцу.

 - Он умер от разрыва сердца. Сегодня утром звонили из КОМИНТа. Их компьютер через Интерпол засек имя Танкадо в регистратуре полиции Севильи. - От разрыва сердца? - усомнилась Сьюзан.  - Ему ведь всего тридцать лет. - Тридцать два, - уточнил Стратмор.  - У него был врожденный порок сердца.

Lyrics to A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Sufjan Stevens from the Seven Swans album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more!

 Zumo de arandano, - с удивлением услышал он собственный голос.  - Клюквенный сок. Бармен смотрел на него озадаченно.

Все было совсем не. - Да вы не стесняйтесь, сеньор. Мы служба сопровождения, нас нечего стесняться.

Я тоже хотел бы с ней покувыркаться. Заплачу кучу денег. Хотя спектакль и показался достаточно убедительным, но Беккер зашел слишком. Проституция в Испании запрещена, а сеньор Ролдан был человеком осторожным.

За свою долгую историю оно стало свидетелем переворотов, пожаров и публичных казней, однако большинство туристов приходили сюда по совершенно иной причине: туристические проспекты рекламировали его как английский военный штаб в фильме Лоуренс Аравийский. Коламбия пикчерз было гораздо дешевле снять эту картину в Испании, нежели в Египте, а мавританское влияние на севильскую архитектуру с легкостью убедило кинозрителей в том, что перед их глазами Каир.

Наверное, Меган, подумал. У нее оставалось целых пять часов до рейса, и она сказала, что попытается отмыть руку. - Меган? - позвал он и постучал. Никто не ответил, и Беккер толкнул дверь.  - Здесь есть кто-нибудь? - Он вошел.

Внезапный прилив энергии позволил ей освободиться из объятий коммандера. Шум ТРАНСТЕКСТА стал оглушающим. Огонь приближался к вершине. ТРАНСТЕКСТ стонал, его корпус готов был вот-вот рухнуть. Голос Дэвида точно вел ее, управляя ее действиями. Она бросилась к лестнице и начала подниматься к кабинету Стратмора. За ее спиной ТРАНСТЕКСТ издал предсмертный оглушающий стон.

Они лежали на широкой кровати под балдахином в Стоун-Мэнор. О кольце он позаботиться не успел, слова пришли сами. Именно это и нравилось ей в нем - спонтанность решений.

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